Chapter 283: The Power of Food

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Theodore was somewhat appalled by his absurd conclusion.


But if this was really some sort of research journal, then the owner of it had been researching these warped scribblings that seemed as though they were forcibly written by a kid that had barely learned to write.


But… What was there to be researched about all these?


These characters were simple, a bunch of commonly used and seen words… For instance, “You,” “I,” “Great,” “Sun,” “Sky,” “And,” “Light,” “Father,” “None,” and so on.


Even a random three-year-old kid off the streets of Norzin would be able to understand the meaning of these words. Was it necessary to have pages upon pages of strange explanations along the margins?


If this were research on the ancient carvings on some relic, then it was nothing special.


After all, these words could contain historical information about the ancient days which historians and aristocrats might find both intriguing and valuable.


Theodore used to collect such books and resell them for at least thrice the original price, which was an exceptionally lucrative business.


This had been his initial intention this time as well, but he never expected to find himself in such trouble…

Yet, the more it was like this, the more he felt this matter was bizarre.


To conduct such a meaningless act of research is truly… truly… difficult to describe! Isn’t it all too foolish?


Theodore stared at the journal before him with a frown and started to ponder, yet was still unable to come to an understanding despite racking his brains out.

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“Could it be… my assumption is wrong? Even though it greatly resembles a research journal, this might just be my own personal perception.


“These common Azir words could be added as a smokescreen, and these characters that I do not understand are the cause of the transcendent beings’ interest?”


In the end, this was the only reason that Theodore could convince himself with and the only conjecture that could allow him to put an end to all this wild guesses.


He was going to lose his sanity otherwise… This feeling was just like back in the days of school, when he encountered a difficult mathematical problem. No matter how he tried, he would feel more helpless the more he attempted to solve it. Just like an invisible obstacle hindering him, causing him to despair the higher he climbed.

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Theodore didn’t want to lose his mind before he even came to face true despair.


He had always been good at regulating his mind and remaining calm. Otherwise, in the perilous situation he was in, he wouldn’t have been able to keep his cool till now.


Most people would have wet their pants upon witnessing a person turn into an eagle before their eyes, wouldn’t they?

If that was the case, the uncanny reservations those transcendent beings had because of the keyword ‘bookstore’ would have surely disappeared upon his show of fear.


They would have probably made their move the very next day, and Theodore would likely have no opportunity to save himself.




Theodore sighed again as he placed the book back into the box. He couldn’t help fretting, “Nothing will be solved if this goes on. Ever since that person openly demonstrated his abilities in front of me, they would no longer be held back by such ridiculous excuses anymore.


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“Also, what’s the deal with this so-called ‘bookstore’…”


All sorts of peculiar people came to his bookstore and they varied greatly. Yet, at least a third of them would display strange reactions toward terms like ‘book’ and ‘bookstore.’

From this, Theodore could cautiously confirm his suspicions were definitely not wrong.


At this point, his hands came to a halt as if a bolt of understanding had struck him.


“Wait a minute… Bookstore?!”


Theodore stood up at once, picked up the book, and went to stare across the street.


Less than a hundred meters away, by the road, was a bookstore without a signboard.


It was old and empty, and there were hardly any customers in the past few days.


Yet, it had been capable of making the young heiress of Rolle Resource Development show up respectfully with gifts in tow.

Could this be… the bookstore that they have been referring to?! The crazy thought appeared in Theodore’s head as he lost his composure.


Previously, he had been so preoccupied with his anxiety that he hadn’t thought of it or even considered bringing others into it.

But right now, after connecting the dots, it seemed like he had found the key to the puzzle!


When Theodore had been a kid, his father would tell him that there weren’t so many coincidences in the world…. Once an idea comes, never hesitate and just trust it!

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Theodore made up his mind instantly and shut the box, picked it up, and rushed toward the bookstore across from him.


He didn’t know if he was mistaken, but Theodore vaguely sensed that he seemed to be watched by someone the moment he left his bookstore.


Those gazes full of malice on him made him pick up his pace.



Lin Jie was playing with his cat.


In his hand was a cat toy that he had created from materials that Mu’en had bought.

Seated on his chair, Lin Jie waved the toy around excitedly, teasing chubby Whitey as it chased the feathered end clumsily.

With this cat teaser, Lin Jie had fully demonstrated his artistry. The rod had been crafted by him, the nylon string tied by him, and the feather was… picked off from a shuttlecock. In fact, he had even polished and waxed it.

No one would have any qualms if this toy was placed for sale as merchandise.


Honestly, it was because Lin Jie was bored with too much time on his hands, which allowed him to craft it to perfection.


Apart from reading, he had basically nothing else to do.


At first, he had been worried that there wouldn’t be any customers showing up for him to make ends meet.

But with the opening of the book cafe next door, he no longer had to worry about that and could be said to have entered a retirement phase—playing with his cat and entertaining the two young ladies.

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“But from the looks of it, Prima has more or less recovered from her injuries and has quite a good grasp of Compendium of Materia Medica, it’s probably time for her to return home.”


In fact, Prima could return in a few days' time because Andrew had just given him a call, informing him that everything had been resolved…


Lin Jie had curiously asked Andrew how he had managed to resolve the situation.


After all, he had learned from Prima that though her clan did not make up a huge percentage within the Truth Union, their standing in the organization was unparalleled due to their long heritage.


Even if the Vice-Chairman wanted to resolve the conflict—said to be due to the contrasting beliefs of their clan: Prima and her sister were conservative, while Jerome’s faction was radical—there had been some difficulties that could not be resolved within a day or two.


Andrew just said that the milk tea that he brought back was heavenly.


Lin Jie was dumbfounded.


Despite Boss Lin’s befuddlement, Andrew was dead serious and said that some had been reluctant to try it at first and were against it.

But after his warm persuasion, they drank it all and only had praises for it as they completely fell in love with the beverage.


Afterwards… While basking in the great taste of the milk tea, both sides decided to let bygones be bygones as they came to an agreement. Years of conflict dissolved, and the reunification of the clan was completed.


Lin Jie had his doubts but ultimately decided to let it go.

Watching Whitey chasing after the feather diligently but to no avail, Lin Jie smiled and uttered, “Perhaps, this is the power of transworld food?”

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