IRNDGL - Chapter 336: You-You-You-You

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8-10 minutes 16.11.2022

After Lin Jie and Ji Zhixiu finished their conversation, Lin Jie kindly declined Young Miss Ji's offer of sending him to his guest room. Only after watching her leave did he return back to Fitch and Yedda, who were both waiting at the side all this time and finally had the courage to approach him.

Lin Jie turned around, slightly surprised. “Ah, it’s you two. My apologies for speaking with Miss Ji for so long..."

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“Nonono, it’s alright; your matters are more important.” Fitch was quick to wave both his hands but was slyly observing the still warm smile on Lin Jie's face. He was now absolutely sure that Lin Jie must have been the source of all the strange happenings!

From the 'lightning' that streaked across the sky to the 'earthquake,' and seeing how the entire Fred Clan had just been recently decimated, Fitch was a hundred percent certain this was all Lin Jie's doing!

Ji Zhixiu's attitude toward him alone was more than sufficient to determine how powerful this self-proclaimed ordinary bookstore owner was.

Most guests would wrongly perceive that this was Ji Zhixiu's intrinsic gracefulness as a host, thinking that how she treated Lin Jie was just a form of courtesy.

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However, a drifter like Fitch, who had seen all sorts of servile and subservient people, had a keen eye for those who were giving genuine praise and those that only showed pretentious courtesy.

Ji Zhixiu definitely treated Lin Jie as someone superior!

He made up his mind on the spot to become the biggest bootlicker. With great enthusiasm, he took the initiative to ask, "Uh... Mr. Lin, since today's dance has already concluded, shall we return to the resting area together? I'd heard from a nearby servant that all male guests are assigned to the third floor. I remember seeing the number indicated on your invitation and our rooms aren't far from each other. Since they are along the way, why don't we head back together?"

In actuality, Lin Jie had only flashed his invitation twice, so how could Fitch see what was on it. He was just trying any excuse to walk with Lin Jie.

Yedda hesitated at the side, eventually deciding that this young man with a mysterious identity was too dangerous to approach.

Although she was rather intrigued about these transcendent powers and other such things, once she took the time to calm down and think through it, it made her realize she needed to be responsible for the clan. She had to seek the safer benefits and couldn't bear the potential high risks of getting involved.

In contrast, it was far safer to secure the trust of those who are sure to aid in the future of her clan.

Yedda gently lifted the seams of her dress to give a curtsy and smiled. "My apologies, but I still have some matters to attend to and will be taking my leave first. However, if Mr. Lin has any requests, feel free to contact me anytime.” She took out a business card and gave it to the bookstore owner.

The two of them now had more prudent looks on their faces than before. While they attempted to act naturally, their caution was still clear.

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Unlike other guests who were ignorant of the truth, both of them already knew that Lin Jie wasn't normal, and whatever had happened left a lasting impact on them.

Lin Jie accepted the business card and replied with a grin in return, "No worries. I welcome you to patronize my bookstore as well."

After Yedda left, Fitch took it upon himself to be Lin Jie's diligent guide and lead the way.

Though Lin Jie had received a special invitation from Miss Ji, she knew the discreet personality of the bookstore owner all too well and didn't make any special arrangements for his accommodations, allowing for him to stay among these ordinary guests.

From her understanding of Boss Lin, the sort of environment he preferred was to be hidden amongst the crowd. However, regrettably, Fitch’s and Lin Jie’s rooms were some distance apart.

"306 and 377. This is your definition of 'close by'?" Lin Jie took a look at his own invitation, then Fitch's, amused and somewhat speechless with the current situation.

There were a total of 200 rooms on the third floor, and one of their rooms was basically at the start while the other was in the middle. This was in no way close by at all.

Giving a sheepish laugh, Fitch replied as naturally as possible, "I probably misread the invitation because it was dark outside. But since it's along the way, let me send you to your doorstep. I've always been a systematic person, so please allow me to do so."

He seemed so sincere that Lin Jie felt that Fitch might just kneel down on the spot and hug his leg should he refuse.

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Lin Jie shuddered at the image in his mind. In order to avoid such a thing from happening, he reluctantly caved in. Along the way, Fitch continued to dig for information about Lin Jie's bookstore. He queried about the other books for sale as well as the kind of patrons that visited.

At first, Lin Jie even had some suspicions that this fella might be gay, but these topic brought up by Fitch revitalized him.

Lin Jie was a natural when it came to sales tactics and pushing his own wares. By speaking with fervor and eloquence, he could basically make it sound as if his bookstore had the ability to possess any book one might desire... But of course, he did have every single book.

“Customers... Umm, although the saying goes ‘a fragrant wine fears no dark alley,' those that can actually smell the fragrance and have the ability to appreciate it are few and far between."

Lin Jie carefully tweaked the truth about how the bookstore was usually disregarded by many. “However, though my bookstore has few patrons, each and every one of them is someone worth guiding. Whether they have worries in business, life, or other matters in general, all are welcome to visit the bookstore. It's not just the power in the books. I can also lend some of my help to them."

Fitch nodded and made a silent note of it. The bookstore has certain criteria when selecting a customer—they need to possess potential yet need to have desires that can be manipulated. They can rely on the power in the books to solve their problems but can also approach the bookstore owner for help.

But one key question still remained...

“Then, what about the price?” asked Fitch solemnly.

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"Huh?" Lin Jie was slightly taken aback. What's with this sudden escalation?!

“Books are sold according to price listed, do pay close attention to any discounts available. There's a loan fee of 10 dollars for borrowing books, and additionally, you get a free cup of bubble tea from the book cafe next door if you spend 200. But if you seek me out to help with your problems... That is a free service.

"Although, most of the time, as a way of expressing their gratitude, my customers would bring me some local souvenirs,” Lin Jie added on nonchalantly.

“Local souvenirs?” Fitch asked, slightly baffled.

Lin Jie walked toward the door of his designated room. As he opened the door dramatically, he nodded. “Yes. Souvenirs. For example, I have a certain customer who loves to give me statues...”

As Fitch listened intently, the door of the neighboring room opened abruptly as a smartly dressed youngster stepped out with a communications device in hand. "...Sir Joseph is currently in a massive battle! Did you even know that?! Obviously not! Otherwise you wouldn't have asked me to partake in this damned banquet. I wanted to join him on the battlefield and fight alongside him, dammit! This abomination and sham of a banquet isn't where a true fan should be! What’s more, I am his disciple! An apprentice on probation is also a disciple!"

This youth seemed a mere teenager with freckles decorating his tender face. While airing his grievances into the communications device, he closed the door behind him. And as he turned around, he was met with Lin Jie standing just beside him.

He first froze up, then rubbed his eyes in panic as if suspecting his eyes were playing tricks on him. Then, almost immediately, his entire body started trembling and his communications device fell to the ground.

Terror gradually took hold of his face. “You-you-you-you—”

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