Chapter 348: Confrontation

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Although the daytime open-air banquet didn't start till eight on the second morning, Fitch woke up rather early.

After washing up, he stayed in his room and stood in front of the mirror practicing what to say when he saw Lin Jie later.

"Ahem… Good morning. Did you sleep well last night?

"No, no, that’s way too unremarkable! Moreover, it's superfluous. As if an entity of such a level could suffer from poor sleep…

"Ahem, what a coincidence. Do you want to have breakfast together?

"I've already asked around. The breakfast venue is at the restaurant on the second floor of the west wing and it is also completely self-service. It can’t be missed. Moreover, we would pass by some of the female guest rooms to get there. Although we can’t see anything, perhaps we might encounter a…

"Ah no no no, what the hell am I talking about!" Fitch raised his hand to cover his face. "Does Mr. Lin even care about such things?

Fitch was simply an ignorant country bumpkin seeing the world for the first time. Surely others who attended the banquet would find these topics boring and vulgar, right?

"These upper-class people… No, I can't think like an ordinary person anymore. I'm a transcendent being now. I have to think and speak like one!” muttered Fitch to himself as he made up his mind. Then, he winked at the mirror and danced for a bit before he suddenly noticed a patch of greenish-black under his eyes. His eyes were bloodshot and his face was pale. It was obvious that Fitch hadn’t slept well.

He hadn’t slept well indeed. In fact, Fitch hadn’t slept at all last night and had spent all that time studying the book Nest of Evil.

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He was mesmerized by the contents and was immersed in the book. If he had to describe it, it felt as if he had actually had a deep sleep and realized the sky was already bright when he woke up.

At the same time, it felt as if there was a bubble deep within his soul bursting forth, giving birth to a new him.

That was indeed his ability improving… It was wonderful and truly unbelievable.

Till now, he was still in that excited state and didn’t feel any bit of tiredness.

Fitch was very satisfied with his sloppy image. He looked around and nodded. "This is just about right… Mr. Lin would be able to tell how hard I worked last night at a glance! He will definitely be delighted!”

Fitch felt that he had mastered how a transcendent being thought.

His current appearance definitely did not conform to the normal social rules—Fitch looked sloppy and listless for such a classy banquet. And he could imagine those people looking at him already.

From the beginning, given his status and cheap attire, those people already viewed him with disdain. Now, it would definitely be worse.

"But what does it matter? Rather, it's apt to say that I love seeing the malice beneath the sanctimonious facades of these so-called upper-class people.” Fitch smiled proudly. "Now, I only need to care about what Mr. Lin thinks. Perhaps he will give me some pointers after seeing how hard I worked.

"Surely I'm the only one who can think of that—you're a genius, Fitch!" Fitch praised himself generously. He tugged at his bow tie, then stepped out with a puffed up chest and head held high as he headed for Lin Jie's room.

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Hmph! Especially so that noble youth who suddenly appeared last night and interrupted Fitch’s plans and even stole away Mr. Lin.

As a transcendent being, Fitch could tell right away that this guy was a threat! Not playing nice yesterday had indeed been the right decision! But all this didn’t matter. Fitch had won!

Fitch felt really pleased with himself the more he thought about it. He eventually reached Lin Jie’s room and prepared to knock on the door respectfully.


The door of the neighboring room suddenly opened.

Fitch immediately went on the alert, but his face fell. This is that kid’s room! Looks like he noticed. To think that he’s actually this proactive. Heh, but this time, I won’t…

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Fitch had gotten himself all pumped up, only to see Greg stagger out of the door, dragging his feet weakly. The latter’s hair was in a mess, and his movements as sluggish as a zombie's.

Having sensed someone beside him, Greg looked up, revealing an extremely haggard face.

"…" Fitch's eyes widened.

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After a night, the well-dressed youngster seemed to have turned very pale. His eyes were lifeless, lips dry and cracked, and even his face seemed to have become thinner. It was as if he had aged by at least ten years.

What exactly happened last night?! No... Fitch recovered from his shock as suspicions crept up in his heart. Did this kid have the same idea as him?

"Hey…" Fitch stepped forward and put out his hand to block Greg's path.

However, Greg was frowning and walked around Fitch, all the while mumbling indistinct words like "demon", "it's all my fault", "I must redeem my mistake", and so on. His face alternated between conflicted, regretful, and anxious expressions as if he was possessed.

Fitch thought to himself, This kid is even more overzealous than me. That won’t do! If Mr. Lin sees him like this, he definitely won't notice me…

Thus, he put his hand on Greg’s shoulder and pulled the latter back just as he was about to reach the door. Greg’s eyes immediately turned red as he turned around and shouted angrily, "Let go!"

Fitch was suddenly intrigued seeing him like this and chuckled. “Why? What if I don’t let go? I've been annoyed by you since yesterday. Well, think about it, shouldn’t resolving issues between transcendent beings be done with strength? Why don’t you give it a try if you want me to let go, heh.”

While his words were rather childish, Fitch didn’t hold back. A strange light flashed in his eyes and the distorted colors were almost nauseating. His mental domain instantly expanded and assaulted Greg.

A mind manipulation ability!

Greg was shocked. Recalling the information he had gotten Wiston to help look into last night, he immediately chanted a mental incantation to stabilize his mind. At the same time, he multitasked and used his best shapeshifting ability which turned his hand into a wolf claw that grabbed Fitch’s arm!

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The best way to interrupt a transcendent being that used mind abilities was to directly attack the main body. This fellow actually dared to stay so close! It was obvious that he had never experienced actual combat!

While Greg was going through inner turmoil, this ignorant fellow in front of him would suffice as his punching bag.




Eh? What's that sound?

The door to Lin Jie's room opened abruptly. The young bookstore owner came out with his back turned and closed the door. When he turned around, he stopped in the tracks and observed the two youngsters standing on his left and right as if they were sentries. There was approximately two meters between them, and both seemed to assume strange postures.

"Both of you look like crap early in the morning. Did you guys not sleep well?” Boss Lin asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Uh… very, very well. I slept very well. Thank you for your concern." Fitch forced a smile. Cold sweat had formed on his forehead as he waved a hand as a greeting while hiding the other broken hand behind his back.

"Me… Me too." Greg took a deep breath, enduring the various negative emotions that were clouding his mind. He almost wanted to kneel on the ground and smash his head against the ground.

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