Chapter 276: Some Hypotheses About Blackie

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“There aren't many recipes similar to Chinese homemade dishes in Azir, and the people of this world would surely find it intriguing.

"Most of the ingredients can still be found here, and the remaining ones can just be substituted.

“These sections can be slightly modified...

“What’s more, the book is printed in color, so readers don't need to worry about making a monochrome dish; this would definitely rapidly increase the book’s appeal.”

Lin Jie skimmed through the cookbook and had a gut feeling that this would be the bestseller among the stack of books he had picked out.

“Agreeing to give out the distribution rights is really quite a good choice. Now there's a solution for books I couldn't sell in the past, and I don’t even need to stress myself over it. My financial woes are finally over.”

He bound the five books together and patted the bundle in satisfaction.

Lin Jie had prepared books of various genres for this first batch. Once he stamped the bookstore's brand—even though he hadn't yet had a name till now—it would be a foolproof plan.

Just as he was about to think the shelves into displaying a hundred copies of these books each, Lin Jie suddenly hesitated.

“Why don’t I take this opportunity to also include one of my self-written books... Though the contents might be a tad specialized and requires certain levels of understanding to read it, I still believe that with a distributorship from Rolle Resource Development, the market would surely be large enough; perhaps there may be some academics in Azir that might be interested.”

He hadn't forgotten that the price to pay for Blackie helping him transmigrate him here was to market and spread those self-written books of his.

This seemingly benefited Blackie, and from the looks of it, the relics from the underground given by Miss Ji had produced the same effect.

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Although unsure of the reasoning behind it, Lin Jie knew that this was his mission.

Lin Jie fell into deep thought.

He suddenly came up with a few hypotheses about Blackie.

Before he 'transmigrated,’ Lin Jie had already published five works under folklore studies, namely Emblems & TotemsMyths & LegendsArchitecture & AestheticsMusic & Dance, and Blood & Ethnicity.

Besides them, he had also completed a summative work, Ceremonies & Customs, though it hadn't yet been officially published.

Of these books, Ceremonies & Customs had been lent to Old Wil. And it was after this that Blackie reappeared after being missing for three years and was able to reveal its physical form and even help with the circuit breaker.

The only affecting factor that could have occurred during this period was Old Wil studying Ceremonies & Customs.

Hence it could be hypothesized—

Blackie benefited from others reading, or learning from the books written by Lin Jie.

Thirty copies of Emblems & Totems were sold to Doris for her to educate her clansmen. It was mostly a preview for them to brush up so that it wouldn't affect his work efficiency when the time came.

Blackie didn't show any signs of major changes after this incident, although it displayed the ability to teleport people when Lin Jie went to visit Old Wil.

But when he had appeared again just now, Blackie no longer conformed to its original 2D cut-out appearance and could now freely move at will.

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And compared to the Blackie from three months ago, the current Blackie could now vocalize instead of writing on the table with water droplets.

The current Blackie bore almost no difference from the very same one Lin Jie had met during his ‘transmigration’ three years ago.

“Which means to say, Blackie must’ve expended a great deal of energy to 'bring' me here, hence the need for it to hibernate for three years. Then, because I gave that book to Old Wil, Blackie was able to reawaken.”

Lin Jie rubbed his chin, thinking to himself, It has only completely rejuvenated now.

Therefore, he could basically ascertain that the above hypothesis wasn't unfounded.

Hmm... Since Blackie has recovered, perhaps he could perform another trade?

With this thought in mind, Lin Jie pulled out a copy of Myths & Legends from the bookshelf and placed it in the stack of the other five books.

“The others are too sophisticated, and only this fits the bill. These are numerous myths and legends collated from different local folks; hopefully it can somewhat be read as a fictional novel. While all of these stories were written as examples for analysis, it should still incite some interests. I hope Young Miss Ji gives her best support.”

There was a reason why Lin Jie didn't approach the Truth Union, an organization made up of academics to promote his books.

During his previous interrogation with Hood about the Truth Union, Lin Jie had learned that although the organization was said to be composed of scholars, all their different disciplines were leaning toward practical sciences—mechanics, medicine, etc.

That's right, they condemned the liberal arts.

Under such circumstances, Lin Jie obviously wouldn’t want to make life harder for himself.

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“Whatever happens next will all be up to Rolle Resource Development.” Lin Jie sighed heavily, though his eyes were still brimming with expectation.

Gazing at his own book, Lin Jie reached out and brushed the cover. He was reminded of Old Wil who was still tirelessly helping promote his work and seek out like-minded individuals.

I wonder how Old Wil is faring with those bunch of decent kids?



The hefty main doors were struck open, alarming every servant in the grand hall. A noblewoman standing at the corner of the stairs accidentally dropped the vase she was holding.

Fragments littered the ground.

Her face was pale, and seeing the group of knights filing in made her shrill out, “Who are you people?!

“This is the residence of the Great Radiant Knight Oswald. I have to warn you people...”

From her point of view, since these people were knights, they would surely hold Oswald's name in high regard. Thus, it would mean that they wouldn’t try anything funny.

But she had forgotten one fact: if these people knew for certain, why would they be charging into the house so brazenly?

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

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There was only one answer.


The lead knight was a charming lad with azure blue eyes and golden locks. He continued, unperturbed, "That's exactly who we are here for."

With a subsequent wave of his hand, he ordered half of his subordinates to detain everyone in the hall while the other half were sent to search for Oswald.

“No! You can’t do this!”

The aforementioned noblewoman was Oswald’s second concubine and was younger than the first by four whole years.

Pinned on the ground by a knight with her arms locked behind her back made her screech in pain as complete bewilderment showed on her face. She didn't have a single clue as to why these knights would blatantly ignore the rank of a Great Radiant Knight.

Amidst her struggling, Monica locked onto the lead knight, causing her to widen her eyes. “I know you! You are Joseph's disciple, Harry Claude!

“What are you trying to do here?! Does Joseph feel the need to dish out public vengeance all because of the children’s spat between Todd and Melissa?!

"This is clearly a blatant disregard for the rules of Secret Rite Tower; these actions violate the knight’s code of conduct! I will report all of you to the Council of Elders!”

Claude merely grinned. “The kid is a tattler, and the parent is the same. Looks like this penchant is hereditary; do try and remember who disregarded the rules in the first place.”

Wiping the smile off his face, Claude then fished out a piece of paper from his chest pocket. “According to the results of the investigation, Great Radiant Knight Oswald Elliot was found guilty of partisanship, colluding with the enemy, accepting bribes, and tampering with evidence. Request to the Council of Elders to apprehend suspects for interrogation...


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