Chapter 261: Pearl Milk Tea

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At this moment, Lin Jie was sitting behind the counter as he usually did. He was briefly taken aback upon hearing these words, and he watched somewhat sheepishly as Andrew offered up a blood-red crystal with both hands.

His lips twitched as he couldn’t help but silently jibe, Isn’t Jerome already deceased? How could you even bring him over?


That’s impossible unless you brought back his dead body. However, this isn’t Jerome’s corpse, only what appears to be a philosopher’s stone refined by the Path of the Flaming Sword.




Since Jerome was already dead, it meant that Andrew hadn’t quite accomplished the task I had asked of him. Considering how confident he was at that time, this was quite a disgrace for the Vice-Chairman of the Truth Union.


This philosopher’s stone, being an incriminating evidence against the Path of the Flaming Sword, is to some degree a representation of the deceased Jerome.


Thus, it is only natural that Andrew would let this philosopher’s stone assume Jerome's identity and use such a ‘slip of tongue’ to amuse me while completely neutralizing any embarrassment.


I really never expected Vice-Chairman Andrew to have such a good sense of humor.


Since the Vice-Chairman was unwilling to bring up such an awkward failure, Lin Jie decided to play along and prolong this humor.


Lin Jie noticed the shocking realization in Andrew’s eyes but continued to smile without batting an eyelid. “Good work, thank you for going through that trouble.”

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He got quite a few tricks up his sleeve and certainly lives up to his reputation as a Vice-Chairman.

Previously, he showed up to humbly apologize without putting up any airs to resolve the incident caused by Hood’s bunch. Now, he’s able to miraculously dissolve this awkwardness with such an earnest attitude as if he were more a servant rather than a customer… Could this be a ploy he employs to win over people’s hearts?


I have to say it feels rather great, though.


While these thoughts were going through his mind, Lin Jie put down the cup of milk tea in his hand and picked up the glistening red gem.

Andrew heaved a sigh of relief, feeling as though a heavy burden had just been lifted off his shoulders. Indeed, Boss Lin meant for me to bring over the philosopher’s stone refined from Jerome’s essence when he asked me to “Bring Jerome over to me.”

Speaking of which… This was intentionally placed in the crime scene. Was it meant as a show of goodwill toward Boss Lin?


Seems like the Path of the Flaming Sword is really afraid of Boss Lin. I just wonder what Boss Lin thinks of this mysterious and scary organization that suddenly emerged out of nowhere…


Andrew positioned himself to take a seat at the tall stool at the counter while these thoughts were rampant in his mind. At that moment, that strange and never-seen-before beverage caught his attention.


Red tea and milk. Though there were some differences, it was still the same combination for milk tea that was common everywhere. But kneading tapioca flour into balls and adding them into milk tea… was an unprecedented yet novel and intriguing combination.


Besides being an academic, Andrew was an aristocrat and food connoisseur at the same time. His pursuit for enjoyment never stopped.


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It could be said that Andrew had tried almost every food in Azir, no matter how rare or expensive they were.


Yet, he had never come across a beverage as such.

While staring at the milk tea, he had gained a large amount of information about it instantly, and his mind was already simulating the taste and texture of this milk tea.


Interesting… and novel.

But for some reason, as Andrew stared into the transparent cup, the vague black pearls inside strangely started to resemble jet black eyeballs that were rolling…


A vaguely strange and frightening sensation overcame Andrew the more he looked at it.It’s terrifying… But only such beverages are worthy of Boss Lin’s taste buds, I guess?


He fell into silence at the thought.

Noticing Andrew engrossed by his milk tea, Lin Jie picked up the cup and gave it a gentle shake. “The book cafe started selling pearl tea today. If you’re interested, you could get one next door and try it. Perhaps you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

That’s right, the book cafe had finally launched a new business project — pearl milk tea.


Lin Jie had already started experimenting a few weeks back. After all, just the interior design and books alone were far from sufficient for the cafe to have its own distinctiveness.

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Therefore, Lin Jie had his sights on beverages.

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After all, this was a drink popularized everywhere in his former world, drawing in countless teenagers and brands famous on the internet flooding the market with new concoctions one after another.

Replicating these past successes seemed very likely in this world that greatly resembled Earth.


Lin Jie had never tried those fanciful new mixtures of teas and had no inkling on how to make them. However, what he did have was some basic understanding of a classic like pearl milk tea.


Together with the always capable student Mu’en, the original taste was replicated after a few experiments once Lin Jie had provided her a general description.


Then, according to the market research, which was conducted with the help of the followers of the Sun’s Faith, they had slowly revised the taste to one which would be broadly accepted by the masses.


And today was the official launch of this product.


Someone of Andrew’s age and experience probably wouldn’t be too keen on a treat like pearl milk tea, but since he happened to come by today, Lin Jie would naturally pull out all the stops in soliciting sales…

Someone as humorous and understanding as Vice-Chairman Andrew would most likely support the book cafe’s business. Lin Jie didn’t say more and remained smiling while thinking this way.


And in fact, Andrew was so flattered as he nodded his head vigorously and exclaimed excitedly, “It’s my honor to be of service to Mr. Lin!”


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Lin Jie felt as though Andrew had become more of a lackey on his return.


But having said that, this might have possibly been due to the power of the book. The Alchemist appeared to have allowed the Vice-Chairman to find his own destiny as he now radiated with confidence and self-belief.


With his smile still not letting up, Lin Jie replied affably, “You are way too polite. Every customer of mine is like my best friend. We can totally converse and behave like friends.”

Andrew replied with utmost respect, “I understand, Mr. Lin.”


No, you understood nuts…


Lin Jie’s eyelid twitched slightly before he sighed as he fiddled with the red gem. “Jerome committed heinous crimes and deserved his death. However, he should be served his justice and not dealt with privately.

“It’s possible that the Path of the Flaming Sword chose to kill him to keep their secrecy and prevent him from leaking more information.

“With regards to this pitfall, there probably still are moles within the Truth Union. I suggest you clean it up as soon as possible and nip things in the bud.

Lin Jie spun the philosopher’s stone refined from Jerome’s essence on his fingertips, making it radiate a faint rainbow glow. “I think it’s about time you guys pick up the pace regarding Prima’s sister. Otherwise, if unable to handle it, how about having Joseph do it?”


Lin Jie glanced up at Andrew and gave him a reassuring smile.


The Truth Union wouldn't air their dirty laundry in public and Lin Jie could understand, but Joseph was essentially a professional.

However, Andrew’s face turned as white as a sheet.

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