Chapter 335: Next Time

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Lin Jie totally understood when he saw John fall to the ground after a slight touch from Young Miss Ji.


After all, hearing news that their entire family was gone would surely make anyone weak in the knees.


When he saw Miss Ji giving orders and arranging everything in an orderly fashion, Lin Jie felt that he was seeing a different side of Ji Zhixiu and it was well worth it.

When he saw Blackie waving at him before blending back into the shadows, Lin Jie knew that there would not be any suspense.


While Lin Jie hadn't wanted to bother with this silly fellow who wanted to find trouble, after that guy started talking about his theory of status, Blackie, whom Lin Jie hadn't seen for quite some time, suddenly appeared.


While it had been a long time, the frequency of Blackie's appearances had been ridiculously high compared to the previous three years. And 'he' seemed to be getting increasingly active...


As Blackie stood behind John, Lin Jie learned all the sins and evils of the Fred Clan in an instant—forced trading, abuse, killings of slaves... They were beyond the normal jurisdiction of Norzin, allowing them to do all sorts of unimaginable things.


Thus, when Blackie politely offered to help, Lin Jie silently agreed.


As John said it, this sin far transcended human nature and rules. If it couldn't be overridden or eradicated by a higher power, then it would always remain a hidden darkness. People would no longer be equal to one another but with a difference similar to one between humans and livestock.


However, for now at least, there was still one method of classification between them. Life... or death.

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This little episode became an opportunity for the opening ball to come to an end—even though it was almost over already.


Ji Zhixiu used her communications device to contact the Central District Police Unit and other relevant departments. After confirming that the matter could be resolved from the surface, she smiled and gave some comforting words to appease everyone. Then she announced the end of the opening ball and arranged for everyone to head to their rooms to rest in an orderly manner.


While Ji Bonong was the true host of this banquet, it was no longer appropriate for him to take charge in matters that involved transcendent beings.


In the past, if such a situation were to occur, he would have to seek help from the true Central District powers that were actually controlling Rolle Resource Development.


But now, Ji Zhixiu, who had gained considerable foothold among the hunter faction in Norzin, was able to resolve matters alone as a transcendent being.


And most of the time, it was usually a simple reason for transcendent beings to reason with each other—the strong preyed on the weak, and only the living were right.


So now, even the transcendent beings in the crowd, including those that had good relations with the Fred Clan, were shocked and uncertain, not daring to step up nor say anything...


After all, John had merely gone on to say some provocative words and his entire family clan was decimated. This was way too frightening even for transcendent beings!

Them calmly thinking, 'This isn't nothing I haven't seen before,' had immediately become 'I've never seen anything like this before.'

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More importantly, during this whole process, regardless of how they inquired, their own higher-ups didn't seem to have any objections toward what Ji Zhixiu, who was largely representing Rolle Resource Development, was doing. It seemed as if they were all tacitly agreeing with what she was doing.


This attitude was worth pondering over. When it was like this, they had to consider what their higher-ups were thinking if they were to make any move or speak up.


Was the long-standing rule that Rolle Resource Development had to be helmed by mortals going to change?

Ji Zhixiu's display of strength today... was beyond their expectations.


From their point of view, it had just been three people talking, then completely out of the blue, John had been knocked down by a punch from Ji Zhixiu and his family mansion had an incident.


And the reason being… the only ordinary human amongst the three was definitely the fuse. However, a deeper reason they believed was that Ji Zhixiu was using this opportunity to show off her strength.

This name, which wasn't yet prominent in Norzin, was destined to leave a dazzling mark amongst the transcendent community from tonight onward.


Rolle Resource Development Corporation, which had always stood between mortals and transcendent beings, seemed to have taken a step toward the transcendent.

Other guests harbored their own guesses and speculations, but in the end, they could only put these thoughts aside as they dispersed as servants guided them to their respective rooms. Whether they investigated further in secret, no one knew.


"Mr. Lin, the higher-ups guarantee the Fred family name will never appear in the Central District ever again. Moreover, the slaves that were rescued will be taken care of properly with an investigation to prevent such things from happening ever again. Please rest assured," Ji Zhixiu said softly to Lin Jie while she felt a sense of joy deep down.


Before this, she had never heard the Central District authorities speak with such a cautious tone and stance. They even tried asking whether Boss Lin had other needs, but... Ji Zhixiu would not tell anyone about the collaboration yet. As for anything else, she replied that she didn't know.

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"Joseph and Claude are on other missions and couldn't rush over to help, so their colleagues went to Fred's mansion to handle the situation. However, the higher-ups said that their support was from afar, so they couldn't rush over to help. So, it was their colleagues who went to Fred's mansion to clean up the mess… Nevertheless, the higher-ups said that they still provided good support and contributed to this effort, so the credit still belongs to them."

We are, find us on google.


Ji Zhixiu couldn't help but cuss inwardly, Where did this good support come from? Secret Rite Tower is currently engaged in a fierce battle with the Corpse Devouring Sect! Who even has the time to care about...


It was just because Boss Lin had mentioned it, so they had forcibly pushed the credit onto Joseph to try and gain Boss Lin’s goodwill.


Including the current battle ongoing elsewhere, given Boss Lin's previous stance, the Central District had even been very hesitant about getting involved.

It seemed that the Central District authorities had quite an understanding of Boss Lin's strength.


"Oh." Lin Jie blinked, feeling a little confused... Why had Joseph gotten credit even though he hadn't gone? However, this was also a good thing, and there wasn't any reason to feel conflicted.


Nevertheless, Lin Jie was surprised that the police had arrived on scene so quickly. After all, the Central Police Unit would always arrive late whenever those gas explosions occurred…


Ji Zhixiu continued on, "By the way, the Fred family's area A manor would be vacant once it's been cleared out. I've already bought it... and wonder if you are interested in taking over the place?"


Lin Jie's lips twitched. He really couldn't understand how she could say it in such a casual manner.

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It's fine… This probably means my customer is growing well. Moreover, the first thing she wants is to repay those that once helped her. I should be gratified instead!


He thought about it carefully and nodded. "Yes. If the collaboration goes well in the future, I'll consider opening a branch in the Central District. At that time, I might be able to use it. If you don't have any other uses of it, could you help me hold on to it first? Of course, in return, you can look for me anytime if you have any problems in the future."


Ji Zhixiu nodded. "I'll definitely keep it safe for you."


Lin Jie nodded his approval, then suddenly froze. He realized that Miss Ji wasn't surprised at all that the entire Fred Clan were no more...


This is way too natural! How could she accept it so easily?


To think that he had been preparing for so long to tactfully say that he was actually a transcendent being. In the end, just as Lin Jie wanted to mention this, Ji Zhixiu's icy calm manner made it feel like the wrong timing.


Having already finished the chat but suddenly adding in "Actually, I'm a transcendent being..." would be too weird.

Nevermind... I'll mention it next time.



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