Chapter 237: Cat Food Delivery

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Prima felt like she had understood completely!

Her concerns were unwarranted. In fact, she had always been too emotional. True medical research required absolute focus and a rational mind.

She should have devoted her time to studying the properties and effects of ingredients and how to use them to create more effective doses of elixirs instead of what she was doing now. She felt out of place like a clueless, lost tourist debating about the historical origins of an attraction site.

These raw materials might seem appalling, and the process of acquiring them was likely strange and gruesome. But ultimately, these were just medicinal materials.

These materials might even have been donated by noble beings with the selfless intention to make the world a better place.

Yet, she had the audacity to worry about these medicinal herbs being immoral. Now this was true disrespect!

It was plain disrespect to the contributors, researchers, and beneficiaries alike.

This was a great disrespect to the study of medicine!

Prima was still too narrow-minded and lacked foresight.

Medical research required a pious, pure, and idealistic heart, and she still had much to work on, both technically and mentally.

Prima instantly came to realize the well intentions of the young man in front of her.

All along, she had been indulging herself in her own world, isolating herself in that small room conducting research and abstaining from interacting with anyone. She kept such a low profile that barely anyone in her clan knew her.

This was the reason she achieved tremendous success in the field of medicine, and even her sister, Margaret, marveled at her innate talent.

Margaret insisted that if Prima was willing to be officially appraised by the Truth Union, she would definitely blow away all those other self-proclaimed young geniuses.

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However, at the same time, she lacked the experience to deal with problems, easily swayed by her emotions, and prone to imagining things.     

These were all areas for improvement for her… She needed to bring the calm and collected Prima when it came to conducting medical research into other aspects of her life.

She just had to do it!

Prima’s eyes burned bright as she nodded heavily like a chick pecking on rice.

“Thank you for your guidance! I believe I still have plenty of inadequacies and a long way to go on the road of medical research.”


Lin Jie breathed a sigh of relief as he finally managed to bluff his way through.

He had really miscalculated this time around.

Had he known this would happen, he would have picked a conventional academic book of medicine instead. While Compendium of Materia Medica was a classic, it had its own deficiencies. It was a perfectly fine read but had the chance of causing massive confusion in this other world.

But at least, under his positive guidance, it was unthinkable that the young lady would be led astray.

“Don't hesitate to ask me if you have other questions,” Lin Jie reminded her again in a bid to reassure himself.

Prima nodded as she watched the uplifting scene of Lin Jie playing with the cat.

As she saw Boss Lin rubbing the cat’s head, she couldn't help giving a typical smile that teenage girls had when they noticed something adorable.

But a moment later, her smile vanished and her face turned ghastly pale as she remembered that it was the very same cat which tore the dark elf stalker apart before devouring her whole.

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If it was that frightening thing substituting for the chubby white cat here, this scene would no longer be heartwarming and horrifying instead…

“Speaking of it, I seem to have forgotten to get cat food… Wouldn't Whitey be starving if he has nothing to eat?

“What should I do? If only there was a cat food delivery service, sigh...” Lin Jie muttered with a frown.

As he stroked Whitely’s bulging belly, a faint growling sound was heard.

In fact, he felt really helpless. Norzin still did not have delivery service, and it took a long time for Lin Jie to get accustomed to it when he first came.

Neither was there online shopping or other such services.

Now, when he wanted to purchase some cat food, it was quite a hassle, for he had to source for pet shops nearby before heading down in person to get it.

At times like this, he would yearn for his favorite e-commerce platform!

However, considering the amount of fat present in Whitey’s soft wobbly tummy, that fat cat should be able to hold out for a while more.

Normal food should be fine too… Lin Jie mused as he watched the chubby white cat rolling about on the countertop.

Prima shuddered and went back to concentrating on her book, feigning to be focused and pretending like she hadn't heard Boss Lin's words.

Cat food…

To this unidentified creature of horror, 'cat food' could very well be Pandemonium-rank transcendent beings.

Therefore, from what Mr. Lin’s said, he probably meant that a transcendent being would be visiting the bookstore!

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Prima wondered to herself, Don't tell me there are other assassins coming?

That uncle of hers, Jerome, was definitely incapable of assaulting and kidnapping Margaret alone. His reputation and connections within the clan weren't comparable to that of her sister. There was likely a group of people backing him.

Jerome would be sure to take further actions when he realized that the dark elf had gone off-grid.

Since the Pandemonium-rank Dark Elf Stalker had failed, he would definitely send someone much more powerful subsequently.

These people would probably be able to engage the services of a Destructive-rank…

But... Prima stole a glance at Lin Jie. Sending any number of them here would be useless...

With Mr. Lin around, even Destructive-ranks would surely be fodder.

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Deep down, this young lady had already placed Lin Jie at the highest pedestal — above Supreme-rank.

Yet, the next person that passed through the bookstore’s entrance was not the fiendish assassin she was expecting.

Instead, it was a courteous, striking old gentleman.

Yes, Prima was using striking to describe this tuxedo-clad, graceful old man.

He had neatly combed blonde hair and a pair of profound, deep blue eyes. With that charming gaze of his, his charisma could even match that of a young lad at the parties of the affluent young ladies.

At the same time, he exhibited a cool, collected composure of an academic and had an air of prestige.

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The combination of the two seemingly contradicting characteristics created a shroud of mystery around him.

It wasn’t hard to picture; he was probably a ladies’ man back in his younger days.

However, as he entered the bookstore, he appeared disturbed and was cautious in his every move while struggling to put on a calm front.

It was akin to a timid man finally mustering the courage to enter the haunted house, forcing himself to enter despite being engulfed in terror.

The irony reflected on him was comedic.

Prima was taken aback when she realized that she recognized the old man — he was one of the few figures that Margaret had insisted her to remember as he could very possibly become her immediate superior in the future.

Andrew, the Truth Union's Vice-Chairman.

Prima glanced at Andrew and then Whitey as her face paled in an instant.

Could this be… the cat food delivery?

Lin Jie broke into a wide smile as he looked up. “Welcome.”

Prima could seemingly sense the malice embedded within the smile.

Andrew headed straight toward the counter the moment he entered. After a deep breath, he began speaking, “You should know my intent here, I’m terribly sorry about what had happened previously…”

“Hold on.”

Lin Jie maintained his smile, his eyes had a hint of confusion. “Please pardon me for my ignorance, it seems like we haven't met… You are?”'

Andrew: “...”

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