Chapter 250: Protect The Best — Boss Lin

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Prima lowered Primordial Tome of Potions and took a peep at Lin Jie who was still reading.

It had been a while since Andrew left.

Without any customers, the bookstore had returned back to its usual quiet and tranquility. The peacefulness of the place seemed as if it was isolated from the world.

The hustle and bustle of the outside world had nothing to do with this place.

The focused young man quietly turned over a page of the book in his hand. His head was slightly tilted downwards, and he gave off the vibe of a scholar. He was just like a very ordinary and harmless student studying in the ivory tower and not like someone who had served as a university lecturer.

Even more than that, he certainly did not seem like a mysterious and powerful bookshop owner in possession of a great deal of forbidden knowledge.

He was too young and a really good natured man, who was adept at taking care of others...

These were thoughts Prima had more than once.

Even though she had only been here for a few days, she could still feel that the bookstore owner was an “amiable and approachable” man from up close.

Kind and warmhearted like a friend next door.

Which was why it always made people assume that the bookstore owner was really “just an ordinary person.”

But when her gaze turned to the fat white cat by the young man's hand and the rings on his fingers, such thoughts were instantly dispelled.

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Besides... Even the Vice-Chairman of the Truth Union, a powerful figure often mentioned by my sister, came to visit Boss Lin in person to apologize.

Prima couldn't help but shiver when she recalled all that she had seen.

Andrew seemed as though he was possessed by something invisible... There was surely something off about that book.

The compendium in her hands, for example, didn't just contain descriptions of various herbs but also had some sealed-away material that were almost nonexistent.

Those medicinal herbs were 'growing' and 'living' within and even possessed their own consciousness within the book.

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Every book in the bookstore was extraordinary.

So, how could this bookstore owner be an ordinary man?

And that silver box, I’m sure about it. It’s the fabled treasure of Vice-Chairman Andrew's family clan, the 'Clockwheel Worm.’ Since he actually gifted such an important family treasure to Boss Lin, it's likely that he must have done something to offend Boss Lin in the past…

From another angle, for Vice-Chairman Andrew to apologize with such an important gift, it must mean that their entire family would suffer something worse than losing the Clockwheel Worm if they weren't forgiven.

...When I think about it this way, why does it seem like Boss Lin is the bad guy?

...Wait, no. It can’t be…?

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The young lady, whose head was still in the clouds, suddenly seemed to have come to an evident truth and her face froze.

If Boss Lin was the antagonist, those matters that were previously impossible to explain would all seem to make sense.

Prima peeked at Lin Jie cautiously, only a faint voice inside her heart was still wanting to convince herself that Lin Jie was a good man, just that his means were more... peculiar.

The cat might be just ugly, Andrew's abnormality could be just a misconception, and it's normal for the books that were transcendent objects to be a little strange...

Noticing Prima's gaze, Lin Jie looked up and asked, "Student Prima, what's wrong?"

He closed up the book he was reading with care. His movements were always gentle when handling books because it was the basic respect to knowledge.

But if it was a book for commercial sale, Lin Jie might perhaps be a little rougher with it.

Prima shook her head and waved her hands frantically. “Nothing, nothing,” she said. “I just miss my sister…”

“I see.”

Lin Jie placed the book aside and nodded. He then said helplessly, “I just asked Andrew for help. Having Jerome confess to his crime right away might be impossible. I do understand your worry. After all, your sister’s current situation may be very dangerous, and she might have already encountered it.

“But you must also understand that being anxious now is of no use. Rather, it would disturb your state of mind and hinder the recovery of your wounds. What you need to do is to remain calm and wait patiently so that you can greet your hated enemies at your strongest, and then strike them hard.

"Do you understand?"

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Prima nodded her head repeatedly like a chick pecking at rice as she listened to Lin Jie’s guidance.

Lin Jie gave her a warm, reliable, and gentle smile upon seeing this. “I asked Andrew to call me as soon as he receives any news. Rest assured that you will be informed as soon as there’s news. All you have to do is take care of yourself.”


Prima felt warm and fuzzy inside upon hearing this. “Thank you.”

Boss Lin’s methods are a little strange, but he’s certainly not a scary person. He has a close relationship with Lady Walpurgis after all, so he’s definitely kind!

Prima clenched her little fists and was firm about her belief.

"You're welcome. Helping to make the world a kinder place is a tiny personal wish of mine," replied Lin Jie with a smile.

The usually weak and timid Prima even felt an impulse to protect Lin Jie.

Even though she knew how powerful he was, she suddenly had this extreme desire to protect that smile of his!

Boss Lin is so kind, he surely has a sincere heart. But this world is always so cruel…

She wanted to become stronger like Boss Lin and accomplish this tiny wish!

Prima made up her mind.

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As she was immersed in her own idealistic thoughts, Boss Lin’s communications device suddenly rang.

Lin Jie fished it out and saw that Andrew’s name was being displayed. He raised an eyebrow and muttered, “Speak of the devil, seems like there has been progress.”

Prima sprang to the counter, eager to know how her sister was.

Boss Lin wanted to have Andrew bring Jerome over. I wonder if things went smoothly. Would something have happened? How is my sister?

Lin Jie shook his head when he saw the desperate look on Prima’s face and handed the communications device to her. “You can ask him yourself.”

Prima took the communications device nervously, breathing deeply before pressing it to her ear and answering the call.

Through the communicator, Andrew’s voice was trembling. “Mr. Lin… Jerome’s dead! He died in his office for no apparent reason. His neck was snapped and his brain, organs, bones, and flesh were hollowed out... All that was left was his skin, and he looked as if he had seen something terrible, full of fear and hysteria.

“Only a near-perfect quality philosopher's stone was left by his side.”

His voice got shakier and he took several deep breaths before continuing, “I still remember your instructions... I-I will bring ‘him’ to you.”

Lin Jie’s words echoed in Prima’s ears. “Having Jerome confess to his crime right away might be impossible—”

The young lady was stunned.

Indeed, it was impossible for Jerome to confess his crime immediately.

But, he could die right away.

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