Chapter 269: A Test

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Although they had already anticipated what could happen, the worst case scenario had still occurred in the end…

Both Ji Bonong and Ji Zhixiu were dejected.

From the beginning, Ji Bonong was very clear that they were taking a tremendous gamble. All of their chips were placed in this bet and everything would be gone if they lost.

At present, this particular bet was hinged on two stakes.

The first was that the bookstore owner possessed enough power to intimidate and perhaps instill fear into any transcendent being seeking to control Rolle Resource Development.

If the Ji clan were to receive the support of the bookstore, they would be able to truly distance themselves from the common masses. Only then could they become a new transcendent organization and not the puppet of transcendent beings.

The risks weren’t too high, as Ji Zhixiu had already proven it herself.

In truth, as an ordinary person, Ji Bonong could only rely on his daughter to accurately gauge the power level of those particularly powerful transcendent beings.

Though no evidence was found, Ji Bonong still firmly believed the initial betrayal incident within White Wolf had the influence of those transcendent beings.

They wanted to use that opportunity to eliminate Ji Zhixiu and prevent her from getting a foothold in the realm of transcendent domain. Even though she wouldn't have lost her life back then, if this accidental incident hadn't occurred, Ji Zhixiu would've still undoubtedly been unable to continue on in the hunter organization.

However, due to a stroke of fate, Ji Zhixiu became a patron of the bookstore and was now a hunter nearing Destructive-rank as well as leader of a reasonably powerful hunter organization.

Despite this, the transcendent powers that had always been controlling Rolle Resource Development from the shadows could still easily take action to bring her down, yet they no longer made any moves against Ji Zhixiu.

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This was proof that the bookstore’s power was capable of instilling fear into those transcendent beings.

The second stake would be the bookstore owner's temperament.

This was the more crucial between the two and also the key to deciding the outcome.

Deep down, Ji Bonong knew that whatever they were currently attempting—initiating a deal with the omniscient Supreme-rank with a calculated and deliberate approach—was no different from playing with fire.

They were basically taking advantage of the other party.

With most high-ranked transcendental beings having drastically prideful personalities, the majority would be outraged if they were to discover themselves being duped, and that would only be the beginning.

The consequences would be dire if a Supreme-rank were to be enraged.

From the intelligence gathered, this 'great Supreme-rank' never showed a shred of mercy toward offenders, often eradicating those that crossed him.

However, he was very amiable toward his patrons. He would even forgive their past offenses; at least to a certain extent.

A prime example would be Joseph, who’d actually visited the bookstore with a hostile intention when he caught wind of Wilde’s extended stay in the bookstore.

But that could fundamentally be owed to his ignorance of the bookstore owner's power.

The ignorant were innocent and hence could be spared.

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Even so, Lin Jie still dished out a minor punishment: by making sure his patron understood what he was truly facing.

In fact, it could be said that people like them, who were blatantly exploiting the bookstore for their self-gain, were testing deep waters and could even be labeled as offenders already.

The moment they lost this bet, whatever contingency plans these transcendental beings had didn't matter, for they would need to first face the wrath of the bookstore owner personally.

And this wrath… wasn't something that couldn't even hope to endure through.

Ji Bonong already had a few scenarios in mind. If they were unsuccessful in persuading Lin Jie, the worst that could happen… would probably just be losing their lives. Ji Bonong had already arrived with the notion of death in mind, but he was still just an ordinary person. Already advanced in age, worries and doubt were just part and parcel of his life.

His only hope was for Ji Zhixiu to be alright.

Fortunately, she was a patron of the bookstore, and the bookstore owner had always treated his patrons with goodwill.

However, he hadn't expected that things had already concluded before it could begin…

“I don’t accept extravagant gifts that are too extravagant.” The bookstore owner had said so himself.

All of the ancient artifacts they had recovered from the underground—objects which could be said to be of the highest value of them all—had been declined!

After which, the bookstore owner had even compared the status of the head of Rolle Resource Development to that of a chauffeur. Whatever sliver of Ji Bonong’s pride as a mortal competing against transcendents was thrown straight into the mud.

All of his hopes were dashed. This bet seemed like a thorough failure already.

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Ji Bonong’s face was rigid and pale as a sheet. He could barely hold himself together despite mustering all his willpower, yet his arms still trembled uncontrollably.

Ji Zhixiu took a deep breath. She was also spontaneously shaken.

However, she had been interacting with the bookstore for a longer time and hence could still find a silver lining hidden within Lin Jie’s words.

It seems that our actions have offended Mr. Lin… Judging from how he usually treats his patron, his last sentence can be considered as mockery... He is really angry.

But he still greeted me as per usual; this meant he still sees me as a patron. That means that things aren't as bad as they seem. We still stand a chance.

It's just that he was offended by our self-assertive behavior, especially since father is only an ordinary mortal… Hence he's warning us that the tricks of the ‘rich’ and ‘businessmen’ do not belong here.

Ji Zhixiu couldn’t help but to sigh. To him, Rolle Resource Development is just another ordinary business no different from any other.

No, wait a minute, this sentence isn't the key point; what's important are the words he said before that.

Ji Zhixiu muttered to herself silently, "I don’t accept gifts that are too extravagant, too extravagant...”

Her eyes lit up instantly. This doesn’t equate to rejection!

Even though these ancient artifacts were priceless to them and probably everyone else in the world, these objects were probably of 'inferior value' to the exalted existence of the bookstore owner.

These words had been said from Mr. Lin’s point of view, hence it wasn't right to consider it from their own point of view... They had mistaken this for rejection when it was the direct opposite.

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It was just a test set in the midst of his drubbing!

And if they had chosen to retreat, it would’ve equated to them failing the test.

At which point the bookstore owner would have an appropriate reason to refuse.

But only by choosing to meet the challenge head on would they truly understand Mr. Lin’s motivations.

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A selfish pursuit of self-interest was ill-advised. As beneficiaries of the bookstore, they ought to always implement Mr. Lin’s point of view to assess every situation.

Everything and anything should be done in the best interests of the bookstore so as to contribute and become servants of the bookstore.

Only this way will they be qualified to have their wishes fulfilled by the bookstore!

Ji Zhixiu glanced at Ji Bonong, using her eyes to signal her father to remain calm. She then proceeded to firmly plant herself on the stool before the counter. “Don’t worry, Mr. Lin, we didn’t bring anything too extravagant, just some minor offerings.”

The corner of Lin Jie's lips twitched. I was just being polite... You are a young heiress; you can't just be giving me some local specialties just like Old Wilde, can you?

Probably not.... Right? You are the young Miss of Rolle Resource Development for God’s sake!

While he had on a smile, deep down, Lin Jie was already regretting his choice of words.

Why did I have to say that?

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