Chapter 233: God Said (II)

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Doris did not exactly hear what the male voice behind her said.

It was as if this voice was speaking underwater, vague and distorted. Not a word was clear, and it even sounded a little erratic.

Only the tone was vaguely familiar.

But it was just that trace of familiarity that evoked Doris’ prophetic instincts.

In this brief moment, Doris seemed to have returned to the dimly lit bookstore. Before her was the dark-haired young man with onyx eyes sitting behind the counter bathed in dull yellow light. His chin resting on a hand above his folded arms with a kindly smile, and he had said—


Yes, it’s exactly the same!

The Great Blessed One?! 

There hadn’t been a single indication or any abnormal aether fluctuations since a while ago. And as far as her senses were concerned, there was also no one behind her at the moment. Was this a near-death hallucination?

However, the contact on her waist and her back was incredibly realistic, as if there really was an invisible person behind her and supporting her with absolute strength.

No, wait…

Doris finally came back to her senses. She took hold of the scepter again, gasping for breath, and regained her strength. Then, her consciousness returned to reality.

Her eyes narrowed as she remembered how she felt someone watching her in the forest when she had been awaiting the opening of the dream realm fissure.

At that time, she had guessed it was probably some mysterious and powerful being.

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But from the look of things now, could it be Lady Silver’s Blessed One?

Had he been watching from the sidelines all this while? Not only had he given her the solution to the crisis in advance, he had even personally come to help the desperate and helpless. Perhaps this was all a test; Lady Silver had witnessed the piety they held in their hearts and was willing to shelter them again!

But arriving in this manner without a trace… and that mysterious Elder Sign.

Just how strong is the Blessed One? Doris' mind was wild with guesses.

However, in her gradually clearing vision, the two newly arrived Subterranean Walkers were rushing at her, giving her a harsh reminder that now wasn’t the time to be distracted.     

She had to face the strong onslaught of the enemy.

She was about to pick up her scepter and resume fighting, but the being behind didn’t let her go. Instead, he pulled her back and commented in a tone of disgust, "These worms are really ugly, can't they be made to look better?"

This time, Doris heard the words better and could understand what was said.

However, being able to understand these words only made her more confused.

She could completely understand why he thought the worms were ugly, but what did he mean by "Can't they be made to look better?"...

She even wanted to ask, “Is it even possible for them to ‘be made to look better’?” They weren’t the creator, so how could they decide what these dream beasts should look like?

Then, Boss Lin showed her what he meant by ‘be made to look better.’

The one who made his sudden appearance and came to the rescue was naturally Lin Jie who had been silently observing from the sidelines as if he were watching an interesting movie.

Though this movie scene was somewhat distorted and had unclear audio as though a mist shrouded it.

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He had initially just wanted to see the plot of the dream and to try and interpret what Doris' subconscious thoughts meant.

His analysis had been on point in the beginning.

Take the giant worm for example, that probably represented Doris’ inner fear.

The appearance of that elven clan likely represented her inner sense of responsibility to her family.

Besides that, those scribbled charms that she got her kin to draw which inadvertently protected them were most likely a representation of the books that Lin Jie sold to her before.

This meant that her clan regarded his book as a hope of revival.

Lin Jie was amused by the thought that his book was a weird charm in Doris' dream.

But when the mother and child were nearly eaten by the worm, Lin Jie nearly couldn’t bear to watch on and almost personally modified the dream with his aether. Fortunately, that scribbled charm took effect at that time.

Later on, Lin Jie felt that he had to take action after seeing Doris refusing to give up even though her face was pale and she was as weak as a candle in the wind.

Lin Jie’s conscience would forever gnaw at him if the customer who bought 30 books died in front of his eyes!

Even though this was only a dream, it felt very real. All too real for Lin Jie that it could make him feel uncomfortable.

Why should he bring suffering upon himself if he felt extremely uncomfortable?

After all, this was just inside a dream.

He might as well just modify it for her.

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"It would be better if they were cats."

That was how Lin Jie put it.

With these thoughts, aether reconstructed the dream.

The two worms leaped up, revealing their gaping mouthparts. In front of all who were watching, their enormous bodies “popped” and turned into two black cats.

They fell onto the ground with a ‘plop’ and purred like kittens begging for milk.

The elves, who had been running and screaming in a great panic, suddenly quieted down and stared at the scene with their mouths agape.

“Wh-what is going on?!”

"Where are the dream beasts?"

"Those cats… Impossible. It can’t be, right?!"

Everything that had just happened seemed beyond what normal people could comprehend.

Two Destructive-rank dream beasts, the size of hills, had suddenly turned into small kittens.

Was there anyone who can comprehend this?!

Lin Jie nodded in satisfaction. Behind him was a dumbfounded Doris whose head was reverberating with nothing but ‘meow meow meow.’

She knew for certain that this was no illusion nor a change of form. It was all real; giant worms had been turned into cats. An entire life-form had been deconstructed and reorganized into a whole new existence in an instant.

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This-this is power that only a Creator can possess!

It was as if they were toys made out of clay, being molded all over again to create a new one because the original was deemed too ugly.

Doris felt a frightening chill surging up from her spine. This was beyond what most transcendent beings could do. Even Destructive- and Supreme-ranks were incapable of doing such a thing.

Only… a god could do it! 

Only a god could freely modify his own creations.

But that was not all.

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Lin Jie looked around and added, "Hmm… The fire should be extinguished as well."

At that moment, the monstrous blaze that had nearly enveloped the whole forest disappeared, leaving behind a landscape of burnt and collapsed trees as well as scorched earth.

Lin Jie slapped his head, feeling really silly.

"Forget it, just restore it to its original state."

Doris listened to the voice full of impatience beside her and was dumbstruck to see everything return to its original appearance as though time had been reversed.

Even the underground dream realm fissure seemed as if it had never existed.

Everything was like a dream.

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