Chapter 351: Wilde's Way Out

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"Snowflake… Ah no, I should address you as Charlotte. It’s been awhile, I never imagined we would meet here. What a coincidence.”

Lin Jie was a little surprised. He hadn’t expected to meet anyone he knew at this banquet.

Even though he had only seen her once, she could still be considered an acquaintance. After all, he had given a lecture to all of Old Wil’s new assistants.

As the saying went, a teacher for a day is a father for life… Ahem, not saying that he really had to be someone else’s father. It was just the logic of the saying that the relationship of a teacher and student was rather deep.

…Speaking of which, he had jokingly said to Greg last night that he wanted to see the youngster meet with Old Wil’s assistants, and alas, that came true today.

A real coincidence…

He turned around and saw Greg exchanging glances with Fitch with a terrified look on his face.

While such a level of coincidence was downright eerie, this really had nothing to do with Lin Jie. He spread his hands out and shrugged, indicating that he, too, was helpless when it came to him being a jinx.

Greg was already numb to this demon's acts of pretense. No matter how true it appeared, this demon had surely meant for it to happen!

However, what was most important right now wasn’t to discuss the true wicked nature of this demon but how to face Wilde’s assistant, who was standing barely a meter away…

Unexpectedly, Greg felt relatively calm.

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While he had been caught off guard, he learned the true identity and appearance of ‘Snowflake’ from Boss Lin—the true identities of Wilde's aides, who hid their faces under masks, hadn’t yet to be determined even till today.

After all, they had appeared all too abruptly and hadn’t left any clues to follow. With Wilde a master of hiding that had evaded Secret Rite Tower’s eyes for a whole two years as their ringleader, tracking down the identities of these people was too monumental a task.

Or at least, Secret Rite Tower hadn’t been able to invest enough manpower in this short span of time to investigate it fully.

But when Greg thought about how he was still an important chess piece of Boss Lin’s and a source of great entertainment for the bookstore owner… he felt surprisingly at ease.

After all, as long as he retained some value, he wouldn’t be abandoned so easily. At most, he would be toyed with, but his life wouldn’t be in danger.

As Greg furtively put up his guard, he started to wonder if there was anything wrong with his current mental state.

However, Greg's wariness seemed destined to be all for naught at the present moment.

Charlotte didn’t seem to have eyes for anybody else. Lifting the hem of her skirt and bowing to Lin Jie, she said softly with blushing cheeks, “I never thought I would be able to see you here.”

She couldn't hide her excitement and even her hands were shaking. As an aide of Wilde who did the bidding of the bookstore owner… or rather, henchmen, she was the only one that hadn’t been involved in the battle on 67th Avenue.

The reason was simple. Renowned for his cunning, Wilde would never leave himself without a way out.

Even in the battle against his old foe Joseph, under the premise that he would be going all out, Wilde had still asked Charlotte to prepare the teleportation array. As long as she received the order, she would be able to teleport Wilde over without anyone knowing.

Wilde had always been cautious. As for Charlotte, she followed the plan and attended this mortal banquet that she had been invited for due to her noble status as an ordinary person. And this was Ji Zhixiu’s birthday banquet.

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However, it was precisely because of this that Charlotte spent a lot of time preparing this foolproof teleportation spell, causing her to miss the opening banquet and could only start from the second day’s breakfast.

Yet, she never imagined to see the Lord here!

All of their actions had indeed been seen by their Lord… Then… could it be that their omniscient Lord had personally come to witness the outcome that was hidden in the future?

No, she couldn’t predict the Lord’s intentions and just abide the Lord’s wishes. Even an order would be of a lower priority than that.

From this moment on, her mission might change.

Charlotte's breathing quickened at the thought that she might be fortunate to be of use to the Lord. With a fervently burning gaze, she asked Lin Jie, “Is that anything you require of me? If there is, order me as you please.”

Her expression and words, coupled with her flushed face, made her seem as if she were in love. But If one observed carefully, they would discover that the light in her eyes was not admiration but more like devotion.

It was just like how zealots would want to prostrate themselves and kiss the ground in front of the god they believe in should the god appear.

However, due to the restrictions of the occasion, she couldn’t kneel down and kiss the floor before Lin Jie in public to show her loyalty. Therefore, what she appeared like was no different from a young lady that had just seen her sweetheart.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Elsewhere, the group of nobles that Charlotte had been mingling with moments ago were all taken aback.

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It was all just inconceivable… The young lady known for her ice-cold demeanor, that lofty flower high up on a mountain top, had actually bluntly expressed such emotions to a someone of the opposite sex. This was simply a finding that thoroughly shook the group to the core.

Then, someone in the group matched the face of this amicable-looking young man to his memory. This was the person who was invited by Ji Zhixiu to join her for the first dance and also the one involved in the Fred Family massacre.

"This is more shocking than seeing a ghost…”

"There must be something wrong with this guy!" Their hearts were in a jumble from witnessing such a peculiar occurrence.

At the other side, Lin Jie’s lips twitched involuntarily. How do I put it? It feels like I have some sort of strange luck with women recently. Why are all these girls so… enthusiastic?

Forget Young Miss Ji, but why did this student he met only once have such thoughts?

Isn’t her phrasing somewhat weird?

"No… There's no need to order you." Lin Jie shook his head and rebuffed, "That would make me seem like some sort of evil slave driver… But I do want to ask for your help.”

Charlotte's eyes lit up like a dog that had spotted a bone as she nodded her head vigorously. “Please feel free.”

Greg's eyes narrowed, and his vigilance heightened to the extremes. Anxiety gripped him as he thought, Is he finally going to make a move?

Lin Jie said, "Umm… You seem to have arrived before us and should have gotten a better understanding... Do you have any recommendations for breakfast?”

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Greg froze in place. "…"

Fitch let out a small snort of laughter.

Charlotte was still enthusiastic as she bowed again. "It's my honor to serve you. I think the honey cake and black tea here are most worth tasting…"

With a smile, she made an ‘after you’ with her arms. Lin Jie nodded and walked ahead.

Then, Charlotte turned toward Greg and stuck out her tongue, licking her lips and revealing runes engraved in black on the underside of her tongue. Then she shot Greg a terrifying gaze and said with mental intimidation unique to black magicians. “Come along, black magician that has pledged allegiance to Secret Rite Tower. Death will follow you like a shadow before the Lord announces the final victory.”


In a corner of a manor that no one knew about, the laws of spacetime distorted, causing the entire space to temporarily overlap.

The surrounding vegetation lasted for a second in the state of rebirth and withering before turning into nothingness.

A slender and beautiful bronze arm, along with a half-naked female body of the same color, suddenly appeared from the spatial ripples.

She only had half a body, as if something had sliced her in two straight from the top of her head. However, there was no flesh nor blood, just a multitude of vibrant illusory threads that were seemingly connected into the unknown.

Her long metallic-looking hair fluttered in the air, and her rust green pupils seemed muddled with chaos.

If Michael was here, he would definitely recognize that this was one of the angels he was waiting for—Haniel.

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