Chapter 240: Call Him Over For A Bit

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Andrew's mind was terrified by his latest guess.

But the more he thought about it, the more it made sense because the Clockwheel Worm was still considered a rare class of transcendental object even from a Supreme-rank's perspective.

As a gift, it was definitely valuable enough, or at least it was of equivalence to the demon sword. The bookstore owner's reluctance definitely wasn't a result of the Clockwheel Worm being insufficient in value.

This is absolutely the true power of laws!

The amount of power a Clockwheel Worm could exert was completely dependent on the user’s amount of aether. Due to numerous limitations, a Destructive-rank expending his full might would only manage to let it affect a small area.

Basically, it could only be used during crucial moments to save one's own life. But if the wielder was killed off before managing to activate it, then, this little thing would be useless.

Its use was really very limited.

Still, this was an artifact powerful enough to change one's fate.

Otherwise, Andrew's family would not have gone to the expense of building this device and then keeping this transcendental object as a family heirloom that was kept in secret and being passed down from each head of the family clan in succession.

But… Andrew felt that he had overlooked one thing.

And that was the bookstore owner before him. Just what sort of domains of power did he hold and till what extent?

As Secret Rite Tower had made all information and intelligence reports concerning the bookstore to 'sealed,' whatever the Truth Union could uncover for now was only bits and pieces.

All they knew was that Lin Jie’s capabilities were definitely at Supreme-rank or higher, but they didn’t know anything specific; only the general description of 'omniscient and omnipotent.'

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However, were there any faiths that didn't portray their god as omniscient and omnipotent?

Andrew had tried to see things from a logical point of view and didn’t reckon that the bookstore owner was as powerful as claimed. There was a possibility that these were exaggerations from other customers as well as Secret Rite Tower trying to curry favor.

But now, he came to the sudden realization that although the bookstore owner wasn’t at that level of omnipotence, he was surely in control of a higher domain judging from Secret Rite Tower’s bootlicking attempts.

And perhaps Andrew had acted without much thought and happened to end up showing off in front of an expert…

Andrew carefully observed the expression of the young man seated across him, but he wasn’t able to gain any clues.

Lin Jie eyed the Truth Union’s Vice-Chairman who seemed to get weirder by the minute suspiciously, then knocked on the table. “Besides coming to apologize, is there anything else? Did you forget something?”

He suspected that there was something wrong with this Vice-Chairman, and the way he was acting now reminded him of an Alzheimer’s patient that he had seen a long time ago.

Constantly looking at the other people’s faces every now and then to determine if there was any issue with his memory as well as trying their hardest to remember what they were doing.

Andrew shuddered. The tension that had cooled returned once more.

This-this is a warning!

Since the bookstore owner was feeling unsatisfied with the gift he had just given, naturally, Andrew had to increase his leverage!

As if hinting at Andrew that he needed to hurry and offer his utmost sincerity!

“Books! I’d like to buy books!”

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Andrew exclaimed before hurriedly adding, “I’ve heard so much about you and your bookstore, and as a scholar devoting my life to learning and a member of the Truth Union, I am filled with awe and thirst for knowledge. Therefore, I’d very much like to have your books, at any price!”

He was now completely sincere and trying his best to say nice things in hopes of becoming a customer of the bookstore.

The bookstore owner wouldn't reject anyone who came to him for help, but the premise was to buy his books.

At the same time, only those able to get a book would get the power that they desired.

Lin Jie was momentarily stumped for a split second before his usual professional smile appeared. All hints of displeasure and hesitation vanished, his expressions switching faster than a Sichuan opera face-changing artist switch masks.

“Oh… You’re here to get books. You should have said so earlier.

"Just buy books if you are here to do so. You really didn't have to bring a gift if that were so, you're way too polite.

"Here, please sit."

Lin Jie gestured to the high stool in front of the counter.

“Oh, mm.” Andrew froze for a moment, then sat down before the counter. A wave of exhilaration and ecstasy finally swept through him.

Having gone through this bumpy rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, he had finally earned the bookstore owner’s approval and gained the right to buy books.

Whether his previous mistakes could be forgiven would all depend on how he performed now.

Lin Jie shifted the box with the Clockwheel Worm to the side and waved to Prima. “Pour us some tea.”

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Prima’s injuries were already much better and walking around freely was no longer an issue.

Naturally, she came running over to help when she heard Boss Lin’s orders.

Andrew had noticed the presence of this young girl right from the start. Although he knew that this was Margaret's younger sister, he wasn't all too familiar with her...

No, hold on, why would Margaret’s younger sister appear here!? 

Having calmed his frayed nerves, Andrew finally had the time to think about this.

Margaret was still missing, yet her sister had bizarrely appeared in the bookstore…

At that moment, Lin Jie took a cup of hot tea from Prima and pushed it over to Andrew, then asked, “Do you know who Prima’s uncle is?”

A higher-ranking executive of the Truth Union was now right in front of him, so he might as well get information directly.

Andrew was horrified. “Jerome!”

So that was it... Andrew understood that the bookstore owner already knew the answer. He looked toward Prima's pale face and noticed that she was hurt.

That also meant that Jerome was indeed the mole and was also from the group that had attacked Margaret.

Jerome hadn't just made a move on Margaret but had attempted to kill Prima as well.

And Prima had just so happened to reach the bookstore to seek help.

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That meant to say that both of them had a common enemy!

Lin Jie spoke, “Looks like you know…”

Andrew smiled grimly. “There's no need to go on. I didn’t realize that he was the mole all this time. It's a failure of duty and foolishness on my part. I was influenced by him and made many mistakes in the past, but I have now repented and want to take ownership of my mistakes.”

From the looks of it, Lin Jie felt he didn’t need to say anything more. The Vice-Chairman before him was already aware of Jerome’s offense.

And Jerome’s bad deeds didn’t stop at just one.

Lin Jie nodded. “Very well. I too have some things I’d like to talk to him about. Could you call him over for a bit?”

Andrew froze. “W-What do you need of him?”

With a very subdued smile, Lin Jie raised his head, gesturing at the doorway. Andrew turned to look and saw the door with an obviously patched up hole.

“I’d like to speak with him regarding compensation for this door.”

“No problem!” Andrew immediately nodded his head vigorously. He was delighted.

What perfect timing. Jerome had gotten himself into trouble at the right time, so Andrew now had the opportunity to lift himself out of the bookstore’s blacklist.

Now satisfied, Lin Jie continued, “I’ll wait for your good news… Oh right, what sort of books are you looking for?

"I can recommend a few books to you, such as this copy of The Alchemist. I personally really like this one…”

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