Chapter 295: Mu’en Now Understood

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Mu’en reached out her hand and collected the moonlight that had once been Cleveland.

From her palm, a faint crescent moon appeared wrapped in fog, absorbing all of the light. This made the illusory outline of the moon seem partially more solid, as well as expanding the surface area of the moon.

In just an instant, Cleveland, from his very core, was completely erased from existence without so much as a squeak.

[Source Death] was indeed one of the seven abilities which were rightfully returned to the Moon. It was also the most powerful amongst the seven.

In the hands of apostle Buck from the Church of the Dome, this powerful ability had barely been utilized to a tenth of its true potential. In fact, it was even used by him as a form of “Heresy Trial”; to be used only on the non-believers of the Church of the Dome. It was also only to be used to wipe out human lives, and hence its extent of effectiveness was greatly decreased.

To Mu’en, Buck’s moniker of 'Dead Kingdom' was in fact a blatant insult to this ability.

But ever since Mu’en regained the ability, it had once again been returned to its original source, restoring it back to the level it should have.

As the moonlight poured and drifted, a formless wave emanated from the moon within Mu’en’s palm. Assisted by the void, all relevant information regarding the individual ‘Cleveland’ was obliterated.

His life was taken first, followed by any items or traces that could be linked back to him. Examples included the runic sigil formation he had been about to activate, as well as the elixirs and modified humans he had participated in creating. Lastly, his existence, which was acknowledged by other existing entities, was also severed, all done by distorting principles and laws.

However, Mu’en's current power wasn't strong enough as of now, and thus, the ability could only reach the second tier.

The rune sigil array in the surroundings also instantly dissolved into formless moonlight.

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If the day came when she could master the final third tier of this ability, it would be the time that marked her ascension to a true Supreme-rank.


The monster of flesh, blood, and writhing tentacles let out a shrill cat's purr as it swallowed the last of a leg. Its gigantic eye wriggled slightly and gazed upward to see a familiar individual.

To this descendant of the pseudo-god that had once stolen the power of the Moon, Mu’en was a true Moon Goddess, having an aura it was all too familiar with: gentle and dignified, just like she was its ‘Mother.’

Although that unperceivable man was much scarier, this mother-like superior also deserved her rightful awe and respect.


As such, despite having no idea about what had unfolded, Whitey still subconsciously let out a teasing purr as it proceeded to tumble forward to face Mu’en.

As a cat, there were times whereby its bloated body shape prevented it from flipping over, and Whitey would always end up stuck midway. But now, when returned to its original form, Whitey could still utilize its tentacles to aid this endeavour. It could now push itself, regardless of its size!


This enormous meatball of a creature proceeded to roll toward Mu’en, flattening buildings and cracking the ground in the process.

Finally, it revealed its ‘belly’ while its eyes sparkled with an innate desire to be petted.

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From Whitey’s point of view, it thought itself extremely adorable to the rest of the world. Yet, in the eyes of ordinary people, it was the aftermath of a rather ominous and destructive scene. The humongous eyeball set upon a wicked and cruel gaze, suggestive of the monster’s desire to consume people.

Mu’en descended and sighed as she observed the jovial image Whitey was displaying. She reached out her hand and patted the white banded tentacles of Whitey. There was only one thought on her mind right now.

The boss was right, the world is indeed an unsafe place to an innocent pet like Whitey.

There’s always some bad people eyeing Whitey, waiting to kidnap and do cruel things to it.

That’s why the boss sent me.

Mu’en now understood the boss’ intentions.

Whitey was greedy and reckless, whereas the enemy was always scheming in the shadows, waiting for the right opportunity. If Mu’en hadn’t made it in time, Whitey would have already been nabbed.

The Boss really treated his pet with care. On one hand, he was unable to resist Whitey’s cuteness attack and allowed it to wander off for an extra meal. But at the same time, he also took this opportunity as a means to rid of any intruders with bad intentions toward the bookstore.

On the other hand, he had been worried for Whitey’s safety, and hence got Mu’en to follow after, just in case it really got caught.

However, the enemies today aren’t ordinary.

Mu’en gazed into the distance.

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Though I still have yet to fully master Walpurgis’ dream realm to inherit her power, recovering the Moon’s authority has allowed my body to transform, allowing me to be a Supreme-rank.

But since I was originally a homunculus, my previous vessel was already defective from the start. If I truly want to be a Supreme-rank, I would first need to fix this defect.

Even so, I am still technically a Supreme-rank, yet I failed to notice the ambush until the Boss mentioned it.

It appears the enemy is a true Supreme-rank, different from Rodney who was forcefully accelerated by someone as well as the pseudo-god that was naturally inferior as its power came from stolen authority.

Mu’en’s eyes gradually cleared. She pointed the moonlight within the palm in a certain direction, and it transformed into a spear of light that shot out and streaked across the sky like a shooting star in the direction of the mastermind of this ambush.

She now understood what her boss truly meant. She required real battle to hone her rapidly progressing powers.

At the same time, she was going to take revenge against those who dared to lay a hand on the bookstore’s beloved pet and rid of the problem at its root.


Today was destined to be an extraordinary day for members of the Path of the Flaming Sword.

This was a moment that would induce them with an unforgettable fear that would remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Cleveland’s colleagues were the first to sense something was wrong. From the researchers who worked on the biomodification and elixirs to the magicians who researched sigils with him—every single trace of Cleveland was erased.

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Every product of the experiments Cleveland had conducted or participated in disintegrated at that very moment.

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

Shadow assassins on assignment were simultaneously rejected by the shadow realm. Following that, the shadow creatures fused within their bodies had a complete separation. A powerful yet unseen force vigorously pulled apart the two different organisms fused as one. The result was for every cell in their body to lyse, causing the affected beings to implode and turn into a slurry of blood.

This scenario proceeded to occur in nearly two-thirds of all shadow assassins.

Stalkers who were sneering in anticipation for their poison to take effect could no longer do so; magicians preparing to activate sigils they had drawn forgot what they were.

Following the deaths of many members, the operations of the Path of the Flaming Sword were exposed. Any ongoing plans that had yet to be exposed were put on hold as the entire organization plunged into chaos.


Sandalphon was writing a letter.

She wanted to convey Michael’s will to the other angels. She wanted the rest of the angels to unite and come with a plan to deal with the bookstore owner that had abruptly emerged.

Sandalphon’s pen slid carelessly over the paper. Truth be told, she didn’t think this was a good idea.

Because if all ten of them—wait, no, nine of them were to band together, who could possibly stand against them?

This rhetorical question would end up being the anticlimactic ending of this operation.

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