Chapter 270: Isn't That Funny?

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At this point, it was too embarrassing to take back what he had just said.

But deep down, Lin Jie felt that the young heiress of Rolle Resource Development, Ji Zhixiu, would never really give anything worthless, as that wouldn't be in line with her status.

"We didn't bring anything too extravagant" is surely a modest understatement. Surely.

Sigh, talking to these upper-class people is just tiring, having to wonder from time to time whether they are telling the truth or just being polite.

Mr. Lin himself had completely forgotten that he, too, had been speaking pleasantries just a while earlier.

In any case, Ji Zhixiu had really brought a gift... He had only been joking and never expected his words would hit the nail on the head.

These two are really... So considerate!

Lin Jie's gaze fell on the large suitcase held by the chauffeur. Is that the gift? It looks heavy. It isn't a box of money, is it?!

...Never mind, forget about it. Best not to have any expectations.

Lin Jie recalled the time he had opened Cherry’s box with eager anticipation only to be met with a mere fossilized heart.

He didn't want to experience that roller coaster ride of emotions a second time.

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Across him, Ji Zhixiu had already opened the suitcase.

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The latch of the suitcase clicked opened, revealing all its contents. A dazzling glimmer from within caught his eyes at once.

Lin Jie's attention was immediately attracted to it and he was momentarily stunned. He felt as if he were an actor in a low-budget indie movie and a glimmering golden ray had just shot up into the sky before him... Of course, this was a slight exaggeration.

However, the objects in the box were really eye-catching, like the special effects one would see in cartoons when opening a chest full of treasure.

The rich calling it 'not too extravagant' was indeed just them showing off!

Most of the things in the suitcase seemed really valuable: an emerald crown, a necklace of silver pearls, lifelike statues of persons, a curved dagger embedded with gems, and most conspicuous of all was an apple of pure gold!

Pure gold!

Such a big one!

Lin Jie tried his best to restrain the corners of his lips from inching upward so that he wouldn't seem like a superficial man whose eyes would widen at the sight of money.

He had to abide by what he had said after all. If he appeared in a bad light, his life mentor persona would just come crumbling down.

It's no wonder she’s the young miss of Rolle Resource Development. How generous!

Please bring me more of such things that aren't too 'extravagant'!

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My few sessions with her haven't been in vain! From the first time we met three months ago, I’ve duped… ahem, taught her life lessons. Now, finally, my teachings have finally blossomed and are bearing fruit.

And she's given me so much at once!

The slightly uneasy Ji Zhixiu asked cautiously, "These... are my gifts. What do you think of them?"

Lin Jie gave a slight smile. "I think... Mm, it's not bad, but it's still a little too expensive for me, is it really all right to give them to me?"

Ji Zhixiu was even more perturbed. She somehow felt that Boss Lin's smile was a little too brilliant as if it was hiding something else.

This sentence was definitely a test of her determination!

"No, no, no, it isn't expensive at all. These gifts are really insignificant compared to the help you have given me in the past. If you are willing to accept them, that would be the greatest affirmation for me."

Ji Zhixiu's eyes were full of pleading.

Lin Jie was in a tough spot.

While he was really just a kind soul who liked to help others without expecting anything in return, this customer was so insistent on giving him something 'not too extravagant,' so he had to reluctantly accept it.

"In that case..."

The young man across the counter sighed, and Ji Zhixiu's spirits lifted right away. Then, she heard his reply. "Very well, it's not the gift but the thought that counts. I'll accept these gifts."

Ji Zhixiu froze for an instant as she felt a shudder within her heart. She clenched her fists tightly as her body trembled, trying her best not to lose her composure.

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He accepted!

In other words, he agreed!

The fate of Rolle Resource Development, so to speak, had been completely turned around at this very moment!

She took a deep breath to calm herself, then said in a trembling voice, "Your appreciation of these gifts is a great honor for Rolle Resource Development..."

"Even though it isn't too extravagant, I quite like them. I appreciate your kindness." With a straight face, Lin Jie reached out of the golden apple. But midway through, he paused and remembered that such an action would reveal his real inner thoughts.

No, no, no.

He scanned the rest of the suitcase and saw an unremarkable fragment of stone.

What's this?

An object like this seemed to be of no value when in the middle of a heap of treasure. However, there appeared to be some strange runes on it. Given Lin Jie's experience, he reckoned that it was probably some ancient object discovered in an archaeological excavation.

Could she have brought me something similar because she heard that Cherry had given me an ancient fossil?

But whatever... That's a great 'cover-up' to use.

Lin Jie switched to picking out the stone fragment instead and said earnestly, "Sometimes, the worth of an item doesn't depend on whether it looks expensive or not but on its additional value.

"People are also the same; one's birth doesn't determine one's destiny. Only you can control your future. It's better to depend on yourself rather than rely on others."

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While it was put across in this manner, most people had a tendency to fall for reverse psychology.

Just like if a fortune-teller came and proclaimed, "There's a shadow on your forehead and you won't have long to live. I have medicine here that can ward off disaster and tide you over calamity..." Any logical person would immediately stay far away from this sham.

But, if the fortune-teller turned away and muttered, "With a life like this, sigh. There's no hope, no hope indeed...", there was a possibility that one would chase after him and beg for help.

What Lin Jie had said was similar to the latter. What he had said was for Ji Zhixiu to rely on herself to save herself. But if she really had a way, would she have come over seeking him that anxiously?

Therefore, this so-called 'duping' was to maintain a distance from them while keeping them half-hanging…

Ji Zhixiu nodded hurriedly and grimaced. "I understand. This request is indeed out of line, but I'm willing to pay any price..."

As she spoke, Ji Zhixiu's eyes were on the stone fragment in Lin Jie’s hand. She couldn't help but lament deep down. It's only expected from Boss Lin... From a single glance, he's able to pinpoint the most valuable object with the highest mysticism of them all.

Lin Jie felt that Ji Zhixiu's expression was a little strange. He had only taken the stone, but why was she staring as if he had taken the golden apple?

But then, he looked down and came to a realization. Oh, right, I'm still holding the ruby that was given by Andrew.

"Well, whatever the price is doesn’t matter. You aren't an outsider after all." With a smile, Lin Jie picked up the ruby and waved it. "That Andrew from before came to make amends, which meant giving me a small clock handicraft and this ruby."

He then changed the subject. "Do you know Jerome?"

Ji Zhixiu paused for a moment before answering, "Yes, a deputy head of department at the Truth Union, who recently died..."

Lin Jie grinned. "Yes, and Andrew named this ruby Jerome. Isn't that funny?"

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