Chapter 259: Wine of Immortality

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Ji Zhixiu looked all around.

Any of these transcendent objects sitting on the shelves, each sealed in a different way, would easily cause a stir amongst transcendent beings... the only difference being the extent.

After all, the value of these objects excavated from the Lower District wasn't just from their uses alone.

These… were remains from ancient times, 'fossils' of civilization that had existed for many millennia!

Ji Zhixiu had never seen the likes of most of these things here. This also meant to say that the methods of creation and craftsmanship of these objects had probably been lost in time.

Perhaps each of these objects here could be the only one of their kind still in existence.

One of a kind meant that such objects would be trump cards if used as a weapon or sorcery tool in battle since no one would know their capabilities.

Moreover, Ji Zhixiu could sense that most of these objects were dangerous. Any one of these items could easily qualify as the finale item at an Ash Chamber of Commerce auction.

The combination of unique and raw power would drive any transcendent being crazy for it.

And to those scholars of the Truth Union, the value of such objects would be further increased multiple folds.

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The historical value of these relics from the underground was unimaginable. Coming from many millennia ago, these ancient remains were the best representations of what it was like during that time.

In other words, these objects fell right into the category of 'Information regarding the earlier times, especially the Second Era' which Mr. Lin was greatly intrigued by, as documented in the intelligence reports.

It's all thanks to previous generations of Rolle Resource Development leaders feathering their nests. Ji Zhixiu couldn’t help but think like this as she studied the transcendent objects intently.

This extensive collection definitely started with the founders as they gradually built it up to such a jaw-dropping scale.

Ji Zhixiu knew that there had been plenty of conflicts between the successors and their predecessors in the past. In fact, some even resorted to killing their predecessors to take over.

Yet, miraculously, these people decided to follow the tradition upon discovering the collection of relics and passing them down to the succeeding generations.

Perhaps each generation of Rolle Resource Development heads all went through the stage of feeling being mere pawns of the transcendent beings despite being in a position of power. No matter how hard they tried, they remained to be scorned in the eyes of others.


Thus, when the first person acquired the Hermit’s Ring, this ambition was ignited and a bold thought surfaced in his mind.

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He then decided to secretly smuggle those excavated transcendent objects by concealing its trace with the Hermit’s Ring and hid it in a secret room.

With a careful selection of appropriate transcendent objects and the use of discrete magic arrays, this secret chamber was made as such.

More and more objects were being cautiously placed in the secret chamber, but due to the watchful eyes of the transcendent beings, there was never an opportunity to realize this ambition.

Therefore, this mortal ambition could only be passed on to the next successor.

And like this, objects within the secret chamber started to accumulate over generations, as though biding time and waiting… till now.

Ji Zhixiu gazed at her father. The middle aged man's eyes were brimming with a glimmer of hope, or perhaps insanity, as his aged face appeared to have been revitalized.

This chamber housed more than just relics from the ancient times; it also carried the will of successive generations of past Rolle Resource Development heads.

The long-awaited opportunity they had been waiting for had finally arrived!

Ji Bonong led the way, giving a brief summary of every single relic to Ji Zhixiu. Even though the heads of Rolle Resource Development were mere ordinary mortals, being in frequent contact with the transcendent beings meant that their judgment and knowledge were far superior than the average transcendent being.

Needless to say, with most of the collection being accumulated over the generations, the succeeding generations could always work on the problems faced by the preceding generations, and eventually, time would solve most.

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But there were still some problems that would remain unsolved.

Reaching the dead center of the secret chamber, the father and daughter pair were met with three objects, which were also the very three that intimidated Ji Zhixiu.

“These three objects are the most valuable ones in the entire chamber.”

Ji Bonong pointed to a golden apple on the shelf as he began explaining, “We call this the ‘Fruit of Conflict.’ Once unsealed, an urge to possess it will manifest in anyone who catches a glimpse of it. Brothers would fight, and spouses would quarrel; all till one party perishes.

"Although it appears to be edible… no one has dared to taste it. Till today, we have no idea what the effects of consuming it are.”

After a brief pause, he continued, “We lost many of our people back when we first obtained it, much more than any other item here. Later on, a Destructive-rank dream beast was summoned to act as a cover and many more were sacrificed.”


Goosebumps appeared on Ji Zhixiu's skin when she heard the story. Despite Ji Bonong’s brief description, it was obvious that anyone that had caught a glimpse of this golden apple back then had met their end. An overwhelming amount of blood had been spilled just to conceal its existence.

It appeared that every single transcendent object here was tainted with blood.

Ji Bonong proceeded to point at a prismatic red ruby located on top of a customized Y-shaped rack. The ruby was the size of a palm and was rotating slowly while levitating in the air. The core appeared hollow with only a third of the unknown, red viscous liquid remaining within.

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Glancing at the prismatic earring on his daughter's earlobe, Ji Bonong went on, “This is the 'Wine of Immortality,' and it comes together with 'Chalice,' the earring that I have given to you on the day you decided to become a hunter.”

Ji Zhixiu subconsciously rubbed the icy cold jewelry on her ear.

Ji Bonong gazed at his daughter kindly and continued, "The 'Wine of Immortality' doesn’t grant immortality. But, upon the death of the bearer of the 'Chalice,' he would resurrect in close proximity to the 'Wine of Immortality.' Once this revival is enacted, a third of the liquid inside would be consumed. Prior to now, it has already been used twice, which also means…”

“There is only one final chance of revival left... Father,” Ji Zhixiu mumbled meekly.

“Haha, everything here can be used as a bargaining chip, with the exception of the 'Wine of Immortality.' ” chuckled Ji Bonong as he patted his daughter’s shoulder before moving over to the final object.

This was the most ordinary-looking object in the storage, yet it was placed in the most important position.

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Ji Zhixiu’s eyes fell upon what appeared to be a fragment of a stone tablet. On it were inscriptions of ancient runes that seemed like a burning blaze.

“This is a fragment of the 'Bonfire Tablet.' We haven't found any tangible use for it, but… according to some clues, our guess is that this fragment is connected to Life, the Primordial Witch that controls fire."

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