Chapter 343: Humans Die When Killed

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"Apprentice Knight, we don't have much time." After a few seconds, when Greg had fallen silent, Winston uttered, "I know what's going through your mind, but our only duty is to follow others. The Council of Elders have a longer-term and comprehensive plan... When carrying out a mission, we cannot be slaves to our own emotions or they would only result in even more unpredictable consequences.


"I'm only reminding you this once since you're Joseph's disciple. Joseph has a personality that is too straightforward… We started off in the Training Division since we were both young, and it's not an exaggeration to say that I know him best. He's indeed the fearless and indomitable white flame that we all revere, both before till now.


"However, this impression you have is based on the countless times he disobeyed the Tower's orders and made his own choice in missions."


Greg was taken aback and instinctively retorted, "Those are all—"


Winston cut him off, "Perhaps you think that it's a good decision? Because it appeared to have a happy ending each time? Heh, have you ever seen Joseph on the verge of dying… It might sound cruel, but that's the truth that I've witnessed countless times.


"When battling alongside him, he would always go against the Council of Elder's arrangements. Evidently, by keeping to the plan, matters would definitely be resolved with the least possible consequences. Yet, Joseph doesn't even allow this little consequence. It might appear cool for him to bear everything on himself, but witnessing it firsthand just once would allow anyone understand how heavy the toll is.


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"If not for his strength and the impossible luck he has... He would have perished on the battlefield a long time ago, and the name of 'Indomitable Sacred Flame' would never come to be."


Greg really wanted to go on refuting—they revered Joseph, who was given such a name precisely because he would go against the odds countless times and save everyone despite being on the brink of death.


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However, whatever words Greg had got stuck in his throat. The young man realized that this wasn't Joseph's enemy discrediting him but a confession from a friend.


Winston hadn't said all these to imply that Joseph had relied on luck to achieve his current achievements, nor that his subsequent depravity was a manifestation of his own incompetence…


What he wanted to say was that Joseph wasn't as glorious and perfect as those that revered him assumed. Joseph wasn't an invincible hero from a fairytale, just a powerful and somewhat willful human.


Or rather, Winston wanted to say that Joseph was only human too.


And as long as he was human, he could... die.


Greg couldn't help recalling that rainy night where he witnessed Joseph's seemingly infallible body collapse without any warning in front of the bookstore owner.


"Some things don't develop the way you hope they do. You and me, we aren't Joseph, and we can never be. The Tower's orders are the core of our operation. If you want to be a second Joseph, how are you going to face the possibility of losing everyone around you if you make a mistake?


"In this world full of holes that could be breached by the dream realm at any moment, fate will not allow you to fail even once." Winston felt somehow disheartened and frustrated as he spoke. Glancing up, he observed the expanding force fields that were brewing an aether storm in the center.


From past information, battles between Supreme-ranks wouldn't persist for too long, but they wouldn't be too short either. A battle could last for as short as a few hours or as long as a few days or even moments. However, such a short period of time was enough to cause unimaginable disaster, especially since the two going at it now were mortal enemies.


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Moreover, it had always been outside of Norzin in the past, but the current battle was happening within the city...


This apparent deadlocked situation was most definitely the result of a certain hot-tempered jerk trying his hardest to hold Wilde back.


Just like many times in the past…

It wouldn't be long before this battle came to an end, regardless of whether Greg completed his mission or whatever decision Secret Rite Tower chose to make.


The one stepping out of the ruins would be the final victor of this chase that had spanned two years.


Winston pulled his gaze away. "...Sometimes, it is inevitable for there to be necessary sacrifices."


But are these sacrifices really necessary? Greg couldn't help but wonder. However, he knew that there was no point in arguing now, thus he nodded and said, "I understand. I'll do my best."


Winston gave his parting words, "Good that you do. Apprentice Knight Greg, keep in touch and report back from time to time. All that you will be doing now is for the sake of Norzin."


That being said, Greg didn't know how he was supposed to sound the bookstore owner out... It was more appropriate to say that he had just tried it and failed.


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And now the demon across him was still waiting for Greg's answer.


Although he was told to report back whenever possible, he hadn't dared to ask how he should have proceeded when he was right in front of Lin Jie.


In the end, didn't he still have to rely on himself?


Greg couldn't help but experience the possibility that a single mistake on his part could get everyone around him killed. So... This was the kind of pressure Sir Joseph faced all the time?


He took a deep breath and put down his communications device, then glanced across and met Lin Jie's gaze.

Boss Lin looked at him and asked, "That call… I mean, this comms, was it related to Joseph and me?"


You're asking the obvious! Greg roared inwardly but only nodded. He tried to find the right words and decided he couldn't be that directly anymore. "It's a friend of Sir Joseph's. He was asking about how you helped Joseph in the past as well as mention about the mission being undertaken by Sir Joseph now."


"I see… Those are just some insignificant contributions not worth remembering till now." Lin Jie waved his hand modestly. "You should have an answer to the previous question as well, right?"


Greg looked up, balling his hands into fists to encourage himself. "I think—Sir Joseph would win!"


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Yes, he couldn't betray what he hoped for. Even if he had thought of ten thousand possibilities, he could only say this—Joseph would definitely win.


"Oh..." Lin Jie understood. Greg had chosen Joseph in the end after hesitating for so long. While it was clear that the youngster had confidence in Joseph, the time taken to ponder over it meant that he must have a high evaluation of Wilde as well.


He must have certainly considered the possibility of Wilde coming out on top.


Greg was very apprehensive, his heart pounding as he rubbed his hands together nervously. "This... This is my own personal opinion. What... what do you think?"


Of course, Lin Jie agreed readily. "I think so too."




Greg was first stunned, then ecstatic, nearly jumping up from excitement. He was buzzing and felt like he was going to faint.


Trembling, he braced himself against the table. "R-really? Do you really think… Sir Joseph would win?"


"Of course." Lin Jie had always been accommodating to the wishes of customers. "While Wilde is better at planning, Joseph has a much stronger execution. More importantly, he has many that support him like yourself, am I right?

"Even if there are twists and turns in the process, I believe the result would come good."

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