Chapter 271: Blackie Whom He Hadn't Seen For A Long Time

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Andrew named this ruby… Jerome.

Ji Zhixiu's breath was taken away as chill surged up her spine, and her body instinctively tensed up.

Fear seemed to tightly grip her heart as she gazed at the red gem in Boss Lin's hand.

As if fog was clearing, some details that she hadn't noticed prior suddenly became clear.

That red gem was actually an extremely pure philosopher's stone that contained a massive amount of aetheric energy within. But because it was still too fresh, a faint scent of blood and life force still lingered.

Then, an even more terrifying realization sprang upon her—

That philosopher's stone is Jerome!

With great difficulty, she turned to look at her father, who met her gaze stiffly. Ji Bonong's face was white as a sheet, and he didn't even dare to wipe the cold beads of sweat that had formed on his forehead. Fear and helplessness were clearly showing in his eyes.

Even though he was just an ordinary person, he knew about the world of transcendent beings far better than most transcendent beings themselves. He was no fool either and of course immediately grasped what the owner had implied.

While he had said, "whatever the price is doesn't matter," in the next moment, he had very casually pointed out that the gem he was toying with was in fact a human life...

Clearly, the bookstore owner was trying to imply that "What you see is the price you will pay should you fail to satisfy me."

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What an incomparably terrifying existence! He's not just powerful; even his words alone can create such a formless yet pressurizing might...

Ji Bonong vaguely got the same feeling as when he had seen those men of the Central District who truly controlled Norzin.

This was different from facing higher-rank transcendent beings.

He had interacted with many transcendent beings, and most of them would directly unleash their aura and use the most straightforward power to intimidate ordinary mortals like him.

This was the law of the jungle. The instinctive shudder and fear would directly destroy a person's sanity and dignity. Without a doubt, this was a very efficient way to bring people to their knees.

However, none had been like the one before him now. There wasn't any aura of a transcendent he gave off, yet every word he said was like a devil's whisper; an invisible tentacle, tightly gripping every inch of one's psychological thoughts, making one suffocate from fear.

A mere few words could shatter their psychological defenses.

When the terrible truth was revealed, Ji Bonong stared in horror at the red gem as if he saw a twisted, skinless corpse squirming inside.

Its internal organs and bones were forced to curl up within, struggling to twist into muddy flesh as it tried to let out a silent and terrified wail to the outside world...

Ji Zhixiu coolly turned her head back and felt that her father had probably lost his mind. He had become muddled all of a sudden, as if his soul had left.

This was the real warning!

In the face of a higher-level of mysticism, the protective ability of the Hermit’s Ring was nullified.

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Now wasn't the time to act rashly. If they could get out of this safely, Ji Bonong would surely be fine.

The corners of Ji Zhixiu's lips curled into a stiff smile. "It's funny, very funny, how can a person turn into a gem? That's quite a good joke..."

"Right?" Lin Jie sighed. "But this Jerome really had it coming."

A monopoly the size of Rolle Resource Development would surely be more well-informed than the owner of a small bookstore.

All sorts of organizations would probably be immediately informed about the death of a Deputy Head from the Truth Union the moment it was discovered.

Judging from the reaction and answer of Ji Zhixiu, Lin Jie was certain that was the case.

Explaining it wouldn't take too much effort, then...

Thus, after removing some transcendent elements from the previous conversation he had with Andrew, Lin Jie recounted the story to Ji Zhixiu with a gossipy mindset.

At the same time, he also criticized the scumbag Jerome's actions and expressed deep sympathy for Prima, the young lady who was now working at the next-door book cafe.

At the same time, he repeated his evaluation about Andrew’s sense of humor and asked, "Don't you think he's especially humorous too? Claiming that the ruby was Jerome’s repayment when I only requested him to bring Jerome in to discuss compensation for the door..."

"Compensation for... the door?"

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A stunned Ji Zhixiu turned to look at the bookstore's wooden door.

It still appeared barely intact, but there were indeed visible signs of repair.

Lin Jie was miffed just thinking about it and explained, "I had Mu’en help repair the door, but back then, there was a big hole in the door because of Jerome."

Lin Jie spread his arms to show how big the hole had been and complained, "A hole this big... How much money did you think was wrongfully spent to repair it?! Tell me, don't you think he ought to compensate me?"

Ji Zhixiu nodded. "He should."

So, this was how Jerome offended Boss Lin. That's exactly what he deserves...

Lin Jie sighed. "But he’s already dead, so I can only pay for it myself... Oh, sorry for ranting about something so useless. What's the request you said you wanted to make?"

Ji Zhixiu perked herself up and put on a resolute expression. The most critical moment had finally arrived.

It seemed that Mr. Lin was quite satisfied with how they acted. He wouldn't have asked this question otherwise.

She took a deep breath and said earnestly, "On behalf of Rolle Resource Development Company, we would like to obtain authorization from you to be a business of your bookstore, to market and sell books for you within your permission."

Lin Jie was caught off guard. He vaguely remembered ever sending out feelers about this when she visited him some time ago. However, Ji Zhixiu wasn't able to represent Rolle Resources at that time, so Lin Jie hadn't gone into depth regarding this.

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Having Rolle Resource Development distribute books... was definitely a good thing.

Lin Jie's constant worry about his lack of customers could instantly be fixed immediately and he might never be short of money again.

But at the same time, it would be much less fun for him because his favorite pastime was talking to these strange customers of his, teaching them life lessons, and helping them solve problems in the name of selling books.

There was also one other factor that had to be taken into account—

Not all the books on his bookshelves could be sold.

Due to the huge cultural and geographical difference between the two worlds, some content might not be understood by the people here, which could definitely be an issue.

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To solve this, Lin Jie would need to check them through manual screening all by himself and then select which of the books to sell.

This was a very troublesome thing.

While hesitating, he suddenly saw the shadow inside the half-opened leather suitcase suddenly 'come alive' and morphed into an indeterminable shape, as if a hand had suddenly covered the golden apple in the suitcase.


Lin Jie blinked several times as his intuition told him that it was Blackie whom he hadn't seen for a long time.

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