Chapter 226: With No Warning Or Indication

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"Are you certain it's this bookstore?" said Francis as he looked at the storefront a short distance away.

The store was exactly just as reported: without any sign, decorations, nor anything special.

Ordinary and poor were words that anyone seeing this would use to describe it.

However, the book cafe next door, which wasn’t open yet, appeared refreshing and eye-catching. Even if situated in the Central District, it would be considered an ‘upmarket’ place.

The contrast was particularly evident since the two units were adjacent to each other.

Although Francis had no sense for business, he couldn’t help but think that the book cafe had deliberately chosen to set up shop beside such a bookstore to increase its business.

When he thought about it this way, perhaps his actions today might make the book cafe lose some of its competitive edge.

Well, sorry about that then. The corner of Francis’ lips curled into a wicked smile.

A burly knight beside him replied in a husky voice, "Yes, there is no mistake. This is the bookstore that Selena mentioned."

"But it’s the only bookstore left in the area. It's strange that a bookstore in the middle of nowhere for years has yet to close down, and everything that happened in the last few months was nearby.”

The Burly Knight hesitated for a moment, then said, "Shall we wait till Young Master Todd gives us an order before deciding whether to proceed..."

Francis waved him off with a cold snort. "Can't you see what Master Todd wants us to do? Especially when there is still no notice till now? You’re way too inexperienced!"

“Oh…” The burly knight scratched his head, still worried. "But Melissa's strength has improved so much lately that even Captain Robert has spoken highly of it. Will Young Master Todd be a match for her? What if..."

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What if he’d been knocked unconscious or tied up and incapacitated, and has no way of sending a message?

"Young Master Todd has the Shield of Protection," Francis said with a gaze as though he was observing an idiot. "It's a transcendent object given by his grandfather to protect him from harm. Any attack below Destructive-rank is rendered useless. Do you think Melissa is capable of that?

"Quinn, you're all brawn and no brain!"

“Oh, ohh…” The burly knight was suddenly enlightened and smiled sheepishly. "Oh, I see. That’s just expected of Young Master Todd to own such a transcendent object. I really do envy him," he said.

Francis scoffed in disgust. "Yea, yea. That’s being born with it. No use being envious.

"If you have time to worry about it, you might as well accomplish the mission, and perhaps Young Master Todd would be pleased and reward you with a transcendent object."

Francis then waved to those behind him and led his men toward the bookstore.

In Francis' view, this mission was as simple as a field trip.

According to the information provided, there was only a young owner and a female assistant who came to the bookstore a short while back. Both were ordinary people.

Therefore, things had become especially simple.

All they had to do was walk in, knock them out and manipulate their memories, then search the bookstore for prohibited articles.

Of course, even if nothing was found... There was already a backup plan prepared.

Francis walked briskly toward the bookstore in high spirits.

"Let's go. Follow me. This mission is as easy as taking candy from a..."

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He suddenly froze up on the spot, midway through his sentence.

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Francis saw several people emerge from the old and shabby bookstore door (which had obviously been fixed with planks before).

At the head of the group was an old man in a suit. His hair was mottled, and his beady green eyes cast a sinister gaze. In his hands was a damaged stone sculpture of a gargoyle.

He first faced the inside of the shop and said a few words then nodded his head in a respectful and humble manner.

Following that, he closed the door and took a few steps back before giving Francis and his party a cold, sinister smile.

"One or two, three... Six Abnormals and two Pandemonium-ranks. What a good way to end the day. Seems like Boss Lin has even prepared the opportunity to test your strength."

His last remark, of course, was addressed to the other four who had just attended Mr. Lin’s class and had their ideological insights expanded.

Behind him was Soaring Wyvern, Gall and the code-named trio.

Those from Blood Feast, including the young noble, weren’t an obedient and law-abiding bunch. Even the young noble Snowflake also liked watching underground coliseums and fights and chased after exciting exponents.

Now, the few of them had cold glints in their eyes as though they were a pack of hungry wolves eyeing their prey.

It was as if a group of evil people had entered the stage.

This is... Mr. Lin's mission and it must be done!

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In contrast, the overbearing manner of Francis and his men just a few moments ago had disappeared and they had now become poor, helpless victims.

Francis wasn’t the only dumbfounded. His men behind him had also come to the a realization — Isn’t that f*cking Wilde?!!!

With eyes wide in shock and hearts pounding wildly, all sense of rationality vanished in an instant as fear spread quickly and took root in their hearts.

How can it be Wilde?!

Why is Wilde here, appearing in such an ordinary bookstore?!

What do we do now? What can we even do?

Is this a dream?!

Frank Wilde, the ‘Faceless Black-scale,’ Destructive-rank black magician and the direct cause of Joseph's retirement, had appeared before them…

Without any warning or indication.

An extraordinary supercriminal wanted by both the Truth Union and Secret Rite Tower had just stepped out of this rundown and ordinary bookstore.

And the four following behind him were all Pandemonium-ranks. Such a lineup could easily decimate an entire region.

"Retreat, retreat! Pull back! It's a trap!"

Francis was scared witless and didn’t have any time to even consider why Wilde was there. Every single inch of his body was screaming at him to flee.

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The others turned tail and ran, without even needing his order.

This was a Destructive-rank! Their forces at hand were a long way off even putting up a decent fight.

Francis had to first ensure that they got out alive before even reporting it to their superiors.

However, just as he turned to run, Francis saw a huge canine-like creature floating in the middle of the road. Its pale skeletal form widened its jaws, revealing bulging flesh, teeth, and eyeballs.

Francis turned as white as a sheet. It's a perfect end indeed… I’m so dead, thought Francis to himself as he smiled grimly.


"Damn it! Where are they from?!"

Claude's face suddenly darkened and stood up from his observation spot on the roof and observed Secret Rite Tower knights in the distance that was heading straight toward the bookstore completely undisguised.

"He seems to be from the Combat Division, I think... The Oswald faction," muttered Claude’s compatriot beside him. “They weren’t informed of our operation and came on their own accord.”

“On their own accord?!"

Claude had a ugly look on his face. This was completely ridiculous in his opinion. What if Wilde were to realize something was off and cause their entire ambush to fall apart because these fools acted on their own?!

"Find out who they are and the reason for them coming... Wait a minute."

Claude suddenly paused. He thought of another possibility.

"Could it be that... Mr. Lin intentionally arranged it to avoid disputes among his customers?"

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