Chapter 284: Familiar Journal

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Thanks to a cup of milk tea from another world, the internal strife within Prima’s clan over their beliefs came to a halt.


Even though things between the two factions had already escalated to the point of Jerome sending an assassin after Prima, Margaret still missing, and eventually an unnatural death for Jerome, with the common recognition of a fine beverage, the two factions had finally managed to find a common ground after such a prolonged period of time.


And it was at this moment where they recognized that all of them shared the same bloodline and the unity of their clan was far more important than their nihilistic beliefs—the blood that flowed in their veins was the same and there was no reason to go against each other.


Afterwards, they shook hands and made peace with one another.


According to Andrew’s description, this was probably what had happened in Lin Jie’s point of view.


Hmm… That isn’t too much of a stretch.

After all, the power of food had no bounds.


In any case, young Prima would be able to leave the bookstore a few days ahead of schedule.


But when Lin Jie broached this to Prima, the young lady panicked and expressed her unwillingness to leave, instead insisting that she wanted to stay at the bookstore for a couple more days.


The reason she gave was simple. “Mr. Lin saved me and imparted to me such important knowledge. I have nothing to give in return, but I still hope to be of some help to Mr. Lin…”


Naturally, this ‘help’ she was referring to was to be a waitress at the book cafe next door and assist Mu’en with the running of the place.


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Which also meant being the assistant to Lin Jie’s assistant.


Lin Jie watched the young lady that had become his assistant’s assistant do a pretty credible job and decided to let her be.

After all, apart from the daily three meals he was providing her, Prima was basically working for free and Lin Jie didn’t want to waste such a wonderful opportunity.


Moreover, given her sister’s disappearance and having her own uncle send an assassin after her meant that having some lingering psychological trauma toward her clan was inevitable.


Returning back would definitely require some mental preparation.


Thus, Lin Jie had allowed Prima to remain for a few more days. However… This wasn’t a long term solution, and she would have to eventually return and face her own demons.


Lin Jie’s current plan was to have Mu’en accompany her back when the time came.


While Mu’en appeared to be around the same age as Prima, her combat abilities were incomparable as she could beat up five young, strong lads with ease in just moments—referring back to Hood and his poor accomplices.


Also, Mu’en was rather reliable when dealing with matters. If she saw things going awry, she would probably make a run, phone Andrew, or settle it herself.


Lin Jie was thinking about finding an opportunity to inform Prima of his arrangement when the doors to his bookstore were suddenly pushed open.




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Lin Jie swiftly kept aside his cat teaser and looked up to see a tall, skinny middle-aged man that appeared troubled.


Whitey skidded forward due to inertia, then immediately raised its head after coming to a stop and assuming a dignified posture while giving a prideful “meow.”

From what Lin Jie saw, the middle-aged man had a clean appearance and was dressed in a vest over a white shirt, long pants, and leather shoes. He wore golden-framed spectacles, and his hand held a book or rather… a journal.


The middle-aged man’s expression was filled with anxiety and unease, yet there was a slight glimmer of eagerness as well. Upon entering the bookstore, he gave the bookstore owner a friendly but cautious smile before shutting the door.


…Do you have to act like you are here for some covert espionage activity or a secret transaction?! Lin Jie couldn’t help ridiculing in secret.


Judging from this middle-aged man’s manner, he didn’t seem like he was here to get a book but was acting as if he was here to buy something that couldn’t be made known to anyone!


And dude… You are so nervous that your entire forehead is already covered in sweat!


“Hello,” the middle-aged man called out as he approached the counter. After taking a deep breath, he observed the cordial young man smiling warmly and felt a little hesitant at once. “May I know if you are the owner of this bookstore?”


“Yes, this is my bookstore,” Lin Jie replied with a nod.


Although chances were that this person wasn’t here to make a purchase, he still made the usual inquiry, “Are you here to borrow, read, or buy?”


The middle-aged man walked to the counter and took a seat. As if he had just made a decision of utmost importance, he placed the journal on the table. “No, umm… I am Theodore, a secondhand book dealer. I recently rented a space across the street, which is in the newly constructed mall by Rolle Resource Development. I am here because of this book…”

Oh… Someone from the industry?


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Judging from things, could he be here to sell the journal to me?


Lin Jie eyed the shabby journal on the countertop. It had an ordinary black cover with a patchy stain and was missing a corner. From the folds and stains, it was evident that this book was at least a few decades old.


This is really… secondhand indeed.


Of course, Lin Jie was being humorous. It was evident that this journal had some historical value; for instance, it could have been written by someone famous, contained some important information, or documented a significant event.


Just that… Since he said he was a secondhand book dealer, he ought to know the value of such a book very well.

If Lin Jie’s assumptions were right, the value of this journal would be rather high. So why hadn’t he approached someone who would be much more interested, such as an academic or a museum?


Rather, he had come to an ordinary… and to some extent, a poor bookstore.


He wouldn’t possibly be using a worthless book to deceive an honest operator of an ordinary bookstore, would he?


Like me…

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Lin Jie crossed his arms and pondered, eventually deciding to remain silent so that he could pretend to be an expert while waiting for Theodore to explain himself. The book alone wasn’t enough to tell him anything.


The latter continued somewhat in trepidation, “Actually, I don't really know much about this book. I bought it from someone else and only know that it was from the Lower District. In fact, I don’t even understand the contents. But I have encountered some really… strange events because of it.”


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Lin Jie leaned back slighly and raised an eyebrow before picking up Whitey and began stroking it. “Strange events?”


Theodore nodded. “Yes… I have been followed and investigated by some unknown people and they were all after the book. A-also, it has all gotten way out of hand and I am at a loss, which is why I’m here to seek your help!”


He carefully added on, “A few days ago, I saw a Rolle Resource Development car stop at your entrance and witnessed the young heiress visiting with gifts, which is why…”


So, you think that I’m some sort of godly character?


You’re mistaken… I’m merely an ordinary bookstore owner. I’ve only picked up some transcendent abilities recently, and I'm slightly stronger than an ordinary person at best.


But at least, he had finally understood what was going on. So it’s like this, huh… trouble caused by Young Miss Ji.


Lin Jie frowned and rubbed his temples. “Let me first have a look. I’m just an ordinary person with limited abilities after all, and I might not necessarily be able to help you.”


Lin Jie reached out to receive the journal. The stain on the cover, according to his experience, was probably a bloodstain.


Looks like this journal will tell a remarkable story.


But for some reason, Lin Jie seemed to find this journal rather familiar.


As if he had come across it before somewhere.

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