Chapter 354: He's Going to Eat

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The three who were eating with Lin Jie trembled as they gazed up at the top of the dining hall in horror.

As the venue within the manor for breakfast, this built-in dining hall naturally was extraordinary. The arched dome at the top was an entire piece of hollowed-out stained glass that was originally used for lighting and decoration.

At this moment, beyond the glass, a huge shadow could be seen unfolding in midair.

Colorful gleams of light like tentacles, or ribbons, floated and flowed with a chaotic rhythm, covering the entire sky and forming an indistinct shape like that of a butterfly’s wings that were about to begin flapping.

Those countless gleams of light flowed down from the walls, refracted through the glass, or even seeped through the space-time cracks all around. Some even came into contact with the tip of Fitch’s nose.

The drifter’s body was stiff, and his face covered in cold sweat as he stared at the incomparable strange light, nearly becoming cross-eyed in the process. He was muddled-headed and at a loss of what to do.

Of course, besides the visual experience, their instincts as transcendent beings were also tremendously agitated.

Still, Charlotte, Greg, and Fitch weren’t affected that greatly. On the other hand, the sordid blood in Ji Zhixiu’s body had been stimulated by the immense pressure. Her entire body arched as she transformed into a huge half-wolf form. Her silver mane was bristled and her orange-yellow beast eyes glinted with a cold light as she let out a low hiss.

While she could control the bubbling blood within her body, it was obviously much safer to let her instincts run wild.

"Xiu… W-what's wrong?" In comparison, as an ordinary person, Ji Bonong’s reaction wasn’t as intense. He was tucked under the wolf claw’s trembling as he called his daughter’s name.

Ji Zhixiu tried her best to continue probing the scene of the dining hall through whichever roses she had that hadn’t yet blown up and died. With an intrigued look on her face, she muttered, “It’s alright. This Supreme-rank seems to be here for Boss Lin…”

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These reactions weren't just limited to the few of them. All transcendent beings throughout the manor attending the banquet simultaneously felt an extremely stifling, indescribable sense of fear.

However, most terrifying was the fact that they couldn’t escape even if they wanted to. All who were enveloped by this sensation began to think and move extremely slowly and could only watch helplessly as their movements came to a halt.

The powerful Supreme-rank pressure that descended unexpectedly on them even made some very sensitive transcendent beings scream out as their spines and heads exploded, vaguely revealing countless translucent worms squirming in the splattered flesh.

As for how much panic and screams such a scene caused in the manor, it no longer mattered.

A never before seen Supreme-rank. That’s… that’s impossible! It’s currently in the sky above the manor establishing its own domain! And it’s a space-time domain of high mysticism. Why didn’t Secret Rite Tower react at all?!!

Greg gulped hard from the shock. At the same time, he fought against the pressure and swiveled his eyes onto Lin Jie.

But from the looks of it, Boss Lin seemed completely oblivious, his attention still fixated on the cake before him as if he was deliberating how best to cut it.

Greg, however, believed that things weren’t as simple as they looked!

He couldn’t think straight because of the fear, but he still tried his hardest to remain clear-headed. Deep down, he couldn’t help feeling puzzled. Putting aside the fact that the destructive power of this Supreme-rank being isn’t any lesser than the battlefield where Teacher is at, aren’t they not afraid that this demon gets angry?

There was no Supreme-rank existence in Secret Rite Tower’s intelligence files that matched the characteristics of the entity before his eyes.

However, there were no dream fissures in the surroundings, which meant that this Supreme-rank entity wasn’t a dream beast from the dream realm but one that had always existed in the real world.

Was it that Secret Rite Tower hadn’t noticed, or was this Supreme-rank too powerful?

Or perhaps…

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Greg's line of thought was in bits and pieces, but his eyes were still on Lin Jie.

Everyone else in the dining hall was just like Greg. Like an insect within amber, frozen to the spot for all eternity.

At the same time, the ceiling of the dining hall was completely penetrated by the ‘butterfly wings’ formed by the prismatic light.

Haniel, floating above the dining hall, sensed that the entire manor was already completely under her control and smiled.

No one could escape the laws of time. This was her highest advantage as a Supreme-rank. Between the Supreme-rank that competed in the concept of domains, she always won.

From her point of view, Lin Jie, who was holding his knife and fork about to cut his cake, had also halted.

"Now, it's time to pronounce the verdict."

Her naked half of a female body appeared above the dome of the dining hall, her expression cold and haughty. Together with the flowing myriad of light, she was like a beautiful giant butterfly.

Haniel floated down behind Lin Jie and extended her hand, all the while smiling faintly.

Everyone felt an increasing sense of oppression. Space and time were distorting, and the threads enveloping the entire manor were quickly retracting and squeezing inward. Even creaking emitted from their bones as if they were on the verge of decay.

Haniel was making this second of time move toward infinity in her domain.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

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Once it succeeded, everything in this manor would be reduced to ashes and disappear in the flowing river of time, not even leaving any dregs behind.

Greg and Charlotte were trapped in their bodies, unable to break free no matter how hard they tried.

Ji Zhixiu subconsciously held her breath.

At such a critical moment, Fitch observed the dining hall that was now covered with translucent, psychedelic as a strange thought came into his mind.

"It… seems to be… flowing… down…"

Haniel suddenly saw the black-haired young man move.

He hesitated for a moment as to where he should cut. Then, his creased eyebrows loosened up and he finally made a decision. He raised the slender silver knife slightly and cut downward.

The shackles of time had no effect on him.

"Yes… stringy…"

Haniel's haughty expression froze as it slowly changed into one of shock. However, she quickly calmed down. She was a Supreme-rank powerhouse, after all, and even one that Michael feared. In a sense, if this person had some ability, breaking free would be out of the question.

Haniel decided to accelerate the flow of time again. She clenched her fists tightly, and her empty grip was about to become solid.

However, something stopped her.

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A hand made of pitch-black shadows moved from behind her, over her shoulder, and gently covered her fist. Slowly but undeniably, the shadowy hand pried open her fingers one by one.

Greg, who had been watching Lin Jie, was shocked. He saw the shadow behind Lin Jie suddenly turn into a blurry black silhouette.

What is that…

It stood behind Haniel and ‘embraced’ her in an intimate manner, grabbing her only arm and resting its chin on her shoulder.


The blade in Lin Jie's hand cut into the middle of the honey cake and slid down bit by bit, separating the sticky and sweet honey filling from the soft sponge.

—and tore open the butterfly's body and wings.

"Arghh…" Haniel’s expression was completely distorted in every sense as her body was silently torn apart from the middle.

Greg's eyes were twitching and his stomach lurched.

However, what was even more frightening was that after Boss Lin cut his cake, he used the fork to scoop up the honey and send it into his mouth.

Haniel watched Lin Jie’s back in horror. She wanted to shake her head, but without a complete one, she could only tremble.

The pitch-black shadow tilted its head to the side—or what was supposed to be its head— and opened its ‘mouth’… if the huge hole that split from the middle of its head and expanded enough to cover Haniel’s body could be called a mouth…

And chomped down.

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