Chapter 298: The Hand Reaching Out From The Shadows

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Before this moment, Sandalphon had never encountered an enemy that could wield two Laws. Right now, she no longer had any intention from moments ago to contact and unite the other angels who wanted to destroy the bookstore owner.

For some reason, this young girl who rode the moonlight didn’t give off the aura of a Supreme-rank, yet she was still able to fully wield the fundamentals of a ‘Law.’ Simply put, this being who demonstrated Supreme-rank prowess could still be considered a Destructive-rank.

This had far surpassed Sandalphon’s extent of knowledge; it was basically a paradox of its own!

The enemy had actually possessed two types of Law.

So, why had she yet to achieve Supreme-rank?

Sandalphon was utterly perplexed. All she could do was chalk this up as the enemy having an illusory skill that could deceive even a Supreme-rank.

With that, the potential power of the enemy had risen once again.

“Why would a Supreme-rank with this ability be working side by side with that bookstore? Even the closest of Supreme-ranks would usually have great difficulty working together.”

Due to her many years upholding the communications in the Path of the Flaming Sword, it could be said that Sandalphon had a rather deep understanding of this fact.

Every Supreme-rank had their own exceptional pride. After all, it was difficult to feel self-important and arrogant when one had reached the ultimate stage in a certain field as well as being capable of controlling the ‘Laws’ of the world.

Cooperation meant more than just confrontation. Sometimes, it also meant to follow another’s instructions. When this happened, a fight might break out—no, a fight would break out.

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This would mainly be caused by the individual pride of Supreme-ranks; they never changed their minds easily once it was made up. And when opinions clashed, there would be no possibility of unity.

This was also the reason why the Path of the Flaming Sword remained so scattered even though it had existed for such a long time.

Now, not only were the adversaries working together, it almost seemed like they had a master-servant relationship!

How ridiculous!

How could a Supreme-rank be the servant of another Supreme-rank?!

Sandalphon skimmed through the memories of her minions.

Her main body had only just awakened from her slumber, hence her memory wasn’t whole. She could only respond to Michael’s request and contact the other Angels on his behalf: by sending a message regarding a team up to discuss countermeasures.

After absorbing all relevant memories regarding this so-called Mu’en and the bookstore, she was rather surprised to discover that she had seen Mu’en’s face a year ago, in a lab by personnel from the Truth Union under her control.

Moreover, she was labeled as a homunculus?!

Sandalphon’s back arched involuntarily as a chill shot up to her head, causing her vertebra to wriggle and bulge under her skin like a centipede.

Her heart had felt indescribable horrors, so much that her mind went blank and no coherent thought could be formed.

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Despite Sandalphon being around for many ages, this was an event that utterly stumped the ‘Spider God’ that ruled the dark elves and the shadow realm.

If Mu’en was indeed an homunculus, it would mean that she had only been ‘birthed’ into this world for only a year.

She was different from the bookstore owner who had simply materialized out of nowhere.

Instead, her origins were still traceable. All physical data regarding her had been recorded in the Truth Union laboratory where she was made up till her eventual disappearance.

Other than being made with a philosopher's stone to give rise to a high degree of aetheric compatibility, the laboratory didn’t do anything else to raise innate ability before her escape.

“Which means to say, she didn’t absorb any aether whatsoever before she left the laboratory. She was just an ordinary and bona fide homunculus with slightly stronger physical capabilities than an ordinary person.”

Unable to comprehend it herself, Sandalphon felt herself trembling as she grabbed both sides of her head and chuckled. “Heh, how is this possible?

“If this truly was the case, that would mean in just a few years—no, not years. Subtracting the years she spent in the lab, she went from an ordinary homunculus with some flaws to a Supreme-rank wielding two types of ‘Law’ in just four months?

“How can this be! How is it possible!”

Sandalphon’s head shook violently as the spider eyes lined all over her body kept blinking, squirming about and even bursting. Her heart was trembling with rage; this should be completely impossible. In fact, this was tipping the scales of the laws of the World.

Becoming a Supreme-rank without putting in thousands of years of effort was basically a pipe dream. This was downright stomping on the achievements of Supreme-ranks. Ridiculous, four ridiculous months. What can one do in four months? In your dreams!

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Or rather, instead of dreams, this was Sandalphon’s nightmare.

Sandalphon suddenly froze up.

An even more horrifying thought popped up.

Mu’en had been an unremarkable homunculus in the lab yet had suddenly become a Supreme-rank in four months. During this entire process, the only factor that changed and the only outlier was her becoming the bookstore’s assistant.

The young bookstore owner’s warm smile suddenly flashed across her mind.

“It’s him!”

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Sandalphon had a sudden realization; she had made a fatal mistake in her previous judgment.

The bookstore owner was the mastermind behind all of this. His power level was at an unimaginable level; equal, if not greater than a Primordial Witch’s.

And within the scene she saw in the void, the battle was already over.

The projection of the crown of the moon transmuted into a hazy halo, immobilizing the struggling doppelganger. In the blink of an eye, the halo tightened and with an absolute cutting edge, sliced the clone in half.

And by the time the bright light subsided, the young girl had already vanished.

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There’s still time. I can still make it if I recall the letters now!

Sandalphon disregarded the tumultuous injuries she had sustained from the faithful death of her doppleganger. Muttering to herself, she began pulling at the silk, preparing to unsend the letters.

Stopping herself, Sandalphon shook her head. “No this is too urgent. I need to attend to this personally, face to face. Otherwise, the few of them would not take this seriously.”

Sandalphon’s half human and half arachnid form seemingly dissolved into a dark form and assimilated into the shadow below her body.

As the ruler of the shadow realm, the fastest way to travel was naturally to jump into the shadow realm and traverse.

The humongous abdomen of the Spider God seemed to dissolve into a blackish puddle on the ground. Within this deep cavern, only cobwebs remained in the sullen emptiness.

Moments later, the black puddle seemed to bubble as a slender hand with skin as delicate as a black pearl reached out from it, desperately trying to grab hold of the surrounding rock walls, even ignoring the damage done to its sharp nails.

As if it was fleeing for its life.

However, in the shadows below, countless tentacles entangled and swirled as they chased after, forming another shadowy hand.

It was the hand of a man.

The hand clasped Sandalphon’s struggling hand, fingers interlocking. Like a couple holding hands, the shadow hand squeezed Sandalphon’s hand into a bloody pulp as it pulled her back into the shadows.

Sandalphon had made a huge and fatal mistake. She only noticed Mu’en using Source Death to kill Cleveland as well as Wallis and Pasha being mauled by Whitey. However, she had failed to notice Louie, who was swallowed by the shadows.

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