Chapter 290: It’s Impossible For The Pigeon To Be Here

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Lin Jie stroked his chin as he watched the pigeon flying away. That pigeon does seem rather fat, doesn't it?

No wonder Whitey is still so restless even though Mu’en has been feeding it cat food every day. Looks like the food at home can’t compare to outside food. What a greedy cat.

It’s in a cat’s nature to catch birds. After all, playing with the cat teaser is a similar act… Mhmm, that makes sense.

Lin Jie's eyes fell on the cat teaser stick that he had just placed aside.

It’s all my fault. Seems like my own creation of this cat teaser triggered Whitey’s intrinsic nature.

He stroked Whitey's fur and sighed, trying his best to persuade his pet, "Ah, that’s also a little life right there. Isn’t there cat food for you at home, Whitey? Don't you have enough to eat? And your fur is all white…”


Whitey turned around and cautiously placed his two fluffy paws on Lin Jie’s arms. It then plucked up the courage to look up and call out softly.

Those clear, buttery, sad little eyes were full of chagrin and longing.

It perfectly portrayed the image of a clever yet mischievously cute little cat.

Look at how I’ve worked chasing after that cat stick. Just let me eat that delicious-smelling fellow as well as his companion that’s rushing over—was what Whitey was trying to imply.

As a cat lover, Lin Jie's heart melted.

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It was just a pigeon. How could he not give his child what it wanted?

"Oh, alright then..." His words of persuasion stopped at his lips. With a slight sigh, he pinched Whitey’s paw and said, "Go out and have fun. I'll ask Mu’en to go look for you later. Remember not to stray too far."

Lin Jie felt as though he was the ‘caring mother’ worried for his child that was traveling somewhere far away. Regardless of whether Whitey understood him or not, he would let Mu’en know about this and have her keep an eye on the little cat.

Also, based on how it acted most of the time, Whitey seemed rather intelligent. Therefore, the little cat must have been able to understand its master’s concern at the moment.


Whitey’s eyes lit up, and it licked the back of Lin Jie's hand, indicating that it agreed.

Then, it jumped down happily, pushed the door open, and ran out of the store to hunt down the fleeing pigeon.

Theodore was stunned when he saw this. As expected of a person that can even make Rolle Resource Development’s young miss lower her status for a humble visit. Even the cat he raised is different from others. So intelligent...

While he was marveling at the pet cat, a sudden recollection of a pigeon fluttering frantically outside the window just moments ago crossed his mind.

He hadn’t thought much of it at first, but due to the cat’s actions, even the appearance of the pigeon had become so distinct. As a result, he had a sudden look of doubt on his face.

Because in that scene flashing across his mind, that pigeon had a pair of eyes that were full of emotion, even somewhat human-like…

At this moment, Lin Jie suddenly turned back to Theodore and smiled. "Let's continue our conversation. I apologize, my pet was being a little mischievous."

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He paused for a moment before asking, "Oh, by the way, Theodore, did you just move here recently? Did you see any newly opened pigeon farms or a spot where pigeons gather to be fed? It’s rare to see such a sleek, plump pigeon in the wild."

Lin Jie had started to suspect that this pigeon was being raised on someone’s farm or was an escaped pet pigeon. If that were so, this might pose a slightly troublesome problem.

Theodore froze when he heard these words and replied in a daze, “No…”

Wait... That’s right!

He had investigated the surrounding neighborhood before moving here out of habit. There were no pigeon farms along the street, nor were there any places to feed pigeons due to the density of buildings. Also, there weren’t many trees because of the last large gas explosion.

That was why it was basically impossible for pigeons raised by humans to appear in this area!

That pigeon... Something’s not right!

Theodore looked at Lin Jie, saw the smile on his face, and suddenly understood what it meant—The bookstore owner was giving him a reminder.

Where did this pigeon, which shouldn’t be here, come from?

Theodore recalled his experience a few days ago. No memory was more vivid than the man who had suddenly turned into an eagle around the street corner... Since he could become an eagle, he could certainly turn into a pigeon.

That’s right!

Those blood-red eyes! Those are by no means the eyes of a gentle pigeon!

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Yes. Those eyes weren’t just the eyes of the pigeon but also the eyes of the man that turned into an eagle...

That pigeon is one of them! They're coming!

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Theodore immediately started getting anxious.They’re coming for me, for my life and the notebook. Perhaps, I will never be able to escape, after all…

The mysterious powers that had troubled him for so many days had once again appeared unhindered before him.

Wait a moment, unhindered? No. Wait, there’s the cat!

Theodore felt as if a bolt of lightning had struck his mind, connecting everything that had just happened together which both shocked and enlightened him.

The pigeon came, but there was only one reason it had fled in a hurry—these people had met an even more powerful existence and were afraid.

So that’s why… No wonder this cat raised by Mr. Lin seems so smart. I’m sure that it can turn into a person just like that eagle and pigeon. Or in other words… it’s a morphed person.

That’s no pet. It's an underling of yours, right?

Theodore felt that he had gotten a peek into the mysterious and dangerous ‘inner world.’

Lin Jie felt relieved when he heard Theodore’s words. "No, huh? Seems like it didn’t come from anywhere nearby. That’s not gonna be a problem then..."

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If this pigeon wasn’t from the area, no one would have any idea if it was owned by someone.

I don't know anything, and my cat doesn't either. It’s purely accidental if the pigeon is eaten, so there is no need for compensation.

Mr. Lin coughed to cover up the dark thoughts he had. Then, he returned his attention to Theodore, acting as if nothing had happened, and said with a smile, "Since there aren’t any feeding grounds for pigeons here, it must probably be a wild one. It doesn't matter if it's eaten. Am I right, Mr. Theodore?”

There would be absolutely no problem once the only witness was settled.

Theodore gave a look of understanding and nodded. "Of course, I agree with you."

His unease came to a rest as he thought to himself, Mr. Lin is a decisive man indeed. He dealt with those people as soon as I asked for his help and they ran away immediately. It seems that Mr. Lin has rather extraordinary power and status in this ‘inside world.’

Father’s words were right. I have to trust my intuition.


Wallis flapped his wings frantically as he fled the scene as fast as he could. He had even used all the speed augmentation magic he had learned throughout his life and was hundreds of streets away in an instant.

However, the further he got, the greater the impending sense of danger he felt.

'Wallis, what are you doing? Where's Louie?"

A shadow appeared beside him abruptly. It was another of their shadow assassins that came to pick him up.

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