Chapter 330: Become A Race

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...How did things end up like this? Such a thought couldn't help but pop out in Lin Jie's mind when his arm was wrapped around Miss Ji's waist, his other hand holding hers and leading the first dance awkwardly under the watchful gaze of the crowd.

He could feel, from all around him, the prying eyes of guests who assumed that their gazes were secretive but, in reality, extremely obvious. He could hear the whispers of others speculating and inquiring about his background. Some even went straight to the two that had been with him, Fitch and Yedda, beating around the bush deviously to gain information.


But all of it was surely useless...


Because he, Lin Jie, was really just an ordinary bookstore owner, with no power and no money. He was the typical nobody with “empty pockets,” and even his identity was made-up.


It was true that some of his bookstore's customers had quite extraordinary status. For example, Cherry, who helped falsify his identity, was one of the three Ash Chamber of Commerce Deputy Branch Heads. Joseph, who he constantly called to 'harass,' was the leader of a Central Police Unit’s covert division, and there was Father Vincent, who was now a prominent and outstanding religious leader.


There were also typical customers... An example of the most typical customers was Miss Ji, who was dancing with him right then, and Ji Bonong, who could barely be counted as one.


But that didn't mean he was powerful himself.


Aside from having some insignificant transcendent abilities, Boss Lin was just so plain and ordinary.


Lin Jie could grimace deep down. Then, he froze for a split second and raised an eyebrow. Being so prominent like this… Well, it could be a good thing. No! It's simply great!

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The guests, curious or otherwise, had at least begun to inquire about his origins. Given these people and their statuses, it should be easy for them to find out about Lin Jie's background.


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Then, they would learn that the man, who had been personally invited to be Miss Ji's partner for the first dance at her birthday party, was the owner of a bookstore without a signboard, and also that Miss Ji was one of his customers.


This way, they definitely would want to find out how such an ordinary bookstore could charm Ji Zhixiu.


It was common sense that bookstores sold books. So, naturally, it could only be the books in the store, as there was no way this ordinary bookstore owner could charm Ji Zhixiu.


And when word got out that Rolle Resource Development was distributing his books, Lin Jie's bookstore was bound to become famous.


In Norzin, Rolle Resource Development represented the trends of the entire market. All the guests present were people who had made significant contributions in their respective fields, and had been able to receive Ji Bonong’s invitation, thus, most of them would follow Rolle Resource Development. When the time came, they would definitely move like the wind to take action.


In addition, the wild speculations about his relationship with Zhixiu from a perspective of public sentiment would be very beneficial for Lin Jie.


After all, there might be very few people interested in books, but when it comes to gossip... There would surely be loads.


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This was really a great start for his distributorship even if by accident.


Lin Jie blissfully pondered how to best take advantage of all the people in this huge hall, and the book sales of the five trial books would turn out.


If they don’t sell well, which books should I select for the next batch? But even if sales aren't good, it should still be able to make a lot of money as it's Rolle Resource Development selling them. And if they do sell well, should I maintain our hunger marketing strategy, or should I just train Mu’en further and have her start preparing the opening of chain stores with Rolle Resource Development’s support…


"Mr. Lin... Are you thinking about something that made you happy?" Ji Zhixiu couldn't help whisper cautiously when she noticed.


While the young man's lips were clearly curved upward in a pleasant smile, as if he was proudly flaunting about the fact he was dancing with Miss Ji, in truth, he wasn't looking at her at all. It was clear that he was zoned out and thinking about something else.


From his steps, anyone could tell that Mr. Lin wasn't very good at dancing. Not 'very good at dancing' didn't mean he couldn't dance, just that his movements were all very basic.


However, being able to complete those steps without making any mistakes while he mind was wandering was in fact quite an achievement. Moreover, he was able to avoid the crowd that was moving around him.

"Hmm?" Lin Jie returned to his senses, putting aside the thoughts and restrained his grin. As he twirled Ji Zhixiu around in a circle to the beat, he whispered his reply, "Oh, ahem... I was thinking about some crop related issues, nurturing, sowing and reaping..."


"Huh...?" Ji Zhixiu was confused, but then came to a sudden realization and nodded her head earnestly. "I never imagined that you would also be knowledgeable in this aspect. Ordinary people like us can't compare to how learned you are."

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Ah? She seems to have taken it for real... Lin Jie noticed the look on Ji Zhixiu's face and put on a straight face. "No, no. It’s just that I have too much spare time and read lots of books. On top of that, I have a good memory."


At first, Ji Zhixiu had still been nervous about being in such close proximity with Lin Jie. But when she saw that Lin Jie still treated her as before, she felt a little braver and asked in curiosity, "Is this where your knowledge about dancing comes from?"


Lin Jie hesitated for a bit. "Umm... A part of it."


He hadn't specifically learned how to dance before, but he did know basic dance steps.


Because back in the past when he was still a mere academic, Lin Jie had needed to attend some high-end parties to get to know some people in order to progress in his sociology-related folk customs research. To not make a fool of himself, he had learned to dance through self-study and practice.


Having spent three years in his bookstore after transmigrating, he was definitely out of practice.


"Humans are accustomed to using books to record everything, including knowledge and skills," he added on. "It can be said that books carry all the wisdom of a particular race with the role of giving additional chances for people to experience things outside of their own. The more books read, the more wisdom accumulated. At such a level, one would perhaps appear all knowing. The phrase knowledge is power isn't just for show, you know."


So all of you must buy more books! Lin Jie added at heart.

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Ji Zhixiu nodded her head earnestly. Deep down, she wondered if this was how Boss Lin viewed power. However, ordinary people weren't suited to view power this way. "But for us, we also need to consider the limit of how much knowledge an individual can bear..."


Her voice trailed off to a murmur. "Rather, we should say... Indeed, there’s a limit to an individual’s knowledge. Perhaps obtaining the knowledge of a 'race' would be a better option."

She had been thinking about the deeper meaning in Boss Lin's words on that day at the bookstore, when she became the last surviving member of The Great Race of Yith that had gone extinct in the universe.


At first, she felt that she could use the Yith’s power of absolute mind control. This way, no traitor would appear within the people presided over. However, doing so was against her conscience, and she also felt that using it this way was wrong and inefficient.


But now, Boss Lin's words reminded her.


Lin Jie stared at her with some surprise. "Obtaining the knowledge of a 'race' sounds like an interesting idea. Perhaps it can be used in the study of cultural integration. However, humans aren't like ants that have a colony mentality, the so-called hive mind effect. Instead, humans are collective intelligent, with the role of the individual also..."


Ji Zhixiu’s eyes narrowed as a bolt of enlightenment struck her.


That's right, collective!


She could entirely let herself become a race!

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