Chapter 242: All Things Are One

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With a deluge of complicated feelings, Andrew flipped the cover of the book, bracing for his destiny.


His fingers came into contact with the cover and the pages as he lifted the book gradually. Though the book was light, Andrew felt an immense pressure weighing on him.


The formless pressure came surging from all directions—from gazes within the void, from the eternal stars in the firmament…


Andrew was fear-stricken. Chaotic screams thundered in his mind as his temple throbbed. An impending sense of danger beat against his heart and mind vehemently as dancing shadows surrounded him.


Thump! Thump! Thump!


His heart pounded with each contraction. His entire body was visibly shaking as he violently gasped for air as if he were drowning.


“Huff… Huff…”


It felt nothing like flipping open a thin book.


Rather, he felt like he was unlatching the gates suppressing the forbidden truth.



Andrew was sweating profusely as he stared with dread at the contact point between the book and his hands. As the page gradually separated from the cover, Andrew could feel his strength being siphoned into the book.


At this moment, he was already past the point of no return.


Indeed, there was no way of going back and no way of stopping now!


Andrew realized that he was no longer in control of his body. His arm seemed to gain a life of its own and was on the verge of opening the book.


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The pages flipped open as various warped and forbidden runes burst out like a sandstorm. Andrew felt as though he was trapped in a storm of “knowledge.”


The gale raged on like a torrent of blades piercing through his mind. His body recoiled in defiance as the urge to scream and escape further intensified.


No, no! Argh!!!


Andrew involuntarily let out silent screams as pain and hysteria tore away his sanity.


He could feel his consciousness drifting, twisting, and stretching as he transcended over countless bizarre worlds. A door opened before him as blinding light escaped through the gap like a halo originating from a source deep in the darkness.


A mere peek through the gap of this door was enough to shatter his soul.


Andrew’s gaze was fixed on the surface of the halo which was transmitting large amounts of information. Overloaded with information, he swelled up in an instant and a destructive explosion shortly followed.



Because his thoughts were entangled within the storm of “knowledge,” instead of perishing, Andrew's soul converged with the storm…


And he was gradually reborn.


Everything occurred on the level of his mind, thoughts, and soul. Hence, on the surface, Andrew appeared to be merely flipping through the pages frantically as he fell silent.


His head drooped lower, and his eyes turned lifeless.


However, something slowly sparked, deep within his pupils… an endless circle with neither origin nor end.

Five minutes passed.


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“Mr. Lin, is Vice-Chairman Andrew alright?”


Prima, feeling increasingly uneasy, could no longer suppress her question. She glanced at the back of the strangely silent Andrew who was sitting at the counter.


In fact, she had witnessed the Vice-Chairman, whom her sister spoke about in high regard, spasm abnormally five minutes ago. It didn't seem like a usual cramp but rather seemed as if some sort of incredible force was weighing down on him as he struggled with his all…


Even more unnerving were the twisted, thick veins and growth-like bulges protruding at his shoulder beneath his suit.


As if some sort of monster had entered his body.




Lin Jie immediately raised his finger, signaling Prima to remain silent as he gave her an annoyed look.


Prima, slightly taken aback, swiftly covered her mouth with her hands.


After ensuring that Andrew wasn't interrupted did Lin Jie beckon toward Prima before he got up and moved to the side.



Prima followed him apprehensively.


With a baffled look, Lin Jie said, “Didn’t you see him being engrossed in the book? Can there even be anything wrong?"


Prima stared at Lin Jie’s nonchalant demeanor, then thought about the strange state of Andrew's body, and her doubts started to deepen.


Mr. Lin had ties with Walpurgis who controls the night, or was possibly even a being that exceeded her status.


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But this... didn't guarantee that he would be a conventionally 'kind' person.


Given how Andrew was acting today, he had probably irked Mr. Lin previously which explained him visiting to apologize. Thus, it was well understandable if Mr. Lin was giving him a slight punishment.


That was what Prima attempted to convince herself with.


“It's a done deal… Academics, being academic, are naturally lovers of books that can grasp the essence within the pages. See that fascinated look of his? It's as if he's being devoured by the book. No wonder Hood and those other brats came and attempted to steal some,” said Lin Jie with a broad smile as he eyed Andrew, who was evidently indulging himself in the book.


“So the Truth Union is actually a truly large clientèle. Should I continue building on it and take down the entire Truth Union?” muttered Lin Jie to himself. (Lin Jie means taking the entire Truth Union's patronage in this case)


A cold shiver ran down Prima’s spine.



Devoured by the book?


Taking down the entire Truth Union?


Oh my gosh… What exactly is Mr. Lin up to? This feels like a really fearsome plan…


Wait a moment, I’ve heard everything, what am I to do?

Will I be silenced?!


The raven-haired young lady’s face paled as she stared at Lin Jie in terror.


Lin Jie glanced at her and thought to himself in bemusement that his manner of tone might have been a little too much for the kid. Consequently, he reached out to pat Prima’s head and said warmly, “I’m sorry if I have frightened you. I was being a little too hasty. After all, the bookstore rarely has customers so I've got to be a bit more efficient in grabbing opportunities."


Prima watched the warm smiling face of Lin Jie and gulped. She hurriedly shook her head. “No, no..."

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I didn't see anything!


Although Lin Jie felt this kid was acting strange, he decided to put his concerns to rest since she insisted that she was fine.


He instructed Prima to bring over a pot of hot water as he resumed his position at the counter.


Andrew seemed to have broken out from his dazed state as he flipped the remaining pages of the book slowly, his eyes filled with devout determination and… fervent passion.


“”How do you feel?”


Lin Jie sat down and asked eagerly.


“Never been better.” Andrew’s sight was locked onto the book in his hand. “I seem to have understood, yet it feels like I have not.”



“That’s perfectly normal. The contents of the book should be savored and deliberated unhurriedly.”


That goes without saying. What would I have to sell if you could grasp it immediately?


With a smile, Lin Jie hinted, “For instance, the book mentions that there is another form of communication besides words.


“If you can master this form of nonverbal communication, the world would be yours to interpret.


“Do you know what it is?”

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Looking straight at Lin Jie, Andrew recited it word by word, “All things are one… One as all, all as one.”

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