Chapter 310: Key

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Bang bang bang! Boom——

Two blurred figures, one black and one scarlet, like light and shadows moving at high speeds, constantly crisscrossing both in the air and on the ground, creating shockwaves each time they collided.

In the blast waves of scattered dust, buildings on the street collapsed, sinking with the broken ground.

Fortunately, this place was occupied by the Corpse Devouring Sect for some time and there weren’t many ordinary residents. Moreover, at the beginning of the battle, Secret Rite Tower’s knights had used the Truth Union’s product of alchemy ‘Dream Creator’ at the beginning of the battle.

Despite the kiddy name, this machine wasn’t actually used to create dreams. On the contrary, it was powered by a philosopher's stone to support a simulated dream domain—an unusual domain at the junction of reality and dream eroded by dream whenever a dream beast descended.

In this way, everything within the battlefield was in a ‘semi-dream’ state. And as long as the Dream Creator was shut off at the end, the reality that was affected to a shallow degree would automatically be restored.

Of course, if the degree of erosion to the real environment was too great or the subject's main consciousness disappeared or died... that subject would never be able to return to their original state.

This was a very dangerous machine.

But thanks to this invention, the knights of Secret Rite Tower could go all out when fighting without worrying too much about all else, just like the exchange between Night Falcon and Vivian on the battlefield.

The two peak Pandemonium-ranks fought each other in full force, creating a terrifying momentum that, in the eyes of the average person, was almost the same as that of Destructive-rank.

Melissa, though retreating gradually, did not leave the battlefield.

Sure enough, it still happened… There was something wrong with that instructor! She was inwardly frightened and gritted her teeth in shock.

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Melissa was certain that the hunter from Corpse Devouring Sect with the codename ‘Night Falcon’ was coming for her directly!

In addition, the giant silver-furred dog that had shown itself vaguely in the space-time fissure was clearly Wilde’s Sky Wolf… In other words, Wilde already knew of her presence and had sent his men over to attack her!

If this mission had really been issued by the Council of Elders, it was impossible that Melissa's status hadn’t been taken into account by them.

Although she had her doubts at the start, Melissa had reckoned that the Council of Elders had already accounted for everything. For example, scouting showed that there were minimal life forces in the hideout, which meant that the issue could be settled fast with a quick retreat without the higher-ups of the Corpse Devouring Sect being alerted.

But now it turned out that the Corpse Devouring Sect's response was not only swift, but Wilde’s immediate subordinates had been dispatched as well.

Those measures that Melissa had expected didn't exist at all.

If that instructor is compromised, then this mission might not even exist at all… It will take some time for the Council of Elders’s response, and even more time will be required for Father who is at the Truth Union to be informed…

Melissa felt a sense of extreme danger and stared nervously at the two streaks flying across the battlefield.

But as she stared at them, Melissa couldn't help but feel a little fascinated as she observed this battle that was close to Destructive-ranks. Small golden runes constantly flickered like data streams in her eyes, naturally slowing down the actions of the two figures that only seemed like streaks in the eyes of ordinary folk as she began to analyze the flow and composition of the aether around them movement by movement.

From surface to the in-depth levels, from appearance to essence.

Melissa had experienced quite a number of actual combats. She grew up in Secret Rite Tower as a ‘second generation officer’ and had a talent in fighting. She was also a quick learner and had great potential, valued and trained from a young age, so she didn’t lack actual combat opportunities.

And now, she had this ability to see through all ‘origin.’

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If she were to practice the powerful fighting skills displayed by the two, Melissa was sure to grasp around seventy to eighty percent.

However, at this moment, she wasn’t focused on that because after seven days of confinement, Melissa had realized that learning all these superficial things would just be getting ahead of herself.

Currently, she possessed the key that could open all doors.

But all these dazzling doors were obscuring her vision. In fact, there was only one door she needed to open.

Those permutations and combinations, constructs and breakdowns, all of it was just executing the same instructions…

The battle in front of her eyes was becoming more intense and heated.

Melissa's expression gradually became blank, and even her concern for Vivian disappeared. Her fingers moved from time to time as if she was grasping or trying to control something.

"Found her! It’s really her! Catch her and we’ll be greatly rewarded!”

A voice sounded from behind Melissa.

Two men in long black robes were watching the young red-haired knight with an avaricious glint in their eyes.

These two were Pandemonium-ranks that had been stationed in this hideout. They used to be black magicians but now had been taken in by the Corpse Devouring Sect.

On the battlefield behind them, a huge monster made up of broken limbs and body parts was fighting many Secret Rite Tower knights at once and holding them back.

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This was the result of their sacrifice to the gods. Instead of increasing their power, they chose to summon a familiar for the purpose of searching for Joseph’s daughter.

Melissa appeared to be stunned, as if frightened by the battle that started suddenly.

The two black-robed men exchanged glances and drew out sacrificial knives from under their robes.


The Truth Union, Machine Loop.

Tip-tap tip-tap

The sound of footsteps echoed through the empty metal corridors.

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A group of knights led by Joseph followed behind Andrew, Vice-Chairman of the Truth Union.

Part of the laboratories that had been destroyed by the detonation of a philosopher’s stone sometime back had been completely repaired. Laboratories on both sides were mostly separated by transparent glass, allowing all sorts of obscure instruments and equipment as well as the busy laboratory staff inside to be seen clearly.

Andrew glanced back at Joseph and casually introduced, "These are our deepmost laboratories where the most advanced projects we have are carried out, such as the Dream Creator we recently supplied to you people."

A scholar in a white coat approaching from the opposite end bowed to Andrew and greeted in a manner of utmost respect, "Chairman!”

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Joseph's eyes trailed this passerby for a moment. This was already the seventh or eighth person they had encountered that had practically treated Andrew as if he were the Truth Union Chairman…

Moreover, something seemed off with the tone of these scholars; hints of fanaticism and reverence, unlike the cold, rational tone that scholars usually had.

This was the sort of fanaticism that could previously only be felt from the members of the Truth Union’s most extreme ‘Truth-seeker’ faction....

Now it had extended to the vast majority of scholars Joseph had seen today.

Joseph met Andrew’s eyes calmly and said, "Is it alright for you to show us the Truth Union’s most confidential information like this?”

He was not very interested in this Vice-Chairman of the Truth Union. Although the latter’s irrational behavior shown toward the bookstore had already been proven to be the workings of a mole, Joseph didn’t have a good impression of this sort of guy who was hypocritical, pretentious, and a so-called ‘gentleman.’

...It somehow reminded him of Wilde.

Andrew returned a casual smile. "The Truth Union and Secret Rite Tower are allies with years of mutual cooperation, so naturally, we have to give you the highest trust. This time, I've invited Sir Indomitable Sacred Flame to help clean up the most secret forbidden area of the Machine Loop.

"In comparison, this so-called top secret is nothing, and I absolutely believe in the character of Secret Rite Tower’s knights."

He then paused before adding with a smirk, “Moreover… You guys won’t be able to understand all these anyway…”

Joseph: "..."

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