Chapter 297: Godly Domain

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“How could there be a Law of this level?!”

Sandalphon was in disbelief as she tugged the taut silk strands while planting her eight legs into the surrounding rock. A fleshy growth emerged on her large abdomen and two massive eyelids split apart, revealing a vicious and blood-red spider eye.

Crimson markings were vaguely forming upon her flawless black pearl-like face.

The cavern collapsed entirely with a rumble; all the groveling dark elves were buried alive.

A vast amount of aether began gushing in, condensing into the shape of a cross on the eye of Sandalphon’s abdomen. Attempting to dispel this invisible yet rapidly spreading force of Law, she activated her own power.

As previously mentioned, the biggest difference between a Supreme-rank and a Destructive-rank rested in the ability to interact and manipulate ‘Laws.’

Still, there was a distinction between superior and inferior Laws, as well as different levels of interactions. This was how the gap between Supreme-ranks could potentially be larger than the one between Supreme-ranks and Destructive-ranks.

After all, there were indeed certain Laws which offered no combat advantage. Supreme-ranks who mastered them could simply be labeled as opportunistic and were nothing compared to the real deal.

For example, the Supreme-rank dream creature ‘Rain God’ that was previously summoned by White Wolf would merely be an inferior knock-off among Supreme-ranks.

While there weren’t many Supreme-ranks present in Norzin, nobody knew how many Supreme-ranks existed in the dream realm.

After all, rank was but a human construct, and none who existed in the dream realm were human.

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The truth was all the more depressing. It was common knowledge that the vast amount of Supreme-ranks within the dream realm far outnumbered the ones in Norzin. Fortunately, Norzin wasn’t much of a goldmine; otherwise, the people here would need to surround themselves with three walls to quell the terrors of the dream realm.

If not for the Wall of Fog, the whole of Norzin would’ve long ceased to exist.

Anyway, even if Candela’s ancient soul hadn’t appeared, the Truth Union’s Aether Annihilation Cannon could have nullified the Rain God’s combat prowess. With a follow-up of Destructive-ranks combatants, the entire incident would have been dealt with ‘perfectly.’

What about the deaths of civilians and the destruction of property?

Apologies, that was all the fault of floods and factory explosions.

Returning to the topic, the power possessed by the Rain God was indeed the domain law of ‘Rain,’ a combination of two inferior elemental Laws: ‘Water’ and ‘Lightning.’ It could only exercise direct command over the elements but was unable to ascend it to a higher concept, which was a sign of ineptness.

If the Rain God did manage to manipulate a higher concept of Law, ‘Rain’ would no longer be ‘Water’ and ‘Lightning.’

Instead, it would be ‘cycle’ and ‘conversion.’ And a further level upgrade would yield ‘eternity.’

There wasn’t much for a comparison between these three, and the gap between them represented the level of difference between Supreme-ranks.

Foundation, Origin, Law.

These were the three distinct levels of a Supreme-rank. Strictly speaking, only when the third level was attained could one be called a Supreme-rank.

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Using Mu’en’s ability, ‘Source Death,’ as an example, the Foundation was ‘Killing,’ the Origin, ‘Death,’ and its Law ‘Cause and Effect.’

Since she had inherited the position as the Moon, she naturally wielded all of the power mentioned above. All she needed was to spend time practicing to control them.

Other Supreme-ranks, on the other hand, had to figure it out themselves.

‘Spider God’ Sandalphon’s Foundation was ‘Weaving.’ Upon its sublimation to Origin, it became ‘Connection,’ encompassing ‘Attachment’ and ‘Severance.’

As for her Law of ‘Fate,’ Sandalphon was barely able to touch upon it.

Currently, she wanted to utilize ‘Connection’ to ‘sever’ the enemy’s ‘Cause and Effect.’

The void, connected by spider silk, was linked to the location of countless shadow bugs. It displayed the current situation—a total of 3,722 shadow bugs.

Akin to a draft putting out lighted candles, everything connected to Cleveland was blown away into dust by the intangible Law the moment he disintegrated into the moonlight. The sequence of this disintegration had progressed to the level of connection they had with Cleveland.

Although Sandalphon was surprised by the level of Law shown by the enemy, as a veteran Supreme-rank, she was keenly aware of the enemy’s inexperience with this mere contact.

Simply put, the opponent was like a child equipped with a hand-held howitzer.

The weapon’s firepower might be impressive, but the wielder was struggling to even carry it.

Although a cannon’s destructive power on its own was so devastating it could take out a field of people even without proper aim, an adult with a handgun could probably still dish out similar damage.

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“Dammit! I could only save a third of them!”

Sandalphon’s face was filled with incessant rage; a tenth of the surrounding silk had lost its glossy white sheen. Like withering vines, they began to either burn up or shrivel, drooping or snapping as a result.

Those were the exact shadow bugs she had under her control.

At the same time, these were the best tools that the Path of the Flaming Sword utilized. And now, more than half of them were erased!

To make things worse, there were members of the Path of the Flaming Sword experiencing accidents of varying severity and losing their lives.

Enraged, Sandalphon stomped all eight of her legs in a seething frenzy. She could finally clearly make out the entity that had wiped out a tenth of her ‘Connection.’

“Impossible! A Destructive-rank?! How did a Destructive-rank manage to pick up the power of Law, and it is ‘Cause and Effect’?!”

Sandalphon ‘saw’ the image in the void: a young girl devoid of expression shrouded in the moonlight. Like the soft glow of the moonlight, she had instantaneously appeared beside Sandalphon’s largest doppelgänger.

However, what arrived was a streaking spear made of condensed moonlight.

This razor-sharp moonlight spear traversed thousands of miles with unstoppable force and shot straight into the wide frame of the doppelgänger, simultaneously piercing the eyes on both the human and arachnid portions of the body.

In doing so, the spear chained the shrieking doppelgänger in an eerily elegant crescent. Right after, the moonlight bloomed into a ring, imprisoning the huge doppelgänger in place.

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All this occurred in a flash, so much that Sandalphon had only activated her power of Law a mere split second ago.

This was the speed of ‘moonlight.’

Ability: [Coronal Projection].

Sandalphon’s gaze was fixed on the spear. She once again felt the aura of a Law!

“How… how is this possible? Two types of Law?!”

She had spent countless times utilizing the Law of ‘Fate’ to synthesize a doppelgänger puppet. Based on the concept, it was equivalent to another version of her, with a power level similar to when she had first gained ‘Weaving.’

And now, the doppelgänger had been impaled before even detecting the actual enemy.

What if it had occurred to her actual body? Sandalphon now felt somewhat frightened.

All that she thought she had ever known was subverted, making her feel as if she was an ignorant person living under a rock.

However, an even more crucial question popped into Sandalphon’s mind.

Who is she?

Indeed, who exactly was this young girl whose appearance had wiped out a tenth of her connections and even destroyed Sandalphon’s doppelgänger?

Sandalphon dared not use her ability to directly investigate. All she could do was extract the memory from her doppelgänger. Is-Isn’t this the bookstore owner’s assistant?!!!

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