Chapter 235: Citrus

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Lin Jie got up early as usual and was in high spirits after accomplishing a good deed.

As the saying goes, a day’s plan lies in the early morning. Waking up after a nightmare would no doubt lead to a glum mood that would ruin the entire day.

Constantly burdened by and worrying about her clan’s survival had resulted in Doris dreaming about being helpless when her clan faced a crisis.

Such a nightmare would no doubt add on to her anxiety and might even lead to an undesirable aftermath. Doris was a potential VIP customer, and she shouldn’t be neglected.

Therefore, Lin Jie had spent some of his aether, which he didn’t have much use for currently, to turn the nightmare into a pleasant dream…

Truth be told, calling it a pleasant dream might have been excessive glorification. However, it was a tragedy turned nonsensical with a tinge of comedy. At least, it wouldn’t pile onto Doris’s negative emotions…

However, this wasn’t important. The main point was helping others!

As a passionate and kind man who liked to help others, Lin Jie felt that it was all worthwhile!

Lin Jie quickly washed up, humming as he strolled into the kitchen. He put on an apron as he readied himself to whip up a scrumptious breakfast for Mu’en and his new tenant.

He hadn't done any household chores himself ever since taking in the reliable Mu’en.

However, years of singlehood had led to Lin Jie developing top notch culinary skills.

After placing three servings of poached eggs and vegetable toast on the mini dining table in the kitchen, Lin Jie headed over to Mu’en’s room and knocked on the door. “Time for breakfast.”

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Lin Jie has been extremely serious about inculcating gender awareness in Mu’en.

At the beginning, Mu’en would never close the door to her room, but now she would lock her door obediently. On top of that, she would inform Lin Jie whenever she was using the bathroom to avoid any awkward incidents.

It was indeed gratifying for ‘Dad’ Lin Jie.


The door swung open, revealing a tiny figure that emerged cautiously who was in fact not Mu’en but a bespectacled Prima with a fuzzy, rough braid.

The young lady’s face was slightly pale and seemed rather sickly. She had a pair of cotton slippers on and was wearing a white teengaer nightdress — Lin Jie had seen this outfit on Mu’en previously, evidently it was shared with her by the latter.

“Good morning,” Lin Jie greeted her with a cordial smile. “Slept well? Did you get along well with Mu’en?”

Prima let out an uneasy “Good, everything was good.”

She proceeded to stammer, “Lady Mu’en is great and very gentle. We get along really, really well, thank you for allowing me to interact with Lady Mu’en. This is the greatest honor of my life! Thank you so much!”

Prima started to sound excited as she spoke, recalling the night spent interacting and conversing with Lady Mu’en. She subconsciously held her chest because those intense feelings had yet to subside.

That night, she learned that Mu’en had already succeeded Walpurgis’s dream realm, or in other words, she would be the Primordial Witch’s successor while concurrently holding the sacred role of being the moon.

An equal to Walpurgis himself.

As one of Walpurgis’s annoited, this was akin to a Christian meeting with God for Prima. She was already woozy from bliss!

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She was even invited into Walpurgis’s dream realm; that soulful experience brought her to tears as she knelt to re-pledge her allegiance to Mu’en.

When Prima inquired about Lin Jie’s identity, Mu’en’s response left her speechless from shock.

— “He is my father who bestowed me with knowledge, strength, and a new life.”

She peered upwards cautiously to see an ordinary young man. It was unfathomable that he would be such an important figure.

The ‘father’ of the Primordial Witch. Prima possessed an extensive knowledge of the mystical and occult and understood right away that this wasn’t the conventional meaning of what a father was but rather a concept.

Everyone knew that the Primordial Witches were born from chaos…

Prima couldn’t help but blush while feeling short of breath. It was hard to imagine that she could be in the presence of such a higher being and she was stoked!

Lin Jie's face was wooden as he observed the young lady who seemed like she was smitten with someone.

Why does this conversation feel so strange? And isn’t this kid a little too polite, using honorifics even for someone of her similar age?

Mu’en is very gentle? …How is she gentle? What exactly happened between you two last night?


Together with that later sentence, isn’t this a complete confession of love?

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What a lass, Mu’en has really grown up…

Lin Jie felt as though he could pick up the scent of Citrus. (Citrus is a reference to the GL manga/anime with that title)

Find the original at *hosted* novel.

Yuri love was in the air.

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome.”

What else could Lin Jie reply, he was no feudal patriarch. With a loving and affable gaze of an elder, he raised his hand and patted Prima’s forehead. “As long as you two are happy, we’ll soon be a family.”

Prima felt the loving gaze of an old father, and her heart brimmed with reverence.

That’s right. Theoretically speaking, being Lady Mu’en’s family equates to being related to Boss Lin. A family indeed!

It was no surprise Walpurgis’s Contractual Ring is in the hands of Boss Lin. Turns out they are a family…

Prima nodded obediently.

Lin Jie withdrew his hand and scanned the room for signs of that uncommunicative, expressionless, and unreadable assistant of his, then asked, “Where is Mu’en?”

Prima responded immediately, “Lady Mu’en went to the book cafe next door to prepare for opening. The cafe has been closed for a few days, and she wanted to tidy up the place so it can be opened and make money for her boss.”

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Lin Jie was taken aback and felt deeply moved.

What a little sweetheart…

He then instructed Prima to bring over the breakfast from the kitchen to Mu’en next door.

Lin Jie had intended to do it himself initially. However, since the situation was as such, it was a good opportunity for Prima and Mu’en to foster their relationship.

After finishing his breakfast, Lin Jie headed downstairs to check on the cat.

“Meow… Meow?!”

The slumbering Whitey went into a frenzy when it was picked up.

Lin Jie stroked the cat as he brought it into his arms. Whitey slowly calmed down and became as quiet as a church mouse, subjecting itself to Lin Jie’s stroking and even brushed itself against him.

He opened the door of the bookstore, taking in a deep breath of the fresh, outside air before returning to the counter to begin operations for the day.

Having delivered the food, Prima requested a pen and notebook from Lin Jie and sat beside him to read through the Compendium of Materia Medica. She would periodically nod as though deeply engrossed in studying.

But after a while, her eyebrows scrunched up while appearing in deep thought. Then she would glance at Lin Jie from time to time as though she wanted to say something.

Noticing her gaze, Lin Jie broke into a smile. “Is there something that you don’t understand?”

Prima’s eyes lit up and she nodded. Straightening her posture, she raised her doubts earnestly, “Yes. In the book, it says that Dragons are also used for their medicinal properties. But dragons have already ceased to exist for a long time…”

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