Chapter 280: Great Friends

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The levitating Wilde extended his arm to receive the stone gargoyle that had returned to its miniature statue form.

Beneath the mask, those eyes of his narrowed as he examined the stone gargoyle while twirling it. Wilde verified that there wasn't a single bit of defect, and in fact, it appeared to have gotten many times stronger.

If I were to use other high-grade material for another round of restoration and refinement, then combine it with Oswald’s soul as the actuating force and absorb the remaining ninety-nine souls from transcendent beings, perhaps it could possibly reach the level of a Destructive-rank...

However, a construct is ultimately still a construct, and its intelligence would be no match to a person in an actual battle.

It's unlikely the completed stone gargoyle can defeat an actual Destructive-rank, but it would crush anything below without a doubt.

Destructive-rank isn't an easily attainable rank after all, unless one is fortunate enough like Vincent to be bestowed that power from Boss Lin.

It's probably already stretching its max potential for such a rough construct to be able to reach Destructive-rank.

Having analyzed it all and satisfied, Wilde proceeded to chant an incantation. A void opened up beside him and he placed the stone gargoyle inside.

“It would suffice as a guard for Boss Lin.”

He wasn't the least bit surprised to learn about the stone gargoyle being destroyed.

After all, this was merely an ornamental piece of craft to Boss Lin and it was expected for the stone gargoyle to be damaged after some careless knocks here and there.

Furthermore, the reason for the stone gargoyle's damage was because the young false god turned Boss Lin’s pet had sucked the stone gargoyle's existing souls dry and used them as a nourishment to strengthen itself.

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That meant to say, Boss Lin had used the stone gargoyle as 'cat food.'

A pet that was likely to become a Supreme-rank compared to his clumsy work from years ago naturally couldn't be mentioned in the same breath and had a drastic difference in value.

Even if Wilde had been given the choice, he might still have fed the stone gargoyle to the young false god out of curiosity to find out how much growth it could achieve.

Thus, Wilde felt that the stone gargoyle had met with a worthy end.

Moreover, it wasn't as if the stone gargoyle couldn't be restored. As long as a powerful enough soul or sufficient souls could be found; best if it were a corrupt soul—like the current one.

Wilde shifted his gaze and eyed this old friend whom he had not met for a long time, Joseph. They last had a brief encounter at the bookstore's entrance, but it could hardly be considered a meeting.

He landed on the top of a nearby building, kept away his cane, removed his hat, and gave an elegant bow. “It has been a long time, my dear friend. Calm down. It has been almost two years since we last met officially, but you are as hot-tempered as ever," said Wilde calmly.

He was interrupted midway because the white giant constructed by Joseph’s 'Virtual Soul Realm' had instantly appeared behind Wilde and viciously crashed its fist on him.

The punch did not miss. On the contrary, the white giant’s punch had mercilessly smashed Wilde’s head off.

But strangely, Wilde didn't die.

In fact, he still continued to speak.

On his shattered head, flesh and brain matter began squirming, forming the shape of a mouth as his eyes were reconstructed, giving him a strange, deformed appearance.

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"Flesh Puppet."

Joseph had a good understanding of Wilde’s moves and scoffed. “Your masterpiece is as gross as ever. I’m not sure if I call you a coward or say that you are as timid as a mouse since hiding in the sewers is second nature to you.”

He hadn’t expected his attack to do anything and simply just wanted to enjoy the sensation of smashing Wilde to a pulp.

There was definitely something up with Wilde for him to be out in the open so blatantly. The previous time he had gotten a hold of him had been because an exceptionally rare transcendent object had appeared within the white hills.

Two years ago, Secret Rite Tower had coordinated with Joseph to set up an impenetrable web and finally cornered the diabolical, Destructive-rank black magician. Back then, Joseph paid the price of losing an arm and having internal injuries wreck his entire body just about to kill Wilde.

Yet... Wilde still remained alive!

Although there was a high possibility that this was due to the bookstore, the prerequisite was that Wilde had to first arrive and subsequently enter it.

Which also meant that Wilde was still alive when he arrived at the bookstore.

Wilde was crafty, meticulous, and had great willpower. Why would a dangerous and diabolical magician expose himself to danger so casually after just narrowly escaping death?

“Haven’t you learned some manners after what you went through for the past two years?" Wilde asked in astonishment as he pointed at his brain that had been squished into mush.

Joseph scoffed. “This is my manners.”

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He extended his arm, then clenched it as the white giant formed by the 'Virtual Soul Realm' mirrored his movement and squashed what remained of Wilde.

Blood splattered everywhere, then recombined to form a warped humanoid figure in the same spot, with black flames glittering where its eyes were supposed to be.

The two stared daggers at each other and the stifling atmosphere appeared all set for a showdown. A battle between the two peak Destructive-ranks seemed imminent.

At least, that seemed like the case to Caroline.

All the hairs on her body were standing on end and she had broken out in cold sweat as she cautiously retreated to the edge of the ruins.

She ordered her subordinates to make preparations as well as to contact the Truth Union to have them standby the recently completed large-scale teleportation array to evacuate people in the Central District.

The figure made out of blood mist remained silent for a moment before bursting into laughter. “Not bad, really. It seems like Boss Lin has also bestowed strength upon you. My Lord’s benevolence doesn't change even for the ignorant."

Obviously, Wilde wasn't one to take insults and immediately started to sing praises for Lin Jie while chiding Joseph as a fool at the same time.

Joseph did not rebut but instead wondered. "Lord? You view Boss Lin as your Lord?"

Or… Is there another meaning?

He had initially thought that the Sun’s Faith was what Boss Lin wanted to spread, but right now, it appeared that Wilde was working for Boss Lin, which could also mean that he was currently operating under Boss Lin’s instructions.

Perhaps, there was an even more dangerous faith that was currently spreading...

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Wilde extended both arms as he broke out in a maniacal, deep laughter. “Such a noble, esteemed, and extraordinary existence, why couldn’t he be my Lord? And what difference is there between Secret Rite Tower and I, your elders are probably obsessed with seeking ways to make themselves servants of Boss Lin.”

He eyed Joseph and went on, “Shouldn’t you be thanking me? Boss Lin sent me here to restore the stone gargoyle, but I’m actually eradicating this mole to save you fools from being played by the Path of the Flaming Sword.”


Path of the Flaming Sword?

Oswald was a mole of the Path of the Flaming Sword?!

Wilde didn’t wait for a reaction from Joseph and started to ridicule, “Tut-tut, why do you think Oswald managed to remain in Secret Rite Tower for such a long time? Just ask that other patron of the bookstore what he's been up to all these years.”

With that, the figure of blood mist shrunk and disappeared.

Joseph’s face was dark. Virtual Soul Realm was unable to get a hold of the concentrated bloody mist as he had been momentarily distracted.


Wilde opened his eyes and relinquished the control of Flesh Puppet.

A blood mist encircled his hands and the stone gargoyle appeared.

He gazed at the anguished soul struggling within and sneered, “You offended Boss Lin and still thought of acquiring power?

“That's really foolish of you. We begin with you, and the next would be your even more foolish grandson… Oops, no, son.”

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