Chapter 332: Another Way to Categorize

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The professional smile on Lin Jie's face had gradually faded and he had withdrawn his outstretched hand.

In truth, he wasn’t offended by the other party's cavalier attitude. He had met many people like this, both before and after his transmigration, and the numbers were too many to count.

If Lin Jie got angry every time he encountered one, his face would be as bloated as a pufferfish.

But just because he wasn’t pissed didn’t mean he had to indulge the other party. He wasn’t Buddha who chose not to react even when his face was spat on.

Responding to a handshake was considered the most basic form of courtesy, and yet the other party hadn’t even been willing to spare this slightest bit, even if superficial. From this, it could be seen that Mr. John didn’t plan on giving Lin Jie any face.

In that case, regardless of how good-tempered Lin Jie was, he no longer intended to continue showing the friendliness of a businessman.

Lin Jie spread his hands and sighed. “I’m just an unimportant bookstore owner whose name isn’t worth mentioning. In terms of status, I’m indeed far inferior to everyone here.”

This was probably part of the reason why Ji Zhixiu hesitated when doing the introductions as it would likely invite even more obvious malice and ridicule if she revealed such an ordinary identity before announcing his cooperation with Rolle Resource.… This is really hard on her.

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However, Miss Ji seemed to have underestimated the determination of that obnoxious fellow in his bid to provoke her… Had it been someone more tactful, or in a sense, more cowardly, they probably would have wisely chosen not to pursue the matter if she had the intention not to mention it as it would likely offend her as well.

So, this person is either a real fool or a really brazen fellow who has no fear of going against her.

While Lin Jie personally felt that it was the first possibility, logically, the second possibility was more likely. Especially so… given the condescending look that guy was giving.

It wasn’t just directed at Lin Jie but Ji Zhixiu as well.

That means to say… this guy has the confidence to think that he has a higher status than the heiress of the Ji Family and Rolle Resource?

From a logical point of view, this was basically impossible. Rolle Resource was a giant monopoly that stood atop Norzin. Everyone present at this banquet could clearly recognize the weight of this colossus. No other organization could compare to it… Even in the Central District, apart from political factors, everyone else was deferential toward Rolle Resource.

But… What if viewed from an out-of-the-box perspective?

Lin Jie's eyes narrowed slightly as he uttered, "Indeed, introductions should be given to equals, but letting someone personally introduce themselves is out of respect for the other party. This isn’t a big deal, but I’m afraid you, who made a mountain out of a molehill because of this, didn’t come with the intention of communicating on an equal level from the beginning, right?”

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John’s gaze went from Ji Zhixiu to Lin Jie and he tilted his chin upward and sneered. “This isn’t any small matter… plebeian.”


Meaning that you, in your ‘plebeian’ class, can’t understand the importance of such a disparity in the context of unequal status? How full of yourself.

However, John clearly felt that this arrogance wasn’t enough… Deep down, he was burned with rational jealousy. John had never hidden his possessiveness for Ji Zhixiu. As far as he was concerned, he was definitely one of the strongest contenders for a marriage alliance with the Jis of Rolle Resource.

All had been up till Ji Zhixiu invited this unheard-of fellow to have the first dance with her at her 20th birthday party.

As a noble, a transcendent being, and a talented young magician, John felt humiliated!

And now, this jealousy was telling him to put this commoner who thought he had climbed up the social ladder back in his place.

"Of course, I wasn't talking about you, Mr. Nobody.” John made a show of throwing up his hands in a gesture of helplessness, as if he were distressed. "I know quite a bit about how commoners are. To them it might seem that distinguishing between the noble and lowly isn’t required while they always pursue their so-called equality and freedom, thinking that the nobility are fools that only know how to enjoy themselves. But…”

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He gestured around. "Look. This is the place closest to Norzin’s Central District, the heart of area A. Look at all these priceless decorations all around. And them? Living on streets that start with a number, those are literally more than smelly sewers in the city plans. So how can there be an equality worth believing in?

"With all due respect, every ornament here is enough to buy hundreds of lowly slaves. Hehe, why not take a guess where these slaves come from?

We are, find us on google.

"…No need to look at me like that. Oh, you probably don't know, but it's still legal to buy and sell slaves to people with noble status. It's something the Central District approves of. Of course, as genteel nobles, we would never do anything to these slaves beyond reasonable requirements.

"All I'm saying is, do you understand the significance of these numbers? It itself separates the two kinds of people, not commoners or nobles.

"Just like how we distinguish the usage of various fine dining utensils at the table. There’s no need for such people to understand this etiquette by the way; after all, they would never see anything other than chopsticks, spoons, and forks throughout their whole lives. In fact, they would even grab food with their hands and gobble it down. Oh, gosh, what disgustingly dirty and inferior acts!"

John's words were full of sarcasm, but he kept a proper and polite appearance as if he was really just speaking about some aristocratic etiquette. “But you have to know, these manners and etiquette are a sign of civilization.

"And this so-called civilization is the difference between humans and animals… or rather, between humans and livestock."

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Words couldn’t describe the change in Ji Zhixiu’s facial expression. Her face had long darkened and turned ugly. The moment John had started his monologue, she had been ready to teach this guy, who had no idea who he was talking to, a lesson he would never forget. But just as she opened her mouth to speak, Lin Jie raised his hand slightly to stop her.

She turned and saw Lin Jie calmly staring straight at John.


While that gaze seemed calm enough to call it peaceful, Ji Zhixiu still involuntarily shivered.

Because at this moment, she suddenly realized that… ever since leaving the bookstore's perennially dim light, those eyes seemed to not allow any bit of light in, leaving only an unfathomable darkness.

The hall was brightly lit, but those lively and bright scenes never reflected in those dark, black eyes.

"Actually, I think you do have a point."

Lin Jie put on a brilliant smile once more. “But since we're at this banquet, we're all just Miss Ji's guests. But if you insist on segregating classes…"

The bookstore owner smiled at John and lowered his voice. "I think there's another way of categorizing me and you."

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