Chapter 248: Raziel Stopped Thinking

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The non-existent rain stagnated in the non-existent continuum of space-time.


Backtracking droplets of rain fluttered upwards in the dark night sky, defying all logic, turning into crystal clear threads. An extremely twisted profile of the bookstore reflected in the stretched oval surface of these water threads.


It was as if the entire world wasn’t real — in truth, that was accurate.


This was a historically-chronicled illusion fabricated by “Witnesser” using a large amount of reversion magic that only existed within the distance between Raziel’s eyes and his spectacle lens.


No one else could see it besides him.


And it didn’t even exist.


A simple analogy would be that these scenes were a series of objectively documented footage…


Everything that was going to happen within was already set in stone and absolutely nothing was going to be changed.


Yet, this evidently imaginary world had shattered the boundary between reality and imaginary at this very moment.


The dark, blurry figure didn’t only know of Raziel’s existence but had even pointed its finger at him. Clearly, it was aware of where Raziel was.


It was just like a character in a television series, suddenly turning toward the audience behind the screen before pointing and talking to them.

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This was simply a scene straight out of a ghastly horror film!


That would be how any ordinary person would feel. But to the Supreme-ranked Raziel with titles such as ‘Ethereal Wisdom’ and ‘Leader of Scholars,’ it was even more so.


Perhaps it was because of his mighty abilities and extensive knowledge that he could better comprehend the profoundness and mystery of this kind of terror.


At this moment, he was shuddering in fear. His scalp had gone numb and his entire body shook violently.


A thought was screaming in his mind without restraint, like a looping nightmare — It’s seen me! It’s found me!


Logically speaking, he was well aware that this was impossible.


Raziel, as a well-rounded scholar, had spent significant time studying space-time and other relevant subjects. Yet, no matter which discipline he approached the problem with, there was just no explanation for this.


It was simply beyond his comprehension.


Because this scene… didn’t even exist…


It was a mere illusion fabricated with aether and the use of machinery. It was all fake!


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This isn’t real. It really doesn’t exist…


In fact, the “Witnesser” could only store and construct these images through Raziel’s mind. It was not even possible for it to be an arrival method commonly used by Supreme-ranks because the place did not even exist!


“How can something that does not exist even be changed? How does it even know that I’m here, looking for and observing it?” Raziel muttered to himself as he stared at this scene in confusion.


Being the Supreme-ranked scholar he was, Raziel had begun to contemplate about the bizarre occurrence as the countless possibilities flashed across his mind like a meteor shower in the night sky. Rationality allowed him to keep his cool as he pondered about the mystery.


All of a sudden, another thought surfaced abruptly like a tide crashing against a rock, breaking into a clear and simple answer.


Unless — he had tampered with Raziel’s own consciousness…


Raziel had an epiphany.


So this is it!


Indeed, this is the only possibility.


Something that did not exist could not possibly be manipulated. The only viable explanation was that it had tampered with Raziel, himself.


Raziel was instantly enlightened.

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“An impressive thought process and method. The owner of the bookstore… Lin Jie, wants to induce me with fear so that I’d admit defeat without putting up a fight?”


His trembling body gradually calmed down, and he had once again assumed his usual grave, confident yet relaxed expression as he slowly broke into a smile.

“Unfortunately, I have seen through your scheme and will not fall for such tricks… But to resort to such mind games, I’m afraid your abilities might not be as ‘unimaginable’ as described.

“You are merely just dangerous. In that case…”


Raziel stared at the scene before him which had started to change once more. As time rewound, the usual tranquillity gradually resumed to the bookstore. Gone were the alterations, as though the dark, terrifying, and bizzare rainy night had all been a fleeting illusion.


Shortly after.


Shaking his head slowly, Raziel stopped fiddling with the knob on the spectacles as he gently tapped on the frame, deactivating “Witnesser.”


Search Hosted Novel for the original.

He had already rewound the time to two and a half years back. The scene before him had remained unchanged for quite some time.


Lin Jie arrived in Norzin three years ago and there was almost no visible change within that span of two years. Any further rewinding would probably not yield any tangible results.


The image in the mirror changed once again to display real time monitoring.


“Looks like my adorable gem, my masterpiece, my creation will return to my side shortly… S-277, or should I say Mu’en now?”

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Raziel revealed a confident and determined smile as he observed the young girl occupied with work in the book cafe. He took a deep breath and adjusted his spectacles. “I can wait no longer, there isn’t any existence more perfect than this… My homunculus creation has developed a consciousness and emotions of its own, my path to divinity…”


His voice got softer, then he suddenly raised his hands, pressing fingers to his temples and chuckled.


“Hehehehahahaha… you think is was enough to scare me?!


“You merely tampered with my consciousness to create that illusion. You think I’d not realize it? I must say, your ploy of getting me to step in your trap unknowingly was indeed impressive. But you must be underestimating the intelligence of a Supreme-ranked scholar. Why would I waver because of this?


“Lin Jie… you must be feeling delighted now? But I must say that you are wrong…

“You can see me, but I can find you as well! You think you’ve hidden yourself well? No, I’ve found you!

“Hahahahaha… Where? Where are you?”


Raziel revealed a strange, mysterious smile as though he was staring right at the bookstore owner through the lens. In a screechy voice, he called out.




His fingers against his temple became razor sharp as they drilled inwards, breaking open skin, flesh, and bone, reaching for the brain... Till eventually, his palm covered his entire brain, holding on tightly.



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