Chapter 241: Gate of Truth

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Lin Jie placed the book on the countertop.

The Alchemist bore another title in Mandarin, Young Shepherd's Fantastical Journey. The translated one wasn't as widely known as the main title, but it was more closely accurate to the book’s contents.

The story was very simple, narrating the tale of a young shepherd that dreamed of a treasure at the Egyptian pyramids and the hardships and experiences in his search where he gained a mysterious power and found love.

However, when he reached the Pyramid at long last, he wasn't able to find any treasure. Eventually, he realized that the treasure was in the abandoned church where he first had the dream.

This was an extremely allegorical classic, where anyone, regardless of whichever stage they were in life, could interpret different truths and gain different inspiration from it.

It could be considered a good read for all ages.

In other words, this book could sell well, and most people would be open to reading it when recommended.

Lin Jie would generally choose bestsellers for customers he didn’t know well and had difficulty providing the right remedy for their problems.

Moreover, the Vice-Chairman seemed like he had a bumpy fate. As a folklorist, Lin Jie knew a little about Chinese physiognomy.

A darkened glabella. Surely things haven't been going well for him recently and he needs some positivity to perk him up...

"There is a type of language in the universe understood by everyone, yet it's already been forgotten."

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With a meaningful look, Lin Jie pointed at the cover and said, "This book is about that type of language, and all the answers you seek can be found inside."

The author of The Alchemist wasn't really writing about actual alchemy but instead referring to the 'alchemy of mind and life.'

In fact, the forgotten language that this book intended to convey was the philosophy of the heart.

Of course, that wasn't how to sell books. Lin Jie couldn't just go up to Andrew and say that he was selling chicken soup for the soul; there needed to be some suspense.

"A language of the universe..." Andrew was already on the edge of his seat when he saw the title, Gate of Truth. When he heard what Lin Jie last said, his entire body started to tremble.

Like a pilgrim on a journey of spiritual awakening, he took a deep breath, then stretched out his fingers to touch the contours of the book.



This was the true meaning of alchemy. It was the language of the universe!

Just as the bookstore owner had said, this was a book for alchemists!

Andrew's full name was Andrew Russell.

His last name and the family clan he was from were famous for alchemy.

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Furthermore, although Andrew dabbled in many other fields, all of it paled in comparison to his achievements in alchemy.

Before becoming Vice-Chairman, Andrew had been the former Head of Alchemy at the Truth Union.

However, at that time, none of the Russell family’s scholars within the Truth Union were as accomplished in alchemy as Walter, the current Head of Alchemy. Thus, Andrew could only give up his position to the latter.

For that reason, the relationship between Andrew and Walter wasn't that harmonious.

The Clockwheel Worm was a work of their family's alchemy, and the ruby plate on the device was made of the purest philosopher's stone they could synthesize at present.

Most of the energy consumed during equivalent exchange for the control of time came from the philosopher's stone.

Andrew's eyes were fixed on the book in front of him as if in some sort of trance.

His thoughts were running rampant, his cells were screaming, his instinct as an alchemist told him that this book contained the answer to his lifelong pursuit!

“C-can I open it and have a look?”

Before he knew it, Andrew's voice had become soft, cautious, filled with pleading and eagerness. His gaze locked on to the book as if it was the most precious treasure in the world.

His heart was pounding and his mouth parched. Right now, he was even more nervous than when he had his first love affair with a certain lady back in his youth.

No one else could understand. If this was the end goal that all alchemists sought, they could abandon everything else just for it.

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Every scholar was in the pursuit of truth. Though they might have their own paths and propositions, they were all searching for the truth of the world and the universe.

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This was the reason the Truth Union was established and its vision pursued diligently.

But now, Andrew had a vague feeling that the truth was being placed before him ever so casually.

How absurd...

Andrew didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He had wondered why a proud man like Wilde would sell his soul to the bookstore, how Joseph could forgo his own personal vendetta and pay such great respect to it. Even Secret Rite Tower had suspended its cooperative partnership with the Truth Union with regards to the investigation of it.

He was also unable to understand the Church of the Dome's collapse and the establishment of the new faith that was influenced by the bookstore; because even other stronger Supreme-ranks could also accomplish such deeds. It was just a matter of how much effort they wanted to expend.

But he suddenly understood when the bookstore owner placed the book in front of him.

What if all that one was pursuing in their entire life was just akin to a random book that could be conveniently picked out?

When all that one believed in crumbled, what else could they rely on?

"Of course." Lin Jie pushed the book over and said matter-of-factly, "Books are meant to be read. I think this book was meant for you. Perhaps it can help you with your recent predicament."

Boss Lin flashed a kindly smile.

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You'll have to buy it once you read it... Hehe, one look and I can tell he's a customer with a fat wallet and regards his reputation highly. If he wants to leave a good impression, he has to buy it even if he’s unwilling to do so.

Andrew was stunned.

What a generous gift... This was what it meant by ‘the truth is selfless.’

"Don't you believe me?" After noticing Andrew's frozen expression, Lin Jie took a long sip of tea and assumed that Andrew must have been skeptical of what he had just said.

Thus, Lin Jie continued to dupe him with a brilliant smile, "Just as this book reveals, once you make a decision, you have actually fallen into a great current that takes you to a place you never thought of when making the decision. The experiences of all the people in the world are connected through this current.

"That's why we can know everything, because everything is destined."

With his enigmatic smile, Lin Jie continued on, "Today, when you see this book, you are actually facing a choice at the crossroads of destiny. And you will know whether your choice was right or wrong one day in the future."

Although his choice of words were filled with ambiguity, the person who heard this would surely hesitate for a moment.

He might regret for a while if he bought it, or he might regret for a lifetime if he didn’t.

The inner scale of balance within his heart would tilt, making him think that since it wasn't expensive anyway, he might as well buy and give it a try.

Andrew swallowed. Fate did seem to have diverged into two paths before him.

He shut his eyes and extended a trembling hand to flip the book open.

"I think I won't regret my choice today," he whispered.

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