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Chapter 272: One More Thing

Lin Jie was rather surprised to see that ‘hand’ reaching out from within the darkness of the suitcase.

It has been a few months since he had last seen Blackie.

Blackie always had the tendency to disappear. Lin Jie had gotten accustomed to it as well and thus assumed that Blackie had gone back to his state of hiding after helping him previously.

However, he hadn’t expected Blackie to reappear once again.

And from the look of things, it was because of…

Lowering his gaze, Lin Jie eyed the dazzling golden apple laid on the table and his lips twitched. Blackie came back for an apple?

Moreover, can this golden apple even be consumed?!

Even though the apple itself was abnormal, the same could be said about the one wanting to consume it.

With this reasoning in mind, Lin Jie begrudgingly accepted the scene before him.

Just that in this case, his intention of declining the gift and returning it would no longer be valid.

No one would ever give such a bunch of expensive items as thanks for some doled-out chicken soup. The main motive in doing so was to obviously pave a path; Lin Jie wasn’t the sort to not reciprocate after receiving such a lavish gift.

Being forced to accept the gift now meant that he was also simultaneously agreeing to Ji Zhixiu’s request—the right for Rolle Resource Development to be a distributor of the bookstore’s books.

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Additionally, he would also have to deal with troublesome endeavors which may arise in the future.

What a pain… I never expected Blackie to be such a glutton.

Lin Jie’s eyes suddenly lit up. Just accepting this golden apple will do! I’ll just say “I’ll accept your token of appreciation, but I can't give out the distributor rights,” and return everything else. I believe Miss Ji will understand.

However, the formless shadow then swayed, swelling up and enveloping all the other objects in the suitcase with a death-like grip.

Lin Jie: "..."

l was wrong, this fellow isn’t a glutton but an insatiable demon!!! He’s even worse than me! Lin Jie cried out in silence.

Though technically speaking, Blackie was Lin Jie’s ‘creditor’ and he had yet to be compensated for his help all those years ago.

All Blackie had requested was for Lin Jie to promote his self-written books. However, those books that were written by Lin Jie were all academically inclined, and promoting them proved to be a hassle. Till now, he had managed to sell two books (of different contents)—one to Old Wil and another to the elf lady Doris.

With this sort of subpar work ethic, he really couldn’t deny Blackie’s current desire for the suitcase of objects.

Ugh, alright alright, you can have them…

Lin Jie reluctantly closed the suitcase back up. He hadn’t even yet managed to enjoy this wealth presented to him, and it was now all gone in a blink of an eye.

Oh well… Out of sight, out of mind.

Lin Jie collected his thoughts, then raised his head to meet Ji Zhixiu’s gaze. With his usual smile, he said, “Of course, but I’m not too proficient with these procedures. If you were to have any further relevant queries, do approach my assistant Mu’en later. She’s currently next door and she will be available once she’s off the clock.”

It seemed like Lin Jie could only hope to sell more books through this partnership to compensate for the money lost.

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But regardless of how many books are sold, it's still going to take at least a few years to make up the value of those items within the suitcase... Lin Jie’s heart ached at this thought.

Ji Zhixiu tried to stand up excitedly the moment she heard the words “of course.”

However, she discovered that both her legs had turned to jelly and her back was drenched in a cold sweat. Before she could even get up, Ji Zhixiu had plopped right back down on the stool.

It seemed that anxiously awaiting Lin Jie’s answer had already taken a huge toll on her.

In truth, this was indeed a gamble that concerned the lives of many.

Fortunately, they had eventually made the correct bet.

"Huu..." Ji Zhixiu exhaled. Her worries were lifted and she could now afford to give a relieved smile.

Having finally released her grip on the table's edge, Ji Zhixiu noticed how clammy and drenched with sweat her palms were.

She was lucky to be seated on a stool or else she would’ve immediately slipped and fell onto the ground.

That would’ve been embarrassing...

“Thank you for your trust."

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Noticing the hoarseness in her voice, Ji Zhixiu attempted to remedy it by coughing lightly to quell the tremors in her voice.

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“We will be doing our utmost to ensure your books will be marketed and sold,” she added.

Lin Jie only smiled. “Obviously, I would place my faith in a company as influential as Rolle Resource Development.

“However, my books are rather special and can't be sold the regular way. I'll do my best to select books that can be enjoyed by all and classify them for your perusal. Otherwise, there's a possibility of some complications..."

“I fully understand.” Ji Zhixiu nodded and agreed with that sentiment. “Your books certainly have a comprehension threshold. Without adequate management, the consequences would be even more severe. You are very charitable indeed, Boss Lin.”

It was without a doubt that the books in this bookstore weren't suitable for everyone.

Some might cease to remain human after reading them.

Boss Lin is really thorough about this. He must be afraid that without his guidance, those transcendent beings that read things they shouldn't might have unimaginable consequences befall them... In those cases, death would merely be some ordinary trouble.

Charitable? Lin Jie's lips twitched. Is there something wrong with Young Miss Ji's language skills? She must have wanted to say considerate.... Never mind, probably just a slip of her tongue.

However, he really did have to carefully select the books.

Especially those books with more peculiar contents. In the worst-case scenario, if such were to be sold to others, the future of Norzin might be changed outright, causing great chaos.

Best-case scenario, such books would poison the minds of others, causing great harm, and such an aftermath wasn’t any better either.

It seems like I’ll be rather occupied in the following days...

Lin Jie closed the suitcase and fastened the lid before placing it on the ground. “Is there anything else I can help you with? If not, please do make yourselves at home. We will iron out the details of our partnership when Mu’en is here."

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Lin Jie then glanced at the middle-aged man who had been standing at the same spot this whole time. “Your chauffeur doesn't look too good. It seems like he could use some rest."

Ji Zhixiu turned to look at her father.

His consciousness had been temporarily lost due to the high exposure of mysticism he had experienced. As long as this didn't worsen and cause Ji Bonong to lose all sentience, it would still be a good thing.

Being exposed to mysticism also meant raising one’s own internal mysticism.

Ji Bonong could now possibly transition from an ordinary person to a transcendent being... Everything would depend on Boss Lin's will.

And now, the situation had reached a boiling point.

Ji Zhixiu faced Lin Jie once again and added, “There's still one more thing.”

“Oh? What might that be?” asked Lin Jie.

Ji Zhixiu bit her lip and muttered, “I would like to invite you... to my 20th birthday. I really do hope you can make an appearance.”

Lin Jie was stunned. Birthday party? Now that's new...

Wait a moment...

This young lady who had once requested a rose from Lin Jie suddenly wanted to invite him to a very private and meaningful 20th birthday party.

What does this mean?

Lin Jie couldn’t help but to be amused.

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