Chapter 291: The World Today Isn’t Safe

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What am I doing? Running for my life, of course!

Louie is already as dead as a doornail. I have no time to entertain your meaningless questions! Don’t block my way!

—That was what Wallis really wanted to say.

But the other party had a higher rank in the Path of the Flaming Sword and was also much stronger.

Wallis wouldn’t have to run for his life anymore if he said all that upfront… Because he would be buried on the spot.

Thus, he could only hold his words and revert back to his original form and landed in a corner.

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He took extra care when descending, fearfully avoiding the spots with shadows and deliberately standing in full sunlight.

Evidently, the scene from before had traumatized him.

Being completely exposed under the sunlight like this was very uncomfortable for Wallis, who had always lived in the darkness as a wanted criminal till now.

However, compared to his personal safety, this discomfort was nothing much at all.

He didn’t want to end up just like Louie, who had slipped into the shadows and died a very strange and unnatural death…

However, even if it was like this now, the foreboding sense of dread that Wallis felt was getting stronger by the minute which was something he just couldn’t understand.

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He had clearly fled that terrifying bookstore using his fastest possible methods and hadn’t come into contact with any shadows, so why didn’t he feel the least bit safe at all?

It must be because I haven’t gotten far enough, damn it! All because this person suddenly cut in and blocked the way. I’ve to deal with her quickly, otherwise things will get much worse!

Wallis thought about it and chose to speak. “Reporting, Madam Pasha. Our target brought the book into the 'bookstore' and most likely got the protection of the ‘owner.’ I’m afraid that the mission difficulty has to be re-evaluated. I could only retreat temporarily, but Sir Louie… He’s already dead.”

From the shadows came an extremely shocked voice. “He’s dead?”

The pitch-black shadow transformed into a woman in the same tight, black outfit that Louie wore. She took two steps forward, her incredulous gaze tinged with a chilling anger.

“Bookstore? What are you talking about? He is just a mortal! Other than a Supreme-rank, no one can kill a shadow assassin in the shadows! Unless Louie didn’t enter his stealth mode and engaged the opponent head on, a fight isn’t something that he can’t handle.

“And… if he’s dead, why are you still alive?”

Pasha was menacing as she advanced, as if she was suspecting Wallis of lying or simply defecting.

“Because that guy is also a Supreme-rank at the very least!”

At first, Wallis felt somewhat crushed by Pasha's ‘incessant badgering’ but then came to the realization that she didn’t understand which ‘bookstore’ he was referring to. She had assumed that he had been talking about Theodore’s secondhand bookstore!

“No! No! It’s ‘that bookstore’! The one that had no name!”

Wallis explained incoherently, but at this point, he felt something severely off. Information about that bookstore was said to be sealed off and other powers might not know about it.

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However, there was no reason why the Path of the Flaming Sword didn’t know…

Why didn’t the organization just tell us that Theodore had moved near that bookstore and there was a possibility of coming in contact with that frightening being?

How could they just send a bunch that can’t even fight head-on against a Destructive-rank to just die?

But time was of the essence, and Wallis’ only thought right now was to escape quickly and not dwell on it.

These thoughts he had were fleeting, but Wallis threw them to the back of his mind in an instant.

"And the enemy had a special means of dealing with umbra creatures and already knew for quite some time that we would be taking action today. There was already an ambush set up, so when Sir Louie entered, he was caught unawares by a trap. I saw him being swallowed by the shadow with my own eyes!

"The opponent must have the ability to harness the power of umbra creatures. Madam Pasha, let's leave… No, let’s run! It will be too late if we don’t go now!"

Wallis was already breaking out in cold sweat as he said this as he hurriedly took a few steps backward for fear of accidentally coming into contact with Pasha’s body.

These shadow assassins that had been transformed into umbra creatures were now, in his opinion, no different from a walking bomb.

If that scary being unleashed the same ability and directly took out Pasha, Wallis didn’t want to be buried alongside her as well!

Pasha’s livid look lightened up for a bit. She vaguely sensed that something was amiss too.

The anxious and panicked look of Wallis wasn’t fake, but he did not seem to be just in fear of someone catching up but more afraid of herself…

A means of harnessing umbra creatures?

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No, this could also be an excuse. There could be another reason for this fear… A guilty conscience.

Pasha was still judging the truth of Wallis' words because she couldn’t believe that Louie would die…

She weighed her options and said coldly, "Nevermind, I’ll believe you, for now. Let’s leave—”


A soft purr interrupted Pasha abruptly.


Wallis had only just exhaled and he suddenly choked. His heart pounded madly as he turned his head stiffly to see a chubby white cat strolling over from the intersection.

The way this cat walked was adorable; its innocent yet cute face made it seem like just a passing kitty.

Pasha had merely raised her eyebrows, but beside her, Wallis was already in full panic and turning to run.

That was the cat he caught a glimpse of in the bookstore, the one cradled in the arms of the bookstore owner!

It had chased after him!

As if he had seen an evil spirit, Wallis' face twisted with fear as he exclaimed, “No, don’t!”

Pasha was alerted and immediately drew out the two black blades strapped to her back and unsheathed the dozens of daggers on the leather harness at the same time. Without a moment’s hesitation, they shot toward the cat, carrying the power and poison of the shadows, cutting a beautiful arc in the air.

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Swoosh swoosh swoosh—

Pasha uttered an incantation, activating the technique etched to those daggers.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye, and Pasha’s reaction speed was undoubtedly worthy of a shadow assassin.

Any ordinary Destructive-rank here would surely have to pay some attention to deal with this move and would be delayed for some time.

Unfortunately, she was facing an embryonic form that had once stolen the power of a false god.

The daggers hit true and plunged into the body of that white cat, and the dozens of blades sucked to the surface made it seem like a hedgehog.

However, no blood was drawn.

The white cat's form was cut by the daggers, turning it into a strange shape. But then, it opened its mouth, revealing countless tentacles and eyes writhing inside before the whole radial burst out, expanding several hundred times over, flattening all constructs in the surroundings and turning the entire area into a huge ‘lair’ that covered all.


It opened its huge inner eye and smiled wryly at the two prey before letting out a soft, strange purr.


"Um, Mu’en, Whitey went outside to play and try to catch a pigeon. Go look after White later on and don’t let it run far. Be careful, lest it be abducted by someone.”

After seeing Theodore out, Lin Jie called out to his assistant with a sigh. “The world today isn’t safe.”

The young lady glanced at him and gave an expressionless nod.

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