Chapter 262: Great, You Are Spirited!

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If unable to handle it, how about having Joseph do it?


Andrew’s face paled immediately. He was well aware of the implied meaning and it couldn’t be any more obvious. This was the bookstore owner saying, “I don’t have a need for incompetent people. You have no value to me if you aren’t able to solve the problem quickly. Plenty others are willing to be at my service and would naturally fight for your position if you are incapable of doing so!”

Joseph, a former Great Radiant Knight and current chief of the Intelligence Division at Secret Rite Tower. An absolute force among Destructive-ranks, he was on par with Andrew in all aspects, and perhaps might even be more suitable.


In other words, he was absolutely capable enough to replace Andrew in investigating this matter.


The Truth Union had started their own investigations without alerting Secret Rite Tower, but if the bookstore owner asked, Secret Rite Tower would naturally be able to act unimpeded.


And it was precisely because Margaret had gotten into some trouble that Andrew got this opportunity to redeem himself for his previous disrespect to the bookstore owner and pledge his loyalty to him.

If the bookstore owner were to change his mind now, who knows whether these old debts might be revisited. And if things were to go south, the punishment would be even more severe.

Whatever value Andrew had would be lost instantaneously.


Once a tool has lost its value, the consequences are simple…

Only death awaits a forsaken pawn!

As such, Andrew was scared out of his wits that he nearly fell to his knees. He instantly cried out in panic, “I will do my absolute best to locate Margaret, please do not worry about it!


“This perpetrator possesses quite some inconceivable ability, so we weren’t able to detect him or obtain any clues. However, someone of his level couldn't possibly act out against us all the time… After this incident, the existing moles that infiltrated the Truth Union would feel compelled to take action. We can single every one of them out by laying a trap beforehand.”

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He then went on, “Furthermore, now Joseph has only just announced his unretirement and must be extremely busy trying to regain his former status. He probably wouldn’t have the time and energy…

“I’m not saying that he’s incapable, but there’s a limit to everyone’s energy. I’m also more familiar with the Truth Union which would make it more convenient to investigate and carry out any necessary actions.”


Andrew unleashed everything in a single breath while both terrified yet eager to prove his worth.


This wasn’t just the fear of losing his value and being abandoned.


More so was the fear of being unable to continue serving Mr. Lin, his lord and savior… Indeed, that was his only value and heart’s ambition. Losing these would be even more frightening than losing his life.


Lin Jie raised an eyebrow as he watched Andrew seemingly overreacting.

Does this Truth Union Vice-Chairman have a feud with Joseph? wondered Lin Jie.


Why else would he react so greatly and have a drastic change in expression the moment I mentioned requesting Joseph’s help...

He insists against it as if he would die if Joseph were to take over the investigation and even sneakily insinuated that Joseph was incapable.


But then again, there might possibly be some internal reasons as to why the Truth Union didn’t go to the police after such a major incident. And from what I know so far, it appears that the Truth Union is at odds with Secret Rite Tower, the secret organization within the police force…


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If that’s the case, as a member of the Truth Union, Andrew being unwilling to seek help from Joseph is understandable.


But anyway, it looks like Joseph has decided to make a comeback, once more aiming for an even higher locus of power, eh.


Phew… It seems like the previous session of therapy was really effective.


Lin Jie nodded silently. After the incident with the Church of the Dome, Joseph had practically emerged from behind the scenes in the Intelligence Department to once more step onto the main stage again,

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Under such circumstances, there was always a threat to Joseph and the Sun’s Faith from those once in league with the Church of the Dome that hadn’t yet been eradicated.


Moreover, those that Joseph might have upset in the past while with Secret Rite Tower would once cast their gazes back onto him.

Continuing to maintain the nonchalant stance of a soon-to-be retiree might actually have put him and his family in grave danger.


Thus, Lin Jie was elated to hear Joseph coming to his decision of making a comeback.


…It definitely wasn’t because his powerful ally had gotten stronger. Absolutely not.


Lin Jie’s thoughts had wandered for a moment, and when he came back down to earth, he realized that Andrew was still nervously trying his utmost to convince him that he was the best candidate for this investigation.


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“Alright, alright, Vice-Chairman Andrew.”


Boss Lin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he rubbed his face that had gotten cramped up after smiling for a prolonged period. “There’s no need to tell me all this. I can’t be the one deciding who is to take charge of this investigation after all, and this is just a mere suggestion. Furthermore, don’t you think that it’s more practical for you to be seeking clues instead of explaining all this to me?”


Andrew froze and fell into panic.

It’s over… I’ve said too much, making Mr. Lin annoyed!


This was both a warning and a nudge to hasten his progress. More so, this was an ultimatum. This was Mr. Lin offering him one final chance!


I understand!

Talk is cheap, I can only prove it with tangible action!


Andrew stood up and exclaimed loudly, “I will get to the bottom of this matter! Please wait to witness it!”


Though Lin Jie wasn’t too sure what had stirred up Andrew, it didn’t stop him from providing encouragement to a customer that was brimming with positivity.


Thus, he stood up, giving Andrew a firm pat on his shoulders and an approving nod. “Great, you are spirited! I’ll be awaiting your good news!”


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Andrew’s body sunk down as he felt an unbearably powerful force on him, which startled him. A shiver went down his spine as he saw the look of approval on Lin Jie’s face, but this made an unprecedented feeling of determination well up inside him.


No one was going to stop him from exterminating every single one of those pests from the Path of the Flaming Sword!


“Oh right, don’t forget to have a cup of pearl milk tea next door. Please spread the word around if it’s good.”


Lin Jie changed the topic and unflinchingly retrieved a discount voucher from the drawer with a smirk. “There’s a half price discount for its launch, limited to the first hundred cups, first come, first served.”




Andrew left the bookstore feeling fired up. As he cautiously exited, he suddenly turned toward the book cafe next door.


He glanced down at the voucher in his hand, then walked to the doors of the cafe and pushed the doors wide open.

Since these are Boss Lin’s words, even buying some milk tea would have a profound significance…


Andrew arrived before the counter and saw Mu’en who was hard at work preparing milk tea. This assistant of Boss Lin’s who had seemed somewhat familiar previously was now even more so.

Wait a minute…


Andrew had a flashback as he recalled where he had seen this teenage girl.

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