Chapter 265: Gulp

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Andrew’s eyes shuddered violently, but his body had stiffly gone rigid at that moment.


He suddenly recalled what he reckoned to be a misconception in the bookstore. Those distinct dark pearls in Lin Jie’s glass of pearl milk tea cup had looked just like eyeballs — That hadn’t been a misconception.

They were really eyeballs…


Just that instead of showing their hideous side, those unspecified little things were completely docile and cowered in their ‘pearl’ form in Boss Lin’s hands.


After which they became snacks chewed up and eaten by Boss Lin.


But at present, this glass of milk tea wasn’t in Boss Lin’s hands but Andrew’s.


Therefore, regardless of what was going through Andrew’s mind, no matter how absurd or chilling his thoughts were, those ‘pearls’ wouldn’t care.

They were floating freely in the milk tea, bobbing up and down, like a mass of wriggling seaweed with their tiny tentacles spreading out in the milk tea.


The opened eyes were a dull yellow, like that of a cat’s vertical pupil, murky with a confusing pattern as unpredictable as a myriad of runes.


With the sight of a Pandemonium-rank scholar, Andrew could even make out the strange structure of densely-packed barbs and suction cups clinging onto the transparent glass like clear fingerprints.

This image was imprinted in Andrew’s mind and thoroughly shocked him.


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But more frightening was the fact that Andrew had already taken a mouthful of this milk tea, and there was still a bit in his mouth…


This terror was basically the same experience as finding a worm inside after eating half an apple.

He now had about two ‘pearls’ in his mouth, and at that moment, they were climbing all over the roof of his mouth and his tongue. Tentacles like what he had just seen in the glass were using those barbs to anchor themselves and inching down his throat.


That’s right, they were trying to climb in aggressively, as if wanting to make a home somewhere in the internal workings of his body.

Naturally, Andrew’s face went white as his body instinctively fought against the intruding parties.


Although he was a physically weak scholar, he was also a transcendental being with the abilities of a Pandemonium-rank.


Alchemy was a very general, all-encompassing, and relatable discipline. In short, it could be described as a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ discipline, though having just a cursory understanding of it wasn’t enough as it required a thorough grasp of many other disciplines.


Andrew’s own body had received modifications before, and he had a stockpile of potions... If he wanted, using aether to crush these ‘pearls’ wouldn’t be that difficult a task.


Even though he was unsure what these things were, he could basically tell that they were parasitic creatures that didn’t have great individual strength and could even be considered weak.


But then, he halted.

Because he thought of Boss Lin’s smile and the words that were said—

“Don’t forget to have a cup of pearl milk tea next door…”

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“Limited to the first hundred cups, first come, first served.”


Boss Lin’s intention is for me to drink the milk tea! Is the first hundred discount some sort of screening mechanism? And are these 'pearls'... an arrangement of Boss Lin’s?!


That’s right, Boss Lin having the milk tea in front of me is such an obvious hint…

I… I should…


Andrew’s entire body stiffened, pausing all movement to take in the pearl milk tea that was squirming wildly in his mouth. His gaze fell on Mu’en who was looking over the counter.


A confrontation was taking place between his mind and body, but the instinctive struggle was already minimal. A white halo gradually glowed in his eyes, making him abandon his struggling as a reverent and peaceful countenance came over him.


As if she hadn’t noticed the struggling customer staring at her, the teenage girl crouched down slightly before picking up a fat, white cat.




The white cat appeared a little annoyed, wiggling its short little legs in the air. But, he eventually remembered that the very scary being had assigned him to be a mascot and watch the shop… He didn't know what a mascot was, but he certainly had to do as he was told and help out.

Thus, Whitey twiched his ears and gave in reluctantly, allowing himself to be lifted upside down and shaken by Mu’en.


Plop plop plop…

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A bunch of orange and yellow eyeballs were shaken out from the white fur and bounced on the counter a few times. A few of them weren’t able to hide their own ‘hairs’ and became puffed-up ‘sea urchins.’

The expressionless Mu’en calmly reached out and gathered those eyeballs.


She knew these things very well.

During the final battle at the Church of the Dome, the false god that Rodney had summoned inside the inner chamber had basically looked like this.


Just that these eyeballs were the shrunken chibi versions, and when they contracted into a ball in Mu’en’s hands, they became ‘pearls.’ Those so-called pearls in the pearl milk tea were in fact these small pseudo-gods.

Incidentally, the main ingredient of ‘Holy Moon Essence,’ which had been found to control the clergy of the Church of the Dome, were these ground-up eyeballs that still retained their vitality even so.


When ‘Holy Moon Essence’ integrated into the body and cells of the victim, it could control their mind and thoughts.


As of now, these eyeballs could be considered the original, and whatever power they might have was evident.

Mu’en placed these ‘pearls’ into a cup and brewed… a glass of freshly made pearl milk tea.


These ‘pearls’ came from that?!

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Andrew's eyes widened, the indictment of a consumer felt against an unscrupulous businessman filled up within him. At the same time, he sensed a familiar aura from the white cat.


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Andrew had still been under disguised house arrest at the time of the Church of the Dome incident and hadn't been involved, so he didn’t get to see the ghastly false god that was in the information reports.


What was familiar was that this was exactly the same aura he remembered sensing at one point during his visit to the inner chamber.


At that time, the aura I sensed… was one of the three sacred artifacts enshrined on the altar… the Sleeping Moon Child.


Andrew stared at the white cat in flabbergast. Does that mean… that this is the Sleeping Moon Child?? But it’s clearly awake... That means that Boss Lin is personally cultivating a divine incarnate…


And having it help to make pearl milk tea ...... No, although Boss Lin says it is milk tea, these little things are to him select cronies… So he’s using them to ensure loyalty.


Andrew couldn’t help but gulp.



And the ‘pearls’ were swallowed just like that…


Andrew looked as if he was constipated, pinching his neck before letting go and coughing.


Immediately afterwards, his expression lightened up as the last of his struggles changed into a calm tranquility.


Raising his glass of milk tea, Andrew gestured to Mu’en with a slight smile. "Excuse me, can I have a few extra portions of the milk tea to go? I think it's delicious and I would like to bring some back for my colleagues.”

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