Chapter 333: Go Back Home And Take A Look

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Yet another means to preach about freedom and equality? These commoners are really just so adamant…

How long would it take for them to understand that every numbered street in Norzin has technically already mapped out their life trajectory?

No matter how hard they try, insignificant worms like them can’t avoid being toyed with and crushed by those of a higher level…

John let out a snort of laughter. He had wanted to taunt the man with sharper words, to make him understand the cruel truth.

However, when he met those dark eyes, whatever words he had wanted to say got stuck in his throat.

The noble youth panicked for no reason.

Although the hall was brightly lit by the many dazzling lights, at this moment, John felt as if he was surrounded by an endless thick black fog. Even his vision turned cloudy for a moment.

The black fog was chaotic and disorderly, constantly flowing, and there seemed to be a prying gaze hidden deep inside.

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The gaze didn’t contain any malice, just curiosity as if from a baby that had just opened his eyes and seen a new world.

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The curiosity was strong, so intense that it made John feel a slight chill when it came over him…

But in the blink of an eye, the hallucinatory vision dissipated as if it had been a passing glance at the scenery nearby.

The stunned John returned to his senses and saw the way in which the surrounding guests were whispering.

He suddenly realized stopping in his tirade made him look foolish. However, he didn’t know what had just happened and could only say in exasperation, “Categorize? Haven’t I made myself clear? With all due respect, you really shouldn't be here. If it weren't for Miss Ji, you probably wouldn't have known what Area A was like for the rest of your life. I don't think I even need to ask how you got that invitation…”

Lin Jie clapped his palms together and interrupted John. "Ah, if you want to talk about invitations… I did indeed use a backdoor, but it's Miss Ji's own decision to choose who she wants to invite to her party. Whether I should be here or not is invalid; what matters is whether she likes it or not.”

John was startled by the self-righteousness shown by Lin Jie. "You—"

"Sheesh." Lin Jie shook his head and sighed. He probably knew why Ji Zhixiu had been fooled by the scumbag in the first place.

In this environment where the men surrounding her are ambitious and only think about gaining her and Rolle Resource, it probably wouldn’t take long for her to find a man who did the opposite and showed her warmth…

Nodding his head, Lin Jie rubbed his chin, then continued on, “In other words, whoever Miss Ji doesn't like shouldn't be at this birthday party."

John could no longer understand what the guy was saying. He frowned. "Say, you don't really think—"

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Lin Jie interjected matter-of-factly once more. “Mr. John Fred, I think it's time for you to go back home and take a look. Head out from here and take a left to reach the main gate. You should be able to remember your way home from there, right?”

John looked around, completely baffled. "Me? Home? Are you serious?”

Lin Jie nodded.

John had a weird look on his face for a moment before bursting out laughing. “Haha Hahahah…! I realize that I may have been wrong about you. You aren’t like those average plebeians—you're a little more interesting."

He looked toward Ji Zhixiu and pointed a finger at his temple. “Are you sure there’s nothing wrong with your guest here, Miss Ji?” Regardless of whether Ji Zhixiu knew or not, John was now beginning to suspect that there was something wrong in the head of this guy who hadn’t yet given his name.

However, Ji Zhixiu didn't look as embarrassed as he'd expected; instead, she appeared solemn. She struggled to part her lips. “Mr. Lin… You…”

While she had an inkling of what was going to happen when Lin Jie had put out a hand to stop her, Boss Lin not letting her step in indicated that he intended to personally settle this matter.

However, all the signs now pointed to the matter escalating beyond what was anticipated.

What she was uncertain about was that fact she couldn’t determine if Boss Lin was mad or just satisfying himself with some entertainment.

"Ahhh… I almost forgot."

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Lin Jie turned to Ji Zhixiu and cleared his throat awkwardly, not knowing how to begin.

— Actually, I possess special abilities…

— Sorry to have always kept this from you, but I’m probably not quite like the rest of you, for example I know a bit of magic or something…

Either way, it would seem too abrupt?

"Oh, nevermind… I’ll explain it to you later.” Lin Jie gave the extremely flustered Ji Zhixiu a warm, comforting smile. “In any case, I won’t make things difficult for you, Miss Ji. Oh, right, make sure to call the police.”

Ji Zhixiu was not reassured by this ‘reassuring’ smile. "Call the police?" she asked in confusion.

Lin Jie nodded. "Yeah. Call the police. Probably inform Joseph and Claude. They would need to go save some people.”

John watched the two of them talking to themselves and couldn't take it any longer. Raising his voice in exasperation, he hollered, “Miss Ji, are you willing to go against the Freds over this commoner?”

"No." Ji Zhixiu shook her head. But before joy could show on John’s face, she continued, “I’ve never been on the same page as all of you.”

John's face turned stiff and dark. He felt that his patience had reached his limit. Even though his attitude was that of someone superior mocking the lowly from the beginning, the outcome was that… he had been played for a fool repeatedly.

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That's enough! John gritted his teeth and tightened his grip on the glass, preparing to go on the offensive. Since Rolle Resource didn’t know what was good for them, he no longer needed to give these mortals any face… These were just a few mortals.

That's right. Even Ji Zhixiu was no more than a Pandemonium-rank, which was nothing when compared to the Fred Clan.

Though he had heard she had come into contact with some mysterious bookstore owner and received some gifts, he hadn’t heard much about her since then. Why would someone high and mighty like him pay attention to insignificant ants?

Mmm, that's right…

Then, as John recalled this, a sudden chill came over his body in a flash, as if he had been shocked by electricity, causing his scalp to turn numb.

“I’m just an unimportant bookstore owner whose name isn’t worth mentioning. In terms of status, I’m indeed far inferior to everyone here.”

That had been how the ordinary young man introduced himself just now.

John's eyes narrowed and he quickly glanced up only to notice a servant pushing past the crowd and staggering toward him, shouting breathlessly, “Young Master John, quick, we’ve got to hurry back…”

John reached out to steady the servant. Unspeakable fear started to coarse through him, making his lips tremble so much that he couldn’t speak.

The servant looked up, revealing a face so twisted with tears and snot. "Something happened… They… All… All died…"

John barely heard what the servant said after that. He tried his best to look back at Lin Jie, but he didn’t see the young man's face. Instead, all he saw was a pure black figure standing in the middle of the crowd, bowing gracefully toward him.

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