Chapter 353: Boss Lin's Instructions

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Seated on the sofa in his study, Ji Bonong rubbed his hands together uneasily. He wasn’t the picture of calm from the previous night when he stood before everyone but was more like a nervous middle-aged man now.

According to the arrangements of the banquet, today was Ji Zhixiu’s actual birthday, which was also the time where guests presented their birthday gifts. Boss Lin, too, would naturally give his own present.

However, since the collaboration had already been decided and Ji Zhixiu was set to depend on Boss Lin in future, this gift didn’t cause Ji Bonong too much anxiety.

What he was actually worried about was the gift that Boss Lin was going to give him.

"Dear Father, please calm down. You are like an ant on a hot pan.” Ji Zhixiu joked expressionlessly from the side as she did some touching up on her outfit and appearance.

As today's program was an open air banquet, she had changed into a more casual white dress, with the red rose still pinned to her chest. The true form of the rose was still rooted beneath the base camp ‘Spider,’ the hunter group that she had founded. Now, the one on Ji Zhixiu’s chest was one of its many clones, but that didn’t mean it was weak.

The other clones included the ones in the rose garden outside the manor, as well as the decorative roses in vases that could be seen everywhere throughout the manor. All of them served as constantly monitoring apparatus, which allowed Ji Zhixiu to be aware of the situation within the manor at all times.

Ji Bonong choked and stared at his daughter. "If I'm an ant, doesn’t that make you a little ant?”

Ji Zhixiu: "…"

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She was about to comfort her father when she suddenly received a message from her rose. Immediately stiffening up, she whispered, “Boss Lin is awake and has gone to the restaurant. He’s currently talking to someone… and the conversation seems to be related to the Ji Family.”

Theft is never good, try looking at

Ji Bonong became even more anxious at once and inhaled sharply. “There’s surely a greater meaning behind this. Perhaps just like last night, these are instructions—what did these people say?"


Lin Jie put down the honey cake and black tea in his hands at one of the tables before sitting down and thanked the servant that had helped him pull out the chair.

Although Charlotte was very proactive in wanting to help him carry this breakfast, Lin Jie did not think that he needed to be so depraved.

A hint of surprise flashed across the servant's face. Then, out of professionalism, he quickly adjusted mentally and hid his smile. With a bow, he asked Lin Jie, “Do you have any other requests?"

"Nope. That’s all.” Lin Jie shook his head before looking toward the other three who shook their heads as well.

The servant nodded. “I’ll be waiting at the side. Please call me if you need anything.”

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Lin Jie watched the servant head to a corner and couldn’t help but lament, "Even the servants in the Ji Family's manor are of a different class.”

Fitch, who was considered of the ‘lower class,’ nodded. He could sense it as well and pointed out of habit, “Last night, the servants that welcomed guests outside were arrogant to those that didn’t look ‘noble’ and gave preferential treatment to the rich and affluent. Now, the servants that are inside the manor are always gentle and polite to everyone—as if all guests are the same.”

Fitch continued his rant through gritted teeth, “Most probably because the servants within the manor have surely only seen those that are qualified to enter, so they’ve always been humble and polite. As far as I know, these servants must have lived in the manor since young and might not even know how the poor live. With this comparison and knowledge, there wouldn’t be any difference in their treatment of others. But regardless of whatever it is, this is all a poison of the class system!

"—A poison of an age that needs to be cleansed,” finished Fitch as he glared at the macaroni on his plate and poked at it venomously with his fork.

This was a blatant accusation. Greg and Charlotte, who were from noble families, were directly attacked. Charlotte merely smiled while cutting a small piece of bread but didn’t say anything. On the other hand, Greg retorted at once, “However, the Ji Family aren’t these so-called aristocrats at all. They were just downtrodden wanderers that came from the Northern Lands. There weren’t anything special then, just some commoners that relied on the support of the Central District to obtain some benefits and were used as tools to excavate the Lower District.

"What made them reach where they are now isn’t your so-called class system. It's just that with power and strength in their hands, they gradually forgot their original selves.”

A certain commoner that had just obtained power: "…''

Is it really okay for you all to be throwing shade at the Ji Family, at Ji Zhixiu’s birthday banquet being hosted at Ji Bonong’s manor?! Haa… I can’t help but sigh at the difference in attitude.

Lin Jie’s lips were twitching as he thought to himself. I can only say… It’s fortunate Ji Zhixiu didn’t come over today. Otherwise, it would be impossible to prevent a fight from breaking out.

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Ji Zhixiu, who was listening in, nodded as if she completely understood. She then turned to her father and said, “Boss Lin is using these transcendent beings to warn us not to be carried away with the superior mentality we have from gaining power. Don’t forget our roots and that we were once commoners and… he’s very dissatisfied with the remnants of the noble class.”

Ji Bonong was immediately alarmed and uttered, “That is what we ought to do. A family that has been used as tools for thousands of years will not use others as tools to push around. Everything that we will do in the future is to seek more well-being for ordinary mortals like us.”

With a slight sneer, Ji Zhixiu nodded. "But… His attitude toward the Fred Family yesterday already shows a great deal. It seems that these aristocratic vermin in the Central District are finally approaching their doom.

"And perhaps, this might also be our first battle to gain complete control of Rolle Resource."


"Alright, alright. I was just casually mentioning it. There's no need to get that worked up. It's not that serious." Lin Jie waved his hand and gestured for these two firecrackers to sit down. "Breakfast is more important than all that. Come on, the food's getting cold."

"You're right." Greg and Fitch immediately nodded and shut their mouths upon hearing Boss Lin's words as they obediently started to dig into their breakfast.

Charlotte who had been sitting on the sidelines watching the bickering pain smiled and readily agreed. "Yes, that's right. Boss Lin is right here, but you two are arguing by yourselves. Learn some manners, guys!"

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This scheming woman!

"No, no, no. This isn't an argument. It's just a friendly discussion. Right, Fitch?"

Greg forced a smile, nearly snapping the fork in his hand. Alarm bells were ringing in his head. He couldn't afford to tangle with Fitch any longer. Right now, the real enemy was the woman before him.

"Yes, yes, yes. We respect Boss Lin very much. Let's eat, let's eat." Fitch also realized the problem as he eyed Charlotte warily.

Charlotte acted as if she didn't notice and said enthusiastically, "Boss Lin, it's best to have the honey cake while it's warm; if not, it will become stringy."

"Is that so? Then I'll have to hurry and have a taste."

Lin Jie nodded and picked up his fork and knife, studying the tempting honey cake and trying to work out the best angle to cut into it.

At that moment, a hair-raising sensation came over the three transcendent beings as they all looked up at the top of the dining hall.

All the roses in the manor simultaneously became engorged as sharp, ferocious-looking barbs grew out. Abscessed eyeballs popped out in the center of their petals, trembling violently in fear while making a low indecipher buzz.

At this very moment, Ji Zhixiu felt the same sensation of fear as the roses, and she broke out in cold sweat while goose pimples popped out on her skin. An unfamiliar and powerful pressure had appeared in the manor, causing her pupils to narrow as she stepped backward. “Supreme-rank?!”

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