Chapter 287: Lin Jie’s Tampered Cognition

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The diary entries in the journal stopped there.

It was highly likely that the owner of the journal had met his demise.


What remained, including an assortment of individual pages, were all regarding research conducted by the owner of the journal, the ‘I’ in the diary entries, about the ‘words from an unknown civilization’ and ‘the code from another world.’


While it appeared like a huge amount of obscured jargon, for a well-learned person like Lin Jie, linguistics still fell within his scope of knowledge.

After all, folklore included everything related to general culture, so it wasn't too difficult for him to understand something that was closely related to his expertise.


What was truly perplexing was that the one journaling all this would often scribble chunks of messy and incoherent text out of the blue, which ruined the completeness of the entire research journal.


Yet, from the stroke changes and corresponding diary entries, the journal owner was most excited and inspired when he was scribbling these strange characters.


According to the words of the one recording, it was ‘having an unprecedented idea, and completely understanding the meaning of these words’ which led to a giant leap forward in the research.

Differentiating these ramblings from the true research content was the main point in extracting valuable information while reading through this journal.


But… this was on the premise that the journal was worth reading.


Is he really still sane?

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Lin Jie couldn’t help doubting after reading through it once.

But in truth, Lin Jie already had his answer from reading the diary entries.

On the first page, the owner of the journal had already mentioned ‘Wang’, a team member who had become hysterical after being placed under tremendous stress.


From the various details at the end, it wasn’t too difficult for Lin Jie to deduce the truth.

While carrying out research with the archaeological team, the owner of the journal had gradually lost his sanity and went on the path of lunacy and perished, just as Wang and the other team members who had lost their lives along the way did.


The diary entries seemed perfectly fine and the attached research was very well organized at first. Things took a turn… on the 28th of March, when the engineering team had discovered a “gate.”


Once more, Lin Jie flipped the diary back to the page as he analyzed.

Before the appearance of this gate, the weather was sunny all along, and yet after its introduction, it began to rain everyday. This was an abnormal sign of a split personality.


Although a nonstop torrential rain isn’t impossible, just like Norzin did experience a few months back. But the problem is… they were subsequently trapped underground due to debris from the landslide.


There wouldn’t be any problem if it was just groundwater seepage. Deep groundwater is indeed warm, and his sensation matched it.


However, the diary repeatedly emphasized ‘rain.’ There’s bound to be a geologist in a large archaeological team of close to thirty. There’s no reason for them to mistake it as rain water.


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So… adding things up, from Old Wu who infuriated the writer and had lost his tongue in his next appearance, as well as the writer being furious when others didn’t understand his research findings, to the journal being drenched with ‘rain’ three days later…

This so-called ‘rain’ is likely to be blood.


Lin Jie stared at the bloodstain on the journal and was reminded of the phrase in the journal, “I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast today”...


Seems like the journal definitely tells a tragic story.


Lin Jie sighed once more as a rough hypothesis took shape in his mind.


If his guess was right, this archaeological team was from Earth. They had probably stumbled upon the passageway to another world, which was Azir, and entered the remains of Norzin’s Lower District.


Subsequently, it could be the intercrossing electromagnetic field of both worlds or perhaps some other issue that arose when crossing the barrier between the two worlds which led to the entire team perishing… Only these notes were left behind.


If that was the case, the writer mentioning that “They would be greater than Columbus” wasn’t all that difficult to fathom.

Columbus merely discovered the ‘New World,’ but this group had instead found an entire whole new world!

Their names would undoubtedly go down in history if they were to publish these research findings.

Yet regrettably, Lin Jie hadn’t come across any such news before he transmigrated. The institute that was backing the activities of this team probably met with their own problems and went silent after the team failed to return.


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Up till Lin Jie came to this other world and stumbled upon this journal.


Previously, he was still somewhat confused about Young Mike’s code name of Michael and the origins of how Path of the Flaming Sword got its name.


Now, it all started to make sense.


The organization named Path of the Flaming Sword had probably found The Bible that Shao Yiwen had misplaced, thereby resulting in the creation of such a grotesque order.


But besides this, there were still some areas in the journal that were difficult to comprehend. While this could all be swept under the rug easily by claiming that it was the ramblings of a mad person, it was rather concerning as well.

For example, what was that ‘thing’ that had torn off a part of Shao Yiwen’s body?


And what was up with the journal owner hearing the crying of an infant at the end?

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Also, what about the fates of the team leader, Professor Lin, as well as his student and Professor Zhang?


However, Lin Jie’s focus was on neither of these.


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The most critical point was the characters that were being documented in the research journal. The ‘words of an unknown civilization’ and ‘code of another world’ was the language widely used in Norzin.


In Lin Jie’s view, these were all Chinese characters…


Indeed, they were clear and well-defined Chinese characters, and the meaning of each one of them was clear.

At worst, the handwriting was just a little crooked.

Yet, the owner of the journal was pretentiously conducting research on these characters. The explanations and meanings would match at times, while there would also be some discrepancies. Other times, the explanations would be totally nonsensical or even the complete opposite. It was truly hilarious.


What was even more ridiculous was that the owner of the journal himself was writing in Chinese characters.


This was a classic example of looking for the donkey you are riding on.

Therefore, in Lin Jie’s eyes, this whole journal was like the ramblings of a madman; absolutely meaningless and even made him want to laugh.

However, laughing was the last thing he would do now.

There could only be two possibilities under such circumstances.


Lin Jie took a deep breath, his expression solemn. The owner of the journal was deranged from the beginning, even before the appearance of that “gate.” This so-called research doesn’t exist and it's all a part of his delusions.


Or… my cognition was tampered with after I transmigrated. Thus, I was able to automatically understand the characters of this other world. To the research team, these characters were incomprehensible, words of an unknown civilization.

But they appear as familiar Chinese characters in my eyes.

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