Chapter 257: The Birthday Party

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“Don’t underestimate this matter, Zhixiu. The only reason for Rolle Resource Development’s dominance is the sole developmental rights for the Lower District.


“If another path to the underground is controlled by another organization, Rolle Resource Development would be unseated. Furthermore, given the Ash Chamber of Commerce logistical expertise, their products would flood the market very quickly. At that time, the consequences would be dire…”

As he witnessed her sigh, Ji Bonong continued with a heavy heart, “Rolle Resource Development never had a very strong footing during its establishment. The Ash Chamber of Commerce is formed by an alliance of Druid clans, and the transcendent community recognizes them as one of their own. If their plans come to fruition, a large portion of the transcendent beings will turn to the Ash Chamber of Commerce.


“However, you don’t have to be overly worried. Those true upper echelons of transcendent beings will give us their support, precisely because we are ordinary beings. They can be at ease with the existing monopoly because even with Rolle Resource Development’s success, transcendent beings can reclaim it back at any moment.


“Even if we lose our status of prominence, Rolle Resource must still exist to keep the Ash Chamber of Commerce in check.”


He paused for a moment before continuing, “Ultimately, only after you’ve gained a foothold with your identity as a transcendent being can Rolle Resource Development genuinely thrive in the transcendent world.”


“And before that…”


Ji Zhixiu tossed the document aside, folded her arms and interjected, “Before that, it’s best that we focus on stability? Preserve Rolle Resource Development as much as possible and strive to hold out the Ash Chamber of Commerce till the day both parties come to a compromise?

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“But…” Her smile grew wider as she chuckled like a sly fox. “Why go through that trouble?”


Slightly disapproving of her daughter's excessive self-confidence, Ji Bonong retorted with a smile, “While I’ve not met the bookstore owner personally, it is obvious that he is very powerful from all the intelligence gathered.

“But with the current situation, unless that path is blocked, Rolle Resource Development’s monopoly will be at risk. Even if the bookstore owner is capable of doing so, how can you guarantee he’ll offer his help? After all, an ordinary old man such as myself doesn’t hold any ‘potential’ for investment.

“Furthermore, blocking that path wouldn’t solve the entire problem. This matter is very complicated and requires extensive consideration. If we are slow to act, Rolle Resource Development will possibly lose even more…

“Perhaps you might think that Daddy is too conservative, but you can’t pin too much hope on transcendent beings. In their eyes, we’re merely ordinary beings that are akin to ants on the ground. Why would they be willing to ally themselves with ants?”


Ji Bonong spoke with the experience of an old hand as he slumped helplessly against his chair.


Ji Zhixiu shook her head and interrupted her father’s droning. “Your line of thought is right and very rational indeed. But in my opinion, you are still underestimating Mr. Lin’s influence and his temperament.

“Some of the information was deliberately held back by Secret Rite Tower and it’s not convenient for me to reveal it as well. However, you need to understand this; Mr. Lin has surpassed Supreme-rank, and folk like us are incapable of guessing his intentions.”


Adopting a more serious tone, Ji Zhixiu went on, “I had only just reached Pandemonium-rank when I first came into contact with the bookstore and wasn’t much different from an ordinary human. In the eyes of such a higher being, I was no different from a mere ant.

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“If everyone, regardless of whether transcendent or ordinary, is like ants, the joy he derives from ‘toying with ants’ is naturally all about the same.


“Therefore, your worries can be at ease.”


With a smile, Ji Zhixiu added, “As long as you’re willing to turn up for a visit, I think Mr. Lin would be more than willing to offer his help. In fact, he would be glad to.


“Also, Mr. Lin now has a tremendous influence on the major decisions of Secret Rite Tower and the Truth Union. If my guess is right, Vice-Chairman, Andrew, has already become a fan of the bookstore. As long as we successfully win over Mr. Lin, these two factions will be on our side as well.”


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Ji Bonong had quite an impression of Andrew. At parties held at the manor, this aged lady’s man always stood out among the cold, arrogant scholars of the Truth Union. In fact, the two had even exchanged a few words before.


With the Chairman Maria of the Truth Union in seclusion, the two Vice-Chairmen wielded the highest authority.


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According to Ji Zhixiu’s latest intelligence report, it appeared that Andrew was favorite to become the next chief decision-maker of the Truth Union.


This tempted Ji Bonong. If so, with the bookstore owner on their side, Rolle Resource Development would have a very solid backing…


Yet, he still showed signs of hesitation.

The temperaments of a transcendent being were just too uncertain, and even Ji Bonong was still a little doubtful of his daughter’s claims despite her confidence.

Moreover, the Ash Chamber of Commerce was hot on their heels, and he couldn’t afford to be away. They would be on the back foot if Ji Bonong were to leave, which could lead to great losses. In the worst case scenario, they might be entirely ruined and never recover.

Taking this next step was equivalent to a gamble.


The right bet would provide a future to anticipate eagerly; betting wrong would cause him to lose it all.


Ji Bonong drummed his fingers against the table gently, his expression solemn as he contemplated the situation.

Ji Zhixiu gazed at the external scenery afar, observing the lights illuminating the boundless manor like stars in the night sky. “Most of Rolle Resource Development's current profits come from ordinary beings. These profits and money are indeed immense to ordinary beings, but for the same reason, the transcendent beings are dismissive of Rolle Resource Development because these are things that they can easily gain.”

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Her voice was hoarse and a tad raspy like the uttering of a demon. “Father, don’t you think that you are putting the cart before the horse? Think about what it is that we truly need. Entering the world of transcendent beings.


“As long as Rolle Resource Development manages to secure the distribution rights of the books of the bookstore, forget about just entering that world. Transcendent beings would willingly come begging on their knees…”


Her eyes burned brightly as she added on, “Those books are the true treasure, the opportunity that Rolle Resource Development needs to gain the respect of transcendent beings!


“As long as we are able to rise to a higher level and gain a foothold, all these current profits don’t mean a thing; that’s being too narrow-minded. The Ash Chamber of Commerce will pay for their lack of foresight.


“And Father, you worrying about worldly material gains is the obstacle hindering Rolle Resource Development’s path to success!”


As if a flash of enlightenment had struck him, Ji Bonong stood up vigorously and exclaimed through gritted teeth, “Let’s take this gamble!”


He placed his palm on the documents on the table and swept all the unaddressed documents regarding the decisions and activities of the Ash Chamber of Commerce to the floor as he told Ji Zhixiu that he would pay the bookstore owner a visit the next day.

Then, following a sudden, brief pause, he revealed a fanatical smirk. “Since we’re doing it, why not spice it up — Zhixiu, are you confident in inviting Mr. Lin to attend your 20th birthday party?”

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