Chapter 266: Winning Over A Customer's Heart

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“Thank you. I think my colleagues will really love this pearl milk tea since it's really good.”

Andrew smiled at Mu’en as he picked up the ten cups of pearl milk tea to go and turned to leave as a satisfied customer. These were bought at full price, of course.

He didn't feel any negative sentiments about swallowing these ‘pearls’ and reckoned that his resistance had been the instinctive reaction of his body. These sentiments of non-compliance were now all gone after consuming them.

These ‘pearls’ were that white cat, also a part of Sleeping Moon Child. Unlike ‘Holy Moon Essence’ which would alter a person’s will, these whole clones wouldn’t affect the host’s thoughts.

But if the host had any intent of betrayal, they would instantly seize control of the host’s brain.

This was a sort of fail-safe policy with a near-hundred-percent success rate, but it was only limited to transcendent beings below Destructive-rank.

Andrew reckoned that this would be very beneficial to the development and expansion of the ‘Wisdom-Seekers.’

Their loyalty to the bookstore was guaranteed, but they couldn’t guarantee the loyalty of others to themselves.

But these pearl milk teas could.

"If a newly established faction wants to grow stronger and survive in an organization many times more powerful than itself and gradually take over from the inside, what is most important isn't the strength of its members but their absolute devotion."

Andrew muttered to himself as he left the cafe, gazing into the distance in the direction of the Truth Union.

Having already climbed to the position of Vice-Chairman, Andrew was well aware how recognizable the two words 'Truth Union' were to scholars.

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Most members of the current 'Wisdom-Seekers' still didn't regard themselves as an independent organization but as a faction in the Truth Union, just like before when they were still 'Truth-Seekers.'

Their will was still in favor of the Truth Union.

The strength of the Truth Union meant that Hood didn't dare reveal his intentions to most members and could only influence them subtly. The number of members that had gone with him to the bookstore back then was just too little.

This way was much too slow...

"We need a more effective and steely means to strengthen the 'Wisdom-Seekers' to complement my current prestige and gain a proper foothold before the Truth Union has time to react!

"These ten cups of milk tea will be the beginning of a revolution!"

Andrew felt as if a fire was burning inside him, making him very excited.

Boss Lin had said to spread the word about the pearl milk tea.

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"Your will is received!"


Mu'en placed Whitey on a table and smoothened his fur.

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Whitey wagged his tail in a blissfully relaxed manner and let out soft purrs as he laid down and tried to roll over... but he wasn't able to do so because of his size.

??? Whitey stared at the rolls on his chubby belly.

Mu’en squinted, then proceeded to prod Whitey's soft belly and help turn the fat cat over. Then, her eyes went to the silhouette of the leaving guest as she fell into thought.

Truth Union...

That was the place she was born. But in there, she was merely a doll, an object, a tool, and never had she felt the slightest bit of warmth. All that she knew was coldness.

Until that fierce fire shattered the cold tint.

And when she woke up again, she was greeted by the image of that man whose gentle smile seemed to glow.

He gave her a name as well as a true life.

Mu’en then resolved herself to do Lin Jie’s bidding, but she had still been too weak in the past. Therefore, in accordance with Lin Jie's wishes, Mu'en would spend every night learning about the witches' power from Walpurgis. Then, she would kill the false god and regain power, becoming the new Moon goddess and the ruler of the night.

What Lin Jie depended on was her powers and authority.

Now, he wanted to make the Truth Union his plaything, and so Mu’en would do anything to help him achieve that.

She would become the moon that served justice.

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But it would be his justice.

"We would need milk and tea leaves. A combination of the milk's richness and the flavor of tea leaves makes for an overwhelming deliciousness. At the same time... Haha... if you add some other additives, no one will notice."

Lin Jie's words on teaching her how to make milk tea was still fresh in her mind. He had seemed like a sly businessman then, winking at her with a crafty smile.

"And the most important is the pearls... Oh, but there, there doesn't seem to be any raw material here. Tsk. That’s a real bother, but we should be able to find a substitute, eh?"

Lin Jie had then given his always capable assistant an expectant look.

"Think, Mu’en. Is there anything that could be made into little black balls? Hmm... They should be round, chewy, spongy, and maybe a little bit sticky too. Oh, and it's got to be addictive."

"What's wrong with you, Whitey? Why are you shaking so badly? Let me take a look. It can't be heatstroke, can it?”

"Such a beautiful little cat must certainly taste good... Everything's fine now? How strange."

"Oh... there is? Very well then, let's do it according to you. Let me have a check once you've made it."

"These are the keys to grasp a customer’s heart. As the saying goes, you have to first win over a customer's stomach if you want to win over their heart..."

Mu’en stretched out her slender fingers and played with Whitey's hair. The corners of her mouth curved upward ever so slightly. She gently pinched a 'pearl' in her hand, and one pearl seemingly multiplied and became two.

I believe... he’s very happy too.

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Lin Jie was wondering how much a ruby this large was worth.

He surveyed the shiny red gem nearly as large in his palm, fiddling it very carefully as if he were actually holding a few million dollars.

It actually felt pleasing.

Although this was said to be a philosopher's stone, Lin Jie had no use of it. For the sake of it, he had secretly tested if this gem could turn ordinary metal into gold when there wasn't anyone in the shop. The outcome, though, was very disappointing.

What philosopher's stone?! It's just a fake!

What use does it have if it can't turn anything into gold?!

Lin Jie had no desire for other legendary functions it supposedly had, such as immortality or resurrection.

After much consideration, the greatest value was to sell it as an ordinary gem for money.

But because business at the book cafe had picked up, Lin Jie wasn't as poor as before and even felt like he had made a surplus. Selling such a big rare item seemed much too wasteful.

"Why not give it to Mu’en!" A sudden thought flashed across Lin Jie’s mind. "Mu’en managed to come up with the pearl milk tea and ought to be rewarded. She will probably like shiny things like this since she's a girl."

The more Lin Jie thought about it, the more feasible this felt. "With a little packaging, this would be the most appropriate gift," exclaimed the gleeful Lin Jie.     

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