Chapter 274: Great Race

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The mysterious and terrifying bit of the living organism created an immense, unexplainable illusion.

It was as though the complete history of a certain race, somewhere deep in the universe, was screaming with a collection of multiple twisted consciousness before her very eyes.

Set forth from countless different nodes and converged into a single point in time.

There, the chilling gale shrieked as an enormous shadow loomed in the sky, extending down and devouring the bodies of its tribesmen, destroying its glorious civilization and bringing about an impending sense of the race's complete annihilation.

They let out a final collective cry in the face of the race's impending doom.

“Seize, seize it all… Replace them!!”

“Become them!!!”

The vision of these collective consciousness spun rapidly before steadying down, and the view transformed into rainbow scales and long feelers.

Ji Zhixiu's eyes appeared lifeless and chaotic as these scenes bombarded her thoughts.

“You should learn to accept... understand?”

Lin Jie’s voice lingered in Ji Zhixiu’s ears, causing her heart to tighten, then palpitate. Warmth returned to her bloodstream and it started circulating around her body once more after being frozen by the horrifying illusion.

She seemed to finally emerge from her numbed senses.

What exactly are those things?!!

Ji Zhixiu's eyes widened in disbelief as she regained her senses.

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It was only now that she had realized that she had unknowingly left the bookstore. Besides the book from Boss Lin, there was also a copy of the contract regarding the distribution rights of the bookstore in her hands.

Wait a minute… Contract?!

Ji Zhixiu hurriedly retrieved the documents from the folder and carefully perused them from the top to bottom.

It was well organized and concise, with reasonable and sound payment terms that were mutually beneficial to both parties. Even in Ji Zhixiu’s eyes, there were no bones to be picked.

In truth, she had been mentally prepared to receive a contract heavily in the favor of the bookstore. Such a fair and balanced contract was way beyond what she expected.

Ji Zhixiu’s signature was signed clearly on the bottom column along with the Rolle Resource Development seal which bore their trademark logo of the 'descending stairs.'

Ji Zhixiu couldn’t help but turn back for another glance.

In the bookstore, through the glass windows, she could see Mu’en in a customized waitress uniform brewing tea for Lin Jie. On the counter top was another copy of the contract.

It appeared that during that short span, Mu’en had ended work and returned to the bookstore to sign the contract with Ji Zhixiu.

Things were progressing very smoothly.

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…Apart from the fact that Ji Zhixiu had no recollection of doing any of those things.

When she attempted to recall, Ji Zhixiu would realize that she had indeed done those things, but the details were vague as if she were looking through frosted glass.

It was as though some other existence had controlled her and completed the tasks on her behalf during that time.

"Huff..." Ji Zhixiu took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. An answer had surfaced in her mind as she was scrutinizing the book in her hands.

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The book this time around… is really special.

It was no longer like previous books that were about the usage of power or the realization of laws. In fact, it shouldn’t even be called a book, but rather, the remnants of an entire race!

Great Race of Yith!

They were unique sentient life-forms that didn't just have control over the essence of time but also possessed a special ability of 'Mind Projection.'

Yithians could project their minds into life-forms and occupy their physical body, gaining every aspect of that particular race.

Just now, when she first caught a glimpse of that fragment, Ji Zhixiu's mind had undergone an exchange with the remnants of the entire Yith race's collective consciousness, thereby witnessing the whole history and message of the race.

And it was the consciousness of the Yith that had completed the series of tasks on her behalf.

As to why it wasn’t just any individual consciousness, according to what Ji Zhixiu had witnessed, the great race eventually succumbed to their archenemy and met their demise.

Within this book were the remnants of the Yith's soul.

The residual strength which had now disappeared with the wind was only enough for Ji Zhixiu to gain the knowledge and strength of the Yith.

The great race had now completely disappeared.

But from another perspective, Ji Zhixiu had become the last member of that race.

“Mr. Lin entrusted this book to me because he felt that my previous strength wasn't sufficient to bear the burden of being the sole distributor of the bookstore, so I need to grow.”

Ji Zhixiu set aside the book and the contract spiritedly. “But right now, though I’m still unable to control the law of time with my current abilities, Mind Projection together with Steel Resolve can allow me to control several people at once as though they are clones of me.

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"With this, whether it is Spider or Rolle Resource Development, both will become stronger than ever."

Ji Zhixiu couldn’t wait to realize all of it.

Yet, after the initial spur of excitement, Ji Zhixiu suddenly remembered that she had to deal with her dad who had lost his wits due to his carelessness with the extremely pure philosopher’s stone.

She turned around, and sure enough, Ji Bonong was still in the state of shock as though he had lost all his senses.

Since Boss Lin hadn't reproached any further, this was probably the end of the punishment.

This state of losing one’s mind was particularly common among hunters, and the treatment was simple: they would usually have the medicine prescribed by the White Magician with them.

Ji Zhixiu quickly gave a dose of the sobering medicine to her father.

"Cough cough..."

Ji Bonong shivered before regaining his senses, choking and coughing before he doubled over and took deep breaths.

He surveyed his surroundings with a lingering fear. Realizing that he was no longer in the bookstore, Ji Bonong was somewhat confused.

“I’ll leave the explanations for later. We've finished here, let's head home first." Ji Zhixiu gave her father a wink.

Having gradually regained his senses, Ji Bonong immediately calmed down and gave a nod. Continuing with his act of being the chauffeur, he opened the doors of the back seat for Ji Zhixiu before entering the driver’s seat.

Although his mind was absolutely boggled, he knew his daughter best. From her expression, he could tell that his daughter was elated, and thus he was able to keep his composure.

After driving for a distance, he finally asked in a shaky voice, “Did we succeed?”

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“Yes, we succeeded, we won the bet!” Ji Zhixiu's lips arched upwards, not bothering to conceal her delight. “Rolle Resource Development no longer has to struggle for survival at the hands of transcendent beings and will become a force to be reckoned with!”

“Great! That is terrific!”

Ji Bonong, holding onto the steering wheel tightly, almost broke into laughter. But all of sudden, he turned around with some remorse. “I’m sorry, my daughter, I did not expect to become your burden instead.”

Deep down, he could only smile grimly. He had come with the intention of providing more leverage for her daughter to gain additional benefit, but he had been 'sealed' the moment he came in.

The thoughts of a mere mortal had no place in the face of a transcendent being of this level.

He had really aged... In the future, he could only let go and have his child grow on her own.

Ji Zhixiu shook her head as she fiddled with her earrings. “No, you would never be my burden. On the contrary, I have to thank you. Without you, this deal wouldn't have been a success.”     

She shrugged helplessly. “Mr. Lin only agreed because of that suitcase of ancient remains...”


After sending off Ji Zhixiu.

Lin Jie returned back to his seat while Mu’en sorted out the relevant documents regarding the partnership beside him.

He took a sip of the freshly brewed tea before opening the huge suitcase, eagerly wanting to have a look at the exquisite contents within.


The suitcase opened, but it was completely empty.

There was only pitch black darkness 'entrenched' within. It wriggled a little before letting out a belch.

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