Chapter 277: Fate Has Allowed Me To Grant You An Opportunity

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In the study on the second floor.

Oswald appeared conflicted as his expressions changed unpredictably.

On the table before him was a broken stone gargoyle that had been reassembled as well as a dagger.

The stone gargoyle seemed dull and riddled with cracks, with only the eerie glint from the two blood-red eyes establishing the extraordinary nature of this sculpture.

It was undoubtedly extraordinary.

This was an evil construct capable of accommodating a thousand souls. When it came alive, it possessed enormous might, comparable to a peak Pandemonium-rank transcendent being.

Yet, the creator of this stone gargoyle being merely at mid-Pandemonium-rank back when he created it was evident of that black magician's talent in Creationism Magic.

Indeed, what was truly extraordinary was the creator of this sculpture.

‘Faceless Black Scale’ Wilde.

Oswald couldn’t help recalling the moment when he had found out about his grandson’s folly. Having learned how highly regarded the bookstore was during the recent meeting at Secret Rite Tower made him despair as he didn't know whether he would accept this fate or fight against it.

At that time, Joseph hadn't yet started investigating, which also meant that with all the reputation and power Oswald had accumulated over the years, he did have the ability to destroy evidence, delay the investigation, and subsequently get into an arm wrestle with Joseph.

At the very least, things wouldn't be like what it was now, where his own home was being occupied after a matter of days even though he hadn't put up any sign of resistance.

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The reason behind the current one-sided situation was simple.

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It wasn’t because Oswald had chosen to accept his fate.

Rather, it was the sudden appearance of the masked Wilde offering him a third alternative.

“Regardless of whether you believe it or not, I have no intentions of blathering with you. I’m only here to convey the unfortunate fact that Secret Rite Tower has decided to once again reappoint Joseph the rank of Great Radiant Knight.

"But, after so many years, the vacancies within the Great Radiant Knights have already been filled by new bloods with the best potential. To have Joseph return, one of the ten have to be replaced.

“That person would have to be guilty of a mistake for his title to be stripped off justifiably. At the same time, he should probably maximize his remaining value and serve as a stepping stone for Joseph’s return, allowing our dear Indomitable Sacred Flame to claim yet another feat of serving poetic justice.

“Say, who might that person be?”

The surly vertical pupils of the half-snakeman flickered with a sinister glint, his low voice enticing and seemingly capable of influencing one’s will.

Oswald clenched his fists tightly, his entire face twisted with fury as he let out an indignant roar while unsheathing his sword and charging forward. “No! It shouldn’t be me! The Council of Elders will not abandon me. I am a Destructive-rank too! Whatever he, Joseph, can do, I can too!”

Wilde scoffed. “Destructive-rank? Do you really still think so? With your frailing body that has been wasting away on wine and women, you probably might not even be a match for a Pandemonium-rank now.

"They have long been meaning to get rid of you! You piece of trash!

“All your resistance is futile, because Secret Rite Tower will always stand on Joseph’s side.”

He caught Oswald’s sword with ease, then took out the fragmented stone gargoyle and uttered, “Right now, fate has allowed me to grant you an opportunity.

“You can use your own blood to awaken it and it would give you the strength to fight against Joseph as never before. Afterwards, it would help you to become our comrade..."

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“Yes. Aren't we comrades already?

"Joseph is our common enemy... If you are going to ask why you should become one of us, you can see it for yourself. I’m much stronger than I was two years ago.”

“You mean… I can too?”


By the time Oswald had collected his thoughts, he had already reached out to accept the stone gargoyle sculpture.

And before his very eyes, Wilde had already disappeared without a trace.

Indeed, he was far stronger than he was before! Just like a powerful monster that had no shadow!

Even Oswald was unable to discern what his power level was.


The sudden crash of doors breaking from the floor below caused Oswald to rouse from the past memories that were replaying in his head.

That meant that Joseph’s men had already entered the residence and would arrive at the second floor shortly.

The stone gargoyle’s eyes continued to glow with that eerie, evil luster.

This was the moment Oswald made up his mind and decided to bite the bullet.

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He picked up the dagger and sliced his palm, allowing fresh blood to drip onto the stone gargoyle.

The stone gargoyle's mouth widened and spat out a book from its pitch-black orifice.

The book's title was Corpse Devouring Sect, Rites & Ceremonies.

“This is the way to acquire greater power?” muttered the frowning Oswald as he picked up the book skeptically and flipped it open.


In the hall on the first floor.

Monica stood in a daze as she stopped her struggling.

She stared fixedly at the document in Claude's hand. While she didn't understand a single word written in the investigation report, the seal at the bottom right, a symbol of the golden tower, was beyond evident.

The usual seals for the various departments of Secret Rite Tower were all in red, and only a single, separate entity could use this unconventional gold—

Secret Rite Tower, Council of Elders!

Approved by the Council of Elders… This meant Claude and his men barging into the residence were under the orders of the Council of Elders.

They had approved the intelligence report and acknowledged it as the truth.

Oswald is finished... A clear and terrifying thought emerged in Monica's mind.

Her face turned pale instantly as she slumped to the ground, losing all desire of putting up any resistance.

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Colluding and conspiring with the enemy was a serious crime, and once indicted, even a Great Radiant Knight wouldn't have any excuses.

No, it was precisely because being a Great Radiant Knight meant that there was absolutely no chance of leniency as it would tarnish the virtue and authority of the title.

As such, once judgment had been passed, it would be resolute!

In the past, the actions of Oswald and his grandson, Todd, weren't unknown to the Council of Elders. They merely turned a blind eye to it as long as it wasn't too absurd and always ended with just a warning.

After all, Oswald was a senior knight within Secret Rite Tower and was of Destructive-rank. No one would be willing to lose such a powerful strength.

Yet, right now, they had decided to blow the lid off and more importantly chosen their stand in the feud between Joseph and Oswald.

And the deeper implied meaning couldn’t be any more obvious.

The Indomitable Sacred Flame... might truly be about to make his comeback!

It's not just Oswald himself. The entire Elliot clan is probably going to be implicated as well!

Monica was well aware of the acts of the Elliot clan over the years. Her heart shuddered as she revealed a horrified expression. All her arrogance and pride had disappeared instantly as she hurriedly started to plead.

“Sir Claude! I will reveal everything I know to you, I have plenty of evidence in my hands. I beg you, let me off… I’m willing to do anything!”


A deafening blast rang out from the second floor, and the ceiling, walls, and support structures came tumbling down shortly after. Smoke and dust filled the air as an indistinct figure rushed out at breakneck speed.

The knights that had gone up just moments ago were reduced to a bloody mist with bits and pieces of them on the ground, walls—all around.

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