Chapter 318: He's Left The Bookstore!

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When the first snowflake fell from the sky, Lin Jie had already set up his bookstore.


The invitation mentioned that the large scale banquet would last for a whole three days with food and accommodation all covered by the host Ji Bonong.


Lin Jie had inquired Ji Zhixiu about relevant information about the banquet. Just the guests alone numbered more than a thousand. According to her description, guests included all sorts of notable members of society, and perhaps even powerful figures of Norzin's Central District would make an appearance.


No ordinary feating and accommodations could suffice, so it wasn't too difficult to imagine the extravagance of this banquet. But given that Ji Bonong was the top figure of Rolle Resource Development, such an elaborate approach to a party was totally normal.


Lin Jie felt that he had gotten this invitation based on his own ability (doling out chicken soup) and thus he couldn't let go of this chance to freeload for three whole days.


No, since Miss Jiss had personally delivered the invitation, how could it be considered freeloading?


This was called a fair exchange of payment for non-manual labor.


In any case, this also meant that Lin Jie would be out for an entire three days. During this period, the bookstore still had to remain open and earn money.


Therefore, the daunting task of running the bookstore naturally fell on the shoulders of his able helper, Mu'en.


Having already briefed Mu'en on all the important and relevant bits, Lin Jie was not repeating himself one final time before he got on his way.


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Although it was a somewhat long-winded speech, Lin Jie was heading somewhere far away for the first time since he had transmigrated here three years ago, hence the importance in repeating his reminders...


He didn't have to travel too far when he usually went out to buy daily necessities; the furthest he had gone was the previous time Blackie helped transport him to Wilde's house.

Moreover, it would be three days not in the bookstore this time round, and it was a very strange experience for Lin Jie who had already been cooped up in his store for three years.

“The books on the shelf are classified accordingly. From left to right, philosophy, religion, military, economics, culture, sciences, arts, astronomy…”

The original bookshelf that had the ability to be refreshed with a single thought could only be used by Lin Jie.


Thus, for now, Lin Jie sorted them all into these categories temporarily, putting appropriate books so that it would be easy for Mu’en to find and sell.


Lin Jie usually refreshed the shelf after completely reading each batch. Fortunately, he hadn’t refreshed the books for some time, so Mu’en who often cleaned the bookshelves would find them familiar and know what she was selling.


“If someone is looking to buy, charge the list price, no bargains.


“Don’t accept any bargaining!” Lin Jie emphasized this point. Then pointing to another bookshelf at the side, he droned on, “If someone comes to borrow, take the books from here. 10 dollar deposit per book and a maximum of three loans per person. Make sure to get all of their details… You remember which details are required, right?”


Mu’en nodded. “Yes. Name, ID, address, means of contact.”


“Very good.” Lin Jie nodded approvingly, then exhorted, “If you encounter any problems, make sure to call the police at the first sign of trouble. Although I know that you can fight well, you need to know that there are times when force isn’t the answer and you have got to use your brains to best ensure your safety.”


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Mu’en nodded solemnly, then seemed to think for a moment before tilting her head and asking, “What if it can be resolved by force?”

Lin Jie: "..."


This young comrade’s thought process when it comes to resolving a problem is certainly wacky!

With a straight face, Lin Jie reached out and gave Mu’en a hard rub on her head. “You still have to call the police even if you can resolve it. Better to be safe than to be sorry. If anything happens to you, where am I going to find a second assistant?”


With gleaming eyes, Mu’en asked her boss, “Does that mean I’m a one-of-a-kind assistant?”


Lin Jie was at a loss at Mu'en's ability to focus on the most random of points. Helpless, he sighed and gently patted the top of her head. "Yes, yes, yes. You are one-of-a-kind. Look at how broke I am, I definitely have no means to find another, ah."


Mu'en earnestly nodded. "Indeed."




Lin Jie sighed. You really are the only one in the world able to meet a boss like me that is willing to accept you.


"Well, looks like you are clear on all that you need to do. Oh, right. Remember to feed the cat."


Lin Jie beckoned and Whitey immediately ran over and leaped into his arms.


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After giving it a belly rub, he handed the plump cat over to Mu'en with a scoff. "This fella's getting fatter by the day. I really regret letting it go out to chase the pigeon back then... Maybe he got into a pigeon's house and had his fill."


Mu'en pinched the cat's ears, feigning ignorance.


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She herself had clearly been the one that had run into the enemy's lair then... Was the boss hinting that she had gotten fat recently?

Ever since using the new philosopher's stone to supplement her foundations, Mu'en did find that she seemed to be eating more.


Lin Jie pushed open the bookstore's door and was surprised to find a thin layer of snow already covering the ground. On the road further away, the snow-covered road was littered with many footprints from random pedestrians.


Snowflakes fluttered in the sky and swirled in the wind, ushering the official arrival of winter.


Lin Jie reached out and caught a falling snowflake. Feeling the slight coldness in his palm made the Southerner in him lament, "Haa... This is more like winter..."

Even though he had already been in Norzin for three years, the climate here was warmer. The coldest of the past three years had only brought about a few days of light snow, yet surprisingly, snow had come early this year.


"Perhaps there might be heavy snowfall this year," muttered Lin Jie before turning back to smile at Mu'en. "Now then, I'll be on my way. Look after Whitey and manage the bookstore well while I'm away."

Mu'en nodded with the fat cat in her hands and watched as the all-suited-up Boss Lin headed into the distance and vanished into an alley, leaving behind just a trail of footprints.



Thomas was a member of Secret Rite Tower's Logistics Division. As per usual, he sat by the window in a corner house on the street, leisurely brewing tea and keeping an eye on the mysterious bookstore.

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Ever since the bookstore was flagged up to Secret Rite Tower, a special team was set up within the Logistics Division to observe it.


It was Thomas who was on shift duty today.


He had always thought this to be the most relaxing job because the bookstore owner's schedule couldn't be any more ordinary that Thomas thought the subject was excessively lazy.


The guy doesn't even leave the house!


"Haa... sometimes I can't help wondering whether this ordinary person is really a Supreme-rank."


Thomas took a sip of his tea and routinely cast a glance at the bookstore's entrance.

Then, his jaw dropped as he saw the dark-haired young man was actually dressed in a formal suit, bidding farewell to his young female assistant.

After which... he walked off in a direction he had never gone before!




Thomas spat on his tea and stood up hastily, knocking the table in the process before he scrambled out of the house.

As he ran, he pulled out his communications device and shouted in panic, "Alert! Attention all personnel! Attention!

"He... He's left the bookstore! He's left the bookstore!"

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