Chapter 256: Boss Lin Is All Mine!

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Ji Bonong read the intelligence report in front of him regarding the Truth Union’s ‘Mole case’ and the Truth-Seekers’ strange activities…


Intelligence of these transcendent organizations did not come easily. In the past, while Ji Bonong's understanding of the affairs within the transcendent world was hardly outdated, they were never ahead of time.


Although he had a close relationship with the hidden transcendental world, maybe even part of it since Rolle Resource Development Enterprise employed a large number of transcendent beings and their products included many transcendental objects, he was ultimately still an ordinary being.

Indeed, Ji Bonong was merely an ordinary man.


Or rather, perhaps due to genetics, Northlanders were generally ordinary beings and could only embark the path of becoming a hunter through the use of sordid blood.


As the sole owner of Rolle Resources, Ji Bonong was reluctant to gamble on that slim chance.


Thus, even though he was a highly reputable man of status and famous among transcendent beings, he was a defenseless ordinary being.


But at least his reputation and status were the reason no one had dared to trifle with him and instead, many of the transcendent beings were willing to do his bidding.


For instance, the employment of Haywood as the Ji Family’s family magician, serving as both a mentor and a bodyguard for them.

However, transcendent beings would still lack the respect toward him…


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If Haywood were working for a high-level transcendent being, he definitely would not have the guts to resort to any form of trickery, let alone putting up his “Loyalty” seal for sale.

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Thus, Ji Bonong was still unable to fully integrate himself into the world of the transcendent beings.


No matter how much these people paid him compliments on the surface, they were bound to harbor ill intentions against him.


Under such circumstances, he was destined to never be able to gap that pathetic boundary. After all, in the eyes of the transcendent beings, he was inferior to them and it was no surprise that they would look down on him.


But Ji Zhixiu was different… She was a transcendent being!


If she were to take over Rolle Resource Development, the conglomerate admired by the ordinary would stand a real chance to transform into an entity that even transcendent beings would fear.


From this alone, it was evident that Ji Bonong bore towering expectations for his daughter.


Yet, Ji Zhixiu’s current growth had far exceeded Ji Bonong’s imagination.


To Ji Zhixiu, the world, which was separated from Ji Bonong, seemed to have already been bridged with ease.

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While the development of his daughter was extremely comforting for Ji Bonong, he couldn’t help but also develop a vague sense of disappointment that his daughter had grown out of his control.


Ji Bonong had been harboring such feelings ever since Ji Zhixiu duped him two months back.


All of a sudden, his daughter, who was once as mischievous as any other child, had suddenly matured and developed her own perception and views of the world, becoming an independent individual.


But deep down, Ji Bonong still felt that his daughter needed more time to genuinely become a force to be reckoned with.


Ji Bonong hadn’t expected his daughter to transform into a complete stranger after a period of not keeping up with Ji Zhixiu’s activities due to his heavy workload.


The change in Ji Zhixiu, brought about by the bookstore owner, was way more impactful than he had imagined.


“Our dispute with the Ash Chamber of Commerce has been escalating and we might perhaps have to duke it out in the near future to determine if Rolle Resource Development can further expand its business,” explained Ji Bonong.

With his head aching slightly, he went on, “Recently, the Ash Chamber of Commerce has been trying to compete with us on all scales, refusing to provide logistical service for us with a plethora of excuses such as the goods being illegal, etc. This isn’t much of a problem, just a temporary delay as I have to be the one making all decisions on this matter.”



Ji Zhixiu raised an eyebrow in dissatisfaction. “Ash Chamber of Commerce is able to have leverage over you because they capitalized on the lack of logistical services offered by Rolle Resources early on. In other words, they are able to reach their current position precisely because the decision-maker for Rolle Resource Development “delayed” their establishment in the Lower District.


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“And through this single delay, Rolle Resource Development had such a lucrative business stolen away by the Ash Chamber of Commerce.


“Do you want history to repeat itself again?”


Ji Zhixiu continued solemnly, “I’ve recently discovered that Cherry of the Ash Chamber of Commerce had acquainted herself with Boss Lin way earlier than I did. In fact, the bookstore has been operating under the banner of the Ash Chamber of Commerce, which also means that she has a natural advantage.”


She slammed the table and her expression turned grave.

“Recently, she visited Boss Lin again and re-established communication with the bookstore. This is a race against time if she has the same thing in mind as us, and we cannot afford any delay!”


“Cherry Chapman, the Chapman Witch… She probably doesn’t have that much free time to visit Mr. Lin of the bookstore these days,” muttered Ji Bonong as he stared at the pile of documents on his desk before pulling one out.

“Right now, it is likely that the Ash Chamber of Commerce has obtained the location of another entrance to the underground from those spider-worshiping dark elves.

“This is perhaps the true reason why the Druids, who usually place great importance on pure blood lineage, decided to accept Cherry who has part dark elf blood.”


Ji Bonong rested his chin on his hand and looked toward his daughter. “That also means to say, Rolle Resource Development no longer holds a monopoly on the underground resources now.


“The Ash Chamber of Commerce is intending to release their own series of products to unseat Rolle Resource, or maybe even… in a bid to overthrow us. This has been years in the making, and the entire project is being overseen by Cherry Chapman. She should likely be very busy.”

Ji Zhixiu’s eyes went to that document.


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Dark elves, the forest dwelling race that worshiped the Broodmother, had discovered another entrance in the Broodmother’s fabled lair. This was one of the only two paths to the underground from Azir.


And this had happened… a century ago.

Cherry’s return wasn’t just the start of the plan, but her mixed lineage of druid and dark elf blood had been the foundation of cooperation between the Ash Chamber of Commerce and the dark elves.


From the beginning, they had long hatched the plan to break Rolle Resource Development’s monopoly but had kept it in the dark.


Now, a war without gunpowder was about to commence…


Ji Zhixiu couldn’t help but let out a heavy sigh upon reading through the document.


These transcendent beings and the long-lived species had such time and patience to devote themselves to a single mission. This was the reason ordinary mortals had no way of defeating them.


If not for her entering the bookstore on that rainy night, Rolle Resource Development would perhaps be greatly impacted, or possibly be completely routed.


But now, Ji Zhixiu smirked and chuckled. “Busy, heh… Isn’t that just great?”


In that case, Boss Lin would be all hers.

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