Chapter 223: Teacher Lin's Class

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Lin Jie grinned at the youth standing before him. “Since you all are so interested in my book, I will also try my best to let you guys understand the meaning of this book. We could even have a casual chat, so we can better ‘rehabilitate’ everyone.

“I believe that all of you should already have such a notion since you all came here voluntarily."

The youth standing before him had a buzz cut dyed bright golden. His ear studs, lip piercings, and large eye bags combined with his hair gave him an unruly appearance. It might even be easy to mistake him for a hip-hop rapper at first glance.

On top of that, there were some indecipherable black markings on his neck and hands, probably tattoos of some obscure text or symbols.

He had truly turned into a typical youth of society.

From the beginning, Lin Jie didn't have a favorable impression of the group known as Blood Feast.

When he first heard of them, his initial assumption was that it was some sort of organization running a pyramid scheme, which specifically targeted the elderly. He later learned this wasn't the case and that the true nature of the organization was far more nefarious than he expected!

Dealing in transactions of various contrabands, aiding the Church of the Dome in brainwashing their followers, and perhaps many more revolting acts that were done in secret.

This was a truly heinous syndicate.

And this youth with the moniker 'Night Falcon' before him was exactly how he had pictured a member of Blood Feast to be—basically someone with a definitive look of immorality to them.

Someone who would easily be judged to be no good with just one glance, having wayward thought processes, and needed to be corrected.

As a former nurturer of young minds and professional chicken soup dealer, Lin Jie was inwardly rubbing his hands in glee as he brewed a plan.

Night Falcon couldn’t help but to gulp discreetly in the face of the bookstore owner's kindly smile. He felt an inevitable pressure, especially from the cat still resting in Lin Jie’s arms which made him sweat nervously.

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However, the fanatical worship he had for Lin Jie prevailed ultimately.

Night Falcon decided to bite the bullet. Taking a deep breath, he replied, “Yes, I am very intrigued by your works and at the same time, come to admire you. I hope to receive your guidance.”

This was what Wilde had previously instructed them to say. All of them already knew that this great and all-knowing being’s quirk, or rather, the method he employed to observe the world—pretending to be an ordinary bookstore owner.

As such, they’d better… No, they had to follow the instructions of Wilde, else they likely ought to infuriate Mr. Lin.

“Ever since leaving Blood Feast, all of us have been learning under the guidance of Sir Wilde. Since our capabilities are limited, we each could only study a different segment of the book. Nevertheless, we’ve all heaps from it.”

Night Falcon continued on, “After reading your book, I was greatly affected and realized all my past doings were reprehensible. The only right choice to be made is chasing after the vastness and greatness of knowledge.”

Lin Jie raised an eyebrow. There was some difference between this fellow and the image of a societal youth he had imagined.

Unlike his unruly appearance, he was actually very courteous and polite… and even had a way with words.

Looks like he’s actually picked up a thing or two from the book…

Nodding in satisfaction, Boss Lin proceeded to ask, “Which segment are you currently studying?”

“The fi-first segment...” Night Falcon replied, slightly stuttering.

In other words, the overview of all the basic segments in the book. However, the contents of the first segment were far from basic. It described the means of communication between “man” and “God.” This had subverted everything Night Falcon had previously known and even gave him a whole new understanding of sordid blood.

Oh… He’s only read the introduction, definitions on ceremonies and cultures as well as the connection between the two. 

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Of course, to those from another world, there is going to be a barrier to understanding the examples and terms used back on Earth.

Without a strong foundation like Old Wil’s, these concepts can indeed be difficult to grasp.

“Relax, don’t be so anxious. Let’s take it slowly. Is there anything you don’t understand?”

Night Falcon was deeply touched and on the verge of tears. This benevolence and magnanimity of this great being had simply healed his scarred and broken inner self.

Those days of suffering from being forced by the Faceless Black-Scale Wilde was spontaneously turned into relief.

“I wish to know, what sort of position does blood hold in the communication between man and God?”

Night Falcon asked what he was dying to know.

It was because the source of a hunter’s power came from sordid blood, which in turn originated from dream beasts.

Connecting the aforementioned information inside Corpse Devouring Sect, Rites & Ceremonies gave him a thought—if the blood were to come from a supreme existence, would they also be able to acquire the power of one?

Sadly till now, nobody had successfully attempted this.

And that was owed to another important characteristic of sordid blood: its tainting of the mind.

Higher concentrations meant higher potency, which in turn made it harder for hunters to endure.

It wasn't that people were unable to harvest the blood of a Supreme-rank dream beast. Rather, it was more of the fact that no ingredient could be used to successfully accent the sordid blood to keep a hunter conscious.

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Of those that attempted such a thing, more than half died instantly, while the remaining few that survived became madmen.

Corpse Devouring Sect, Rites & Ceremonies had, however, allowed him to find a new direction.

Lin Jie was genuinely surprised now, and his expression shifted from casual to a serious one.

Looks like he had really underestimated Night Falcon. For the crummy youth before him to ask such a profound question meant that he already had a certain level of understanding and level of thought regarding the book Lin Jie had written.

This was a really invaluable discovery.

It meant that Night Falcon wasn’t bluffing and had actually understood this concept.

Ceremonies and rituals, in most cases, were a means of communication between man and God.

The aforementioned God didn’t just mean the God embodied by the imagination of humans. It also included nature in general; for example, praying for good weather. This was after all an expression of human wishes.

“That’s a good question.”

Lin Jie wasn’t stingy with his praise. “Blood is an essential component in various sacrificial ceremonies, and the reason behind it is the spirituality contained within it.”

“Spirituality?” Night Falcon repeated under his breath.

Lin Jie nodded, slowly getting back the feeling of being a teacher; all he lacked now was a podium and a blackboard. “During sacrifices, people believe blood is spiritual, a bond that gives soul to the dead and allows for communication with the spiritual, including gods.”

This wasn't entirely due to his past research; part of it came from what he learned from the human skin book.

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“Gives soul to the dead, gives soul to the dead… I understand now!” Night Falcon mumbled to himself.

With a glint in his eyes, he began murmuring with haste, “The spirituality of blood is a residue of the soul. Therefore, sordid blood will always affect the minds of a human no matter what. But dead things won’t. So, the true utilization of Supreme-rank sordid blood isn’t for use on humans but enchantments!”

“Huh?” Lin Jie didn’t catch what he said.

What did you understand?

Thanking Boss Lin gratefully, Night Falcon danced away to the side.

Watching that foolish kid dancing gleefully, Lin Jie sighed, deciding to give up on his treatment. He then looked toward the next one and asked, “I recalled that you are called Bookworm? What are your thoughts then?”

As if he had been called out by the teacher to answer a question in class, the nervous scholar proceeded to answer with a stammer.

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“Chief, we have an emergency!” shouted Claude as he burst through the doors of the meeting room.

Joseph, who was in a meeting with other members of the division, stood up immediately and glanced at the doorway. Upon meeting Claude’s gaze, he immediately turned to apologize to the others and took his leave.

“What’s happening? Is there any activity at the bookstore?” Joseph casually asked as they rounded a corner.

“Wilde has finally appeared!” Claude exclaimed softly.

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