Chapter 350: Snowflake

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7-9 minutes 11.12.2022

Fitch swallowed and quickly forced out a smile. "I’m fine, my body is in good shape. I'll be fine even if I fall a few more times. See, I can still run and jump with no problems."

He deliberately jumped on the spot twice to prove his robustness.

He certainly didn’t want to be eliminated now. This banquet had just begun, and there were already undercurrents in full flow. It was hard to imagine what big thing would happen next.

Wasn't this scenario a huge occasion where he needed to participate and make his presence known as much as possible? He definitely couldn’t miss it!

However, in truth, he reckoned that he would first need to find some place to treat his arm after breakfast. Otherwise, he would probably end up completely crippled soon… Still, it really wasn’t a big deal if he was really crippled, for he could swap out his crippled arm for a prosthetic limb sold by Rolle Resource.

In any case, he no longer had to rely on playing the violin to survive, nor was his ability dependent on his physical body.

As for whether Rolle Resource would be willing to sell him one of those expensive prosthetics that were usually exclusive for specific people… The answer was a definite yes. After all, he was now a lackey of Boss Lin!

Regardless of whether these people were aware of Boss Lin’s true strength, on the surface, Boss Lin was still an esteemed guest specially invited by the Ji Family and clearly had extraordinary ties to Young Miss Ji.

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Since Fitch could now walk together with Boss Lin, it meant that he could already be hooked up with Rolle Resource. No matter the case, Rolle Resource definitely wouldn’t disregard someone related to Boss Lin.

But of course, the prerequisite was that he could maintain a relatively good relationship with Boss Lin…

"It’s good that you’re fine.” Lin Jie was slightly relieved seeing Fitch able to move about, but he still exhorted, “You must tell me if you really feel uncomfortable anywhere. I can get someone to send you to the hospital.”

Greg immediately chimed in earnestly, “I can call my servants to help carry you away.”

This kid is definitely gloating! Fitch gritted his teeth and uttered, “Thanks for your concern, but there’s really no need. I’m totally fine now.”

Greg scoffed in silence, ignoring Fitch's murderous gaze.

He continued pandering to Lin Jie and pretended to ask humbly, "Mr. Lin, continuing from where I left off, could you recommend a few books for me? Sir Joseph says that your books are like a bitter yet effective remedy, capable of saving those that are deeply confused and even helping them find direction and a goal in life.”

As an investigator, natural disguise and smooth performances were necessary skills.

He wouldn’t have been in such a sorry state if Lin Jie hadn’t suddenly appeared at the door.

However, Lin Jie did not immediately recommend a book with taboo contents to him. On the contrary, the bookstore owner patted Greg’s shoulder and said earnestly, “Your problem involves interpersonal relationships, identity differentiation, and some psychological issue. It isn’t something that can be easily resolved just by self-study.”

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Taken aback, Grek asked, “Then… what do you think is best?”

Lin Jie smiled warmly and said, "If you don't mind, I can speak with you more over the next few days. I'm rather decent at psychological counseling myself. If you don't believe me, you can ask your teacher."


Ignoring certain prerequisites, chatting with the bookstore owner was indeed the most beneficial method.

For example, Joseph had often received guidance and had now advanced to Supreme-rank.

But at the same time, it also meant that Greg might have already become a pawn that could be used or discarded at any time.

No, this has already been confirmed… Greg now felt that his attendance at this banquet was surely premeditated.

Since Lin Jie had said so, there was no way Greg could refute. This would also create more opportunities to communicate with the bookstore owner.

So be it if it’s more dangerous… Nothing can be even more dangerous than the situation I’m in now anyway, thought Greg.

Of course, he was no longer alone but had the backing of the entire Secret Rite Tower. As long as the present situation didn’t change too much, he didn’t have to be too afraid of Lin Jie’s ‘brainwashing.’

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Thus, Greg nodded. “I don’t mind, of course… As long as it doesn’t trouble you.”

Fitch saw that the situation that he had worked so hard to gain control was being reversed. Noting that Lin Jie was rather spirited, he quickly interjected, “Ah, we’re here! Whoa this place is huge, and there are all sorts of food varieties, some that I’ve never seen before. As expected of a gathering of the upper class~”

While Fitch had used a slightly sarcastic tone with a slightly higher pitch for attracting attention, the breakfast area before them was just as he described. It was a bright and spacious dining hall, not in any way inferior to the previous night’s banquet venue.

At present, well-dressed guests were already here, eating quietly in their corners or making conversation.

Usually, when the Ji Family received guests that stayed overnight, the maids would typically be asked to send breakfasts directly to their rooms the next day.

Since this banquet was also to serve guests a platform for high-end social interactions, they had to give the guests opportunities to interact with each other as much as possible.

…However, when there was communication, there would naturally be conflicts. At this moment, Fitch's voice was especially loud and conspicuous.

Theft is never good, try looking at

But when they frowned and looked over, they realized the person standing behind this fellow was one of the parties involved in the annihilation of the Fred Family yesterday. Thus, their desire to berate him was stifled, and they could only sweep their complaints away… 4887

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While they didn’t know much about this guy by the name of Lin Jie, it was clear that Young Miss Ji valued him.

They couldn't afford to offend him. After all, no one wanted to be a second John.

Lin Jie looked around and agreed with Fitch. "It's indeed huge…"

This breakfast hall was even larger than his bookstore, and that came as quite a blow to him. It was no wonder that Fitch, who had made his way up from the bottom, had a slightly sour attitude when he saw the place.

However, all this had nothing to do with him. Lin Jie was here just to freeload. The larger the dining hall, the better. Lin Jie shrugged and prepared himself to start feasting.

Not far off, a blonde girl in a plain white dress suddenly became alert, turning to look in Lin Jie’s directions. Surprise and a tinge of fanaticism filled her face as she started to blush slightly.

She immediately lifted the hem of her skirt and strode toward Lin Jie, leaving the nobles that were beside her dumbfounded.

Lin Jie had just picked his seat when he heard a quavering “Mr. Lin.” He glanced up and saw a familiar face.

"Ah, it's you."

One of Wilde’s new assistants—Charlotte, who went by ‘Snowflake.’

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