Chapter 349: Be More Careful When You Are Walking

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Greg was anxious and worried the entire night after hearing news that the situation might be unfavorable to Joseph. The immense pressure of saving Joseph and everyone else near 67th Avenue was placed entirely on his shoulders which made him tense and suffocated.

At present, Fitch’s ability was affecting him, making Greg feel like a balloon that was being filled with water, on the verge of immediately exploding if it was intensified.

Fitch, on the other hand, was a newly ascended transcendent being. He had previously been a vagrant most of the time in the past and had never been injured to such an extent before and was nearly crying from the pain.

Fortunately, he was no longer the same as before. He instantly used his ability to block out the pain receptors in his mind. The trembling and cold sweat was just a result from the residual pain from the clash.

Both sides suffered heavily in this confrontation.

Greg thought to himself, This demon really loves toying with people’s hearts… Actually showing up just as we were about to fight. Like hell anyone would believe that it’s a coincidence!

Damn it! It’s just like what happened in the bookstore previously… Deliberately letting me witness Joseph fall and causing lasting psychological trauma. Greg gritted his teeth.

And now, the bookstore owner had deliberately made him take on this heavy task alone. If Greg could not overcome the trauma from back then, he would definitely not be able to get out of this dead end.

Even more frightening was the fact that he had found another transcendent being from out of nowhere. This was clearly a new face that had never been seen before, yet this individual had instantly become a devoted follower.

According to the information Greg had gotten from Winston last night, Fitch was actually related to the Path of the Flaming Sword—This fellow had become a transcendent being due to a ‘sublimation’ plan of the Path of the Flaming Sword that Secret Rite Tower was investigating; part of a greater plan that involved the shadow assassins.

Those that became a part of this ‘sublimation’ plan had one thing in common. That was going from an ordinary person to becoming a mid-level transcendent being.

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However, Fitch had nothing to do with the bookstore previously and was merely noted as an insignificant name.

However, since the owner of the bookstore had chosen to interact with this person, everything must have been premeditated.

However, more and more clues were intertwined together like a ball of wool, making it even more puzzling as to why he had come to attend the banquet this time…

Greg glanced at Fitch. Since there was no way to get answers directly from the bookstore owner, he might as well start with this man.

Lin Jie blinked several times as he observed Greg and Fitch who were glaring at each other covertly. He felt that there was something strange going on between the two.

To put it in words, it was as if there was a smell of gunpowder in the air.

Is there some sort of conflict between the two of them? Didn’t they only meet last night?

Why does it seem as if they are old foes this early in the morning? Seeing how tired both of them are, could something have happened last night… But it appears that they don’t want anyone else to know, huh? Mmm…

As an understanding friend of theirs, Lin Jie naturally wouldn’t interfere. It definitely wasn’t because competition between customers would make it much better to sell books!

Lin Jie gave the two a beaming smile. “That’s good if so. By the way, you two should have gotten to know each other, right?”

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Greg nodded while Fitch shook his head.

“?” Lin Jie raised an eyebrow.

The two youngsters made eye contact. Greg's face was devoid of emotion, yet Fitch perceived it to be full of contempt and disdain as if to say, “I’ve already seen through you, and you know nothing about me.”

Fitch couldn't stand the arrogant mug. He was so pissed, he burst out laughing and immediately went to Lin Jie’s side and shamelessly said, "It seems that I’m ignorant indeed. Mr. Lin, please help me with the introductions. By the way, I still have loads of questions to ask you. For example, I read the book you gave me yesterday. Inside it says—"

Greg didn't expect that with just his single reaction, the speaking rights now belonged to Fitch. The latter just wouldn’t stop talking.

Lin Jie was also very obliging, enthusiastically helping solve Fitch’s confusion and chatted happily with him.

Greg felt like a clown. No, the aristocratic youth gritted his teeth. This fellow is just too thick-skinned!

Fortunately, Lin Jie was someone that was always fair. He even turned back and asked, “Lil Greg, do you want to join us for breakfast?”

Lil… Lil Greg?

Greg's felt as if his face was about to split open. While he knew that the bookstore owner would even call someone like Wilde ‘Old Wil,’ being addressed in this manner was still somewhat difficult for him to accept…

"I’ll come!" Greg decided not to think.

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Having seized the opportunity to speak, he immediately carried on, “Actually, I’ve heard from Sir Joseph about how special your bookstore is. I'm also rather interested in the books you sell. Since you saw through my troubles yesterday, do you have any books you might recommend for me?”

Fitch smiled insincerely. "Ah, it's almost time! Let’s go eat first. Breakfast would stop being served once the next banquet starts. We have to hurry.”

This again! Greg wanted to leap over and rip this guy’s head off. Rising blood pressure made him feel as if the veins in his temples were throbbing. After taking several deep breaths to calm himself, he mentaly recited the ‘Grease’ incantation.

Humph, black magicians aren’t easily bullied pushovers…


Fitch slipped and fell flat onto the ground. His face was blank at first before anger quickly came flooding in..

He had already blocked all his sensation of pain, but the feeling of being humiliated in front of Lin Jie was way more unbearable.

Boss Lin was caught off guard and dumbfounded by this fall on flat ground. "Are you alright?"

Fitch got up and forced a weak smile. "I’m fine, I’m fine…"

Lin Jie eyed the glistening puddle on the ground that hadn’t seemed to be there a second ago. With a frown, he rubbed his chin and looked around. "Where did this oil come from? Could it be seeping out? But that shouldn't be the case…"

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Would such a weird problem exist in a massive mansion that was being cleaned and maintained every single day?

He then abruptly looked toward Greg with a look of suspicion.

Greg's heart skipped a beat as a vague sense of extreme foreboding came over him. As if something terrifying would happen if the owner of the bookstore in front of him realized the truth…

Thus, he uttered somewhat stiffly, "Uh… It's actually rather normal. This sort of ground usually requires being polished by a special oil, so there might be a portion leftover somewhere. Then, when the indoor heater is turned on, the oil melts and when a person walks past, the pressure on the floor squeezes the oil out.”

Lin Jie raised an eyebrow. "Is that so?"

Greg nodded and patted his chest. "As a noble, I know a little about this sort of building. You can trust me."

Lin Jie considered for a bit and felt that it made sense. After all, Greg was a real aristocrat, a person with all the riches.

With a shake of his head, he patted Fitch's arm. "Be more careful when you are walking. Don’t fall again! Otherwise, you won’t be able to participate in the rest of the banquet if you get sent to the hospital."

Fitch trembled, because that was his injured hand.

Did Boss Lin mean to warn him that he would be out if he wasn’t strong enough?

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