Chapter 355: Three-Second Rule

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When time was at a standstill, a scene that was like a doom painting was reflected in Greg’s eyes that were no longer able to move.

In the domain of time driven by the Supreme-rank’s power, everything had already begun to be annihilated. First to bear the brunt was the main building of this castle-like manor.

Light permeating the dome and walls made the dining hall start disintegrating via the power of time as parts faded, shattered, and distorted uncontrollably before turning into tiny fragments that floated.

Numerous spatial rifts like snaking bolts of black lightning would appear and vanish occasionally, devouring a portion of the objects that existed in the surrounding space.

Countless rays of iridescent light streamed down and weaved into those colorful butterfly wings. In the center, the half-nude female body that was split down the middle was like a sacrificial offering raised high and tied above a blazing bonfire. Pitch-black shadows enveloped her all around, and she had a terrified expression on her face.

The rust green blood that spurted out from her shattering body also solidified into a blooming shape within her own domain, like a strange burning fire.

Behind her, the pitch-black silhouette expanded and distorted into a massive hole, much like an open mouth.

Beneath this magnificent yet frightening scene, the culprit behind it all, the kindly-looking young man with a head full of black hair, acted as if nothing had happened.

His back was turned on this gruesome scene, and he was focused firmly on enjoying his breakfast.

Lin Jie’s eyes blissfully became narrow slits as he tasted the sweet honey cake.

At the same time, the black shadow became a huge abyss-like orifice that chomped down on this Supreme-rank being, severing it in half straight in the middle.

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Pain! Pain! Pain!

A wail that could not be heard by humans was accompanied by an unbearable pain that no human could withstand.

Haniel, who was long shattered beyond recognition, opened her mouth wide. Vast amounts of viscous, rust green oil-like substance flowed out of her eyes uncontrollably. Her remaining quarter of her body trembled violently, and then leaned back, arching.

An indescribable terror gripped her, and Haniel, who had never before experience something like this before, felt her mind go blank.

She had only one thought left—to escape!

It wasn't just her body that was being devoured but her Laws and domain as well—her grasp of time was crumbling.

However, she was the Chronos Butterfly, a transcendent creature that relied on time.

For most Supreme-ranks, losing their Laws was akin to losing their power. But for Haniel, the collapse of the Laws was equivalent to certain death.

At this moment, she was afraid. Very afraid.

However, this atrocity would not stop just because she feared it. She was like a fly caught in a spider’s web. Regardless of how hard she struggled, it merely added a little fun to the hunter that was torturing her.

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Each time the silver blade in Lin Jie's hand sliced the cake, the dark silhouette would mercilessly tear the Supreme-rank creature apart, like an innocent child ripping the wings of a butterfly he caught bit by bit.

Honey wrapped around bits of cake was sent into the bookstore owner’s mouth by fork.

"It's indeed quite the delicacy; sweet honey yet not greasy. The cake is soft and delectable, and you can even taste the richness of butter. The three complement each other very well. You do have good taste, Charlotte.” Lin Jie gave a satisfied sigh, commenting on the cake as if he were a gourmet. Then, he picked up his cup of black tea and took a sip.

The black shadow tore at that arrogant and unstoppable Supreme-rank body that had arrived a mere moment ago. It didn’t even let go of the wings formed by the countless colorful threads as it tore it apart, chewed, and swallowed it.

Everything happened without so much as a squeak. In this suspended domain, the Supreme-rank couldn’t even scream, her face only soundlessly warping into terror.

Greg and Fitch watched in disbelief. The shadow seemed to have heard Lin Jie's comment and nodded in agreement as well.

Then… What the hell is it? Could this be the true master of that unknown faith being spread by the owner of the bookstore, the… the demon god, as alleged in the information?

Greg thought to himself as he stared at the pantomime unfolding before him. Bits and pieces of ideas and speculation flashed through his mind. It was then that he suddenly realized he could think once more.

This means that… the Supreme-rank domain is crumbling! Unbelievable… He really crushed a Supreme-rank that had mastery over the Laws of time…

Greg felt his scalp go numb. A chilling fear even more terrifying than the Supreme-rank pressure he had just felt spread throughout his body, making him feel as if he had fallen into ice. If it weren't for the fact that he couldn't move, he would have run away.

Just thinking back on how he had spent quite some time facing such an existence and even disrespecting Lin Jie multiple times made Greg feel as if had been treading on the edges of the gates of hell. Whatever remaining rationality he had was snuffed out like a candle in the wind, and he even found that he could barely control holding his bladder.

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Greg slowly swiveled his barely moving eyes to see how the other two would react, but when he did, he couldn't help wincing.

Fitch seemed like he had been scared out of his wits. His eyes were lifeless and his mouth was gaping. All that was missing from this scene was a string of drool flowing down.

On the other hand, Charlotte’s face seemed to be all lit up with fanaticism. If she were put on a nun’s attire to pray, she would probably kneel down at once and become the most devout of fanatics.

At this moment, Greg suddenly heard something fall to the ground softly.

Then came Lin Jie’s voice. “Um, it’s still safe to eat if it is picked up within three seconds…”

At the same time, Greg suddenly felt the shackles of time he was subjected to thoroughly disappear.

The youngster hurriedly turned back to see the Supreme-rank creature that had been gnawed on by the black shadow till until half of its cheek and one eyebrow remaining vaporized on its own, dissipating into gleams of light that escaped outward, leaving behind a few falling bugs.



The rapid escape of the Supreme-rank stirred up a silent storm that engulfed everything. The previously annihilated matter was spat out and reassembled, making the space-time distortions seem as if they were wooden huts in a hurricane. Only the surroundings around the black shadow remained unaffected.

Greg stiffened. No, the shackles of time didn’t disappear! It’s the Supreme-rank that directly reversed its own Laws!

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Compression became expansion as the domain of time changed once again, from forward to backward!

She had withdrawn her control over time, and at the same instant, time, which had been forcefully drawn like a slingshot, instantly returned to its original position. She had used the power of the natural rebound to swim up the river of time and escape from the black shadow’s control.

Haniel had given her all to escape death.

Greg observed the changes in front of him in a daze. Time suddenly leaped and the fragmented walls and dome were restored. The people that had blown up and died were revived in that split-second as the spatial rifts were erased.

Search for the original.

The stained glass dome roof beautifully refracted the bright morning rays. People enjoying their breakfast were still chatting away happily as the pleasant chirping of birds wafted in through the windows.

It was as if nothing had even happened and everything was back to square one.

Except… for the pitch-black shadow that had now landed behind the owner of the bookstore and belched.

Lin Jie picked up the cake from the floor, but unfortunately realized that more than three seconds had elapsed.

He blinked several times as he met Greg’s dazed stare before waving the servant over and saying in slight embarrassment, “Sorry for dirtying the floor. Could you please help clean it up?”

Lin Jie looked around and heaved a sigh of relief. "Fortunately, no one noticed."

Then, he eyed the three slightly trembling youngsters and said, “Eat up, why aren’t you guys eating?”

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