Chapter 301: Five Books

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“Mr. Lin, as per the contract, I’ve come to collect the books... Are these the books you’ve prepared for us to distribute?"

Ji Zhixiu’s cautious asking brought Lin Jie back from the book in his hand.

Lin Jie put down the book and looked up to see the familiar Miss Ji pointing at the five books he had placed on the counter beforehand.

She got closer to the books, wanting to feel, but pulled her hand back. Her face had many expressions—excitement, curiosity, and a mixture of awe and caution.

She clearly had a dignified face, like that of royalty, yet Lin Jie found her look of inquisitiveness amusing.

However, he still remained cautious, probably as a form of respect for the books as well as the regard he held for this partnership. Bursting into laughter on the scene wouldn’t look good on him.

With that, Lin Jie stifled his urge to laugh and instead coughed out a reply, “That’s right. I’ve only picked five books as a sample since this is my first time trying out a distributorship as a sales channel. If the results are satisfactory, I will be providing even more books in the future.”

“Even mor—?!”

Ji Zhixiu had almost exclaimed in shock but immediately realized her impropriety. She quickly covered her mouth and suppressed her excitement. Taking a deep breath, she gave a monotonal reply, “Understood. Rolle Resource Development will not disappoint you.”

It appears that Boss Lin has some expectations for this distributorship. He wouldn’t have written five books to sell otherwise.

Five whole books!

Of the two books Ji Zhixiu received before, just Blood and Beast alone was more than enough. That book had already caused her strength and fate to change tremendously.

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With that book, she directly rose from being an ordinary transcendent being to the pivotal leader of a hunter group.

Any one book in this bookstore was more than capable of cultivating extraordinary individuals.

And now, there were five.

Perhaps these mere five books would tip the power balance in Norzin.

But to Rolle Resource Development, this was an immense opportunity!

Because they were the distributors of these five books. In other words, Rolle Resource Development would handpick the people receiving these five books.

This was exactly the scenario that Rolle Resource Development could only dream of in the past!

These five people that could potentially change the tide would first directly interact with their ‘benefactors,’ the two in charge of the distributorship: Ji Zhixiu and Ji Bonong.

This meant that those five would have awe and respect for Rolle Resource Development, or more accurately, the Ji Clan, much like how the Jis revered Boss Lin.

These five would revere Ji Zhixiu and Ji Bonong the same way the Jis viewed Boss Lin... If these five books were given to Rolle Resource Development personnel...

But it was because Boss Lin viewed this with importance that Ji Zhixiu started to feel the pressure on her shoulders and a nagging worry in her heart. Those stray thoughts that popped up disappeared as fleeting as they had come.

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That kind, smiling face of Boss Lin in front of her and the looming shadow behind him seemed like it was constantly reminding her.

Certain thoughts that shouldn’t exist should stay that way.

She wasn't just carrying the future of Rolle Resource Development on her back but the hard-earned trust of Boss Lin as well.

If she were to mess things up, the outcome on both sides would be devastating.

Actually, she was just referring to Boss Lin. For Rolle Resource Development, the most that might happen would only be soured relationships.

Lin Jie blinked, staring blankly at the face in front of him that was continuously showing a whole array of expressions. It was almost as if he was engaging in a complex psychic battle with Young Miss Ji.

And despite Boss Lin's vast experience of reading people, he was still unable to fully understand the inner thoughts of the other party.

He was indeed able to vaguely see that Ji Zhixiu had firstly been excited from this distributor agreement... Then, she seemed to be imagining some things before eventually waking up from her daydream.

Lin Jie could actually understand where she was coming from. Incongruous thoughts like these were commonplace if one was the successor of a large business empire.

Presented to her was an opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to make her influential and perhaps even reach the level of her father.

As such, her range of contrasting expressions wasn't out of place at all.

Still, when he thought about it, it was only distributing five books and there wasn't a need for such convoluted imagination.

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Even if these books were never seen before and became best sellers, they were... nothing compared to the monopoly that Rolle Resource Development had.

Regardless of how good the sales of these books were, it would be nothing more than pocket change to them.

But the extreme swings in her expressions meant that there might actually be another situation that arose.

Perhaps like taking advantage of the opportunity to gain something she shouldn't.

Women are really difficult...

With a shake of his head, Lin Jie spread out the five books on the counter.

The Count of Monte CristoPride and PrejudiceThe Old Man and the SeaWater Margin, and One Thousand Classic Homedishes (The Complete Colored 365 Days Edition) were the five books he had prepared just a few days before.

“As this is a test run of the distributorship, I’ve specially picked out books from different fields and genres that can appeal to everyone. For example, this book would be more suited for women.”

Ji Zhixiu saw Boss Lin holding up a copy of Original Sin & Inner Demons.

“Although men can also read this book, I still deem the contents easier for women to understand. Hence they should be the prime target audience.”

Ji Zhixiu hurriedly noted it down, nodded before continuing to look at Lin Jin. "Mhm, got it.”

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Lin Jie then picked up another book with the title, R’lyeh Text. “This one is more in-depth, like an iceberg. What lies above is only the tip, a thousandth of what it actually is. And beneath the sea lies an enormous body that needs to be excavated.

"Therefore, it should be sophisticated people that should be targeted. Um, I recall that the Truth Union is full of scholars. Selling to them would be a good choice.”

Ji Zhixiu's heart skipped a beat.

The Truth Union seems to have offended Boss Lin before... I can't help but have an ominous foreboding.


“As for these two, the former would be suited for the masses and should be very well-received. After all, revenge is an age-old trope that never changes. Art mirrors life, and supply comes only with demands.” Boss Lin had a nefarious grin as he pointed at Vengeful Spirit.

"And the latter..." chuckled Lin Jie as he picked up Book of Destinies. "I'm just messing around with this one. Because a person who can truly understand this book practically doesn't exist here. Just treat it as twisted joy on my part. I would be beyond elated if someone interested in it truly exists."

As Ji Zhixiu gazed at the book, it was as if a fraction in time had seemingly vanished, leaving behind a dark spiraling void. Within the void was an endless universe of starry skies, and an enormous hand was tossing the stars to make them turn. All of it looked rather discolored.

The illusion vanished all of sudden, leaving Ji Zhixiu heaving her chest, evidently still in shock.

She then saw Boss Lin pick up the last book.

The title was—Blood Sacrifice.

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