Chapter 296: Broodmother

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Sandalphon’s confidence wasn’t without basis.

There were 10 founding members of the Path of the Flaming Sword. Among them were elemental sages from ancient times, powerful magicians, and wise scholars that had led the age of humans to flourish. There was also the founder of the church that had controlled Norzin for thousands of years, right from the beginning of the Third Era.

Every one of them was a Supreme-rank of unrivaled strength.

Those like Gabriel were considered juniors; inferior in every aspect. Still, he was quite useful by establishing the Church of the Dome in the name of the Moon within Norzin.

The Path of the Flaming Sword’s rapid growth in Norzin was in part due to the Church of the Dome.

And now it was them who influenced all of Norzin, either official or from the shadows. The powerful organization known as the Path of the Flaming Sword was like a spiderweb, covering and controlling all that was within.

"But because the founders were so powerful and proud, they were still rather scattered even if led by Michael. Despite infiltrating almost all existing organizations, they remained separate and followed different masters.

“Though we might have been overconfident, the flow of intelligence could still be maintained smoothly. But ever since the combined destruction of Gabriel and the Church of the Dome, our greatest information hub was lost, resulting in us only being able to rely on the Truth Union and those shadow bugs.

“Even so, it all fell apart. The Church of the Dome was akin to the eyes of the Path of the Flaming Sword. While they were but worthless pawns, we can no longer rely on our individual strengths alone, especially if there’s that new enemy.”

Sandalphon’s worry wasn’t about the strength of the enemy but rather the internal disorganization within the Path of the Flaming Sword.

While there were some die-hard fanatics within this somewhat lax organization, their loyalties lay with the specific angels they followed. In fact, quite a few mid-ranking members had no clue that there were a total of 10 founding members of the organization.

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Now that a large part of their internal connections had been cut, the disarray only continued to grow.

In truth, when the Sun’s Faith was first established, the organization’s original plan was to send in undercover agents for infiltration and replace the members within in a bid to gain a hold of this new religion.

However, the Sun’s Faith had an unknown way of identifying these moles, resulting in them being quickly apprehended and sent to the Secret Rite Tower. The Path of the Flaming Sword could barely collect any internal intelligence this way.

Moreover, according to recent investigations, the Sun’s Faith was seemingly connected to Walpurgis, the witch that controlled the night.

This meant that there was a possibility of the Primordial Witches returning!

This was the greatest threat to the Path of the Flaming Sword.

Yet, at the same time, it was also their greatest opportunity!

Compared to the bookstore that had suddenly popped up, the Primordial Witches were still the strongest existences. After all, according to the legends, the entire world was created by them.

Being able to enter the dream realm and return to the real world again pretty much cemented their ability to freely traverse the dream realm or perhaps create a portal to do so.

The Path of the Flaming Sword wanted to either steal that power for their own or open that portal completely.

“Michael’s letter really came at the nick of time. It’s finally time for the Path of the Flaming Sword to become a united and cohesive organization. Only then will our combined wishes come true.”

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Sandalphon assessed the complete piece of the letter in her hand as her eyes twinkled with satisfaction.

“And I shall be the messenger of this grand announcement. I believe the news shall move their hearts, and they will temporarily put their differences aside and accomplish a feat that has never been fulfilled for thousands of years.”

Ever since the creation of the Path of the Flaming Sword, Sandalphon had been in charge of maintaining the internal balance of the organization.

At least before the Church of the Dome’s emergence, she and her underlings were the main contributing factor. Her work was very important, covering the ins and outs of every personnel as well as the flow of information.

“Hehe, just you wait, we will be unstoppable once we arrive. He’s merely Supreme-rank, and if he’s a true god, so what? The Path of the Flaming Sword has killed their fair share of Supreme-ranks in the past, what’s one more?”

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Sandalphon stretched out her dark, slender fingers. A charming yet menacing grin rested on her face that was flawless like a black pearl. Using her sharp and darkened nails, she twisted the loose thread of a dish cloth beside her.

Tiny spiders immediately came scuttling over, hauling away the letters she had finished writing.

Admiring the spiders with doting eyes, she reached out an arm to pet their bristles. She proceeded to stretch wearily before habitually taking two steps forward.

A loud echo resounded throughout the entire underground cave. Sandalphon’s enormous lower ‘body,’ which was covered with spider silk and rocks, shifted the entire nest. This resulted in numerous cracks forming on the surrounding rock walls.

Sandalphon surveyed the clutter in her nest and cupped her mouth. “Oops, looks like I haven’t moved around for quite a while.”

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She began to flex the joints of all her eight legs and continued forward, stepping off the platform she was originally on.


Sandalphon had completely detached herself from the rocks and stone, revealing a rather sizable abdomen.

Her upper body was that of a naked and voluptuous female, whereas her lower half was that of a hideous arachnid.

The entire cave began to quake, and shortly after, a few ‘tiny people’ with dark skin and silver hair emerged from the holes of the rock walls.

They knelt to the ground and cried out in some elven speech: some were bawling their eyes out while others danced with glee, all of them seemingly in a frenzied craze.

These ‘tiny people’ were indeed dark elves that were cast aside by the world.

And compared to Sandalphon, their bodies were truly miniature. As she stood at the seemingly bottomless cave, the former appeared like an unscalable mountain.

The angel with the codename ‘Sandalphon’ was indeed the “Spider God” that the dark elves worshiped. An existence otherwise known as the ‘broodmother.’

A mythical creature that had existed since the beginning, long before the elves came into existence.

Her level was near equal to the Giant King.

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“Speaking of which, where are the little puppets I’ve sent to scout the bookstore? There should be news by now.”

Sandalphon paid no attention to the groveling dark elves and instead tapped her chin with her fingers.

Currently, there weren’t many in the outside world who knew about Sandalphon’s apparent birth in the shadow realm as a shadow creature. Those created shadow bugs could partially be considered her slaves, and she could easily change their will with minimal effort.

However, as she was about to tug the threads to gauge the situation, her face darkened drastically.

She could perceive that the shadow bugs had started to disintegrate uncontrollably!

Not one, not ten, but all of them!

“What’s going on?! Who’s behind this?!”

Sandalphon’s expression was one of absolute disgust. Without any hesitation, she immediately placed her hands on the silk threads and began her intervention.

Just as she connected with one of the shadow bugs, her expression contorted with malevolence.

“How is this possible?! Cause and effect, the power of Law!!”

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